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  1. I find it hilarious (especially at this point) that Playstation owners (or ANY console owners) hope for the same release treatment as Xbox players.....It is a Steam/PC game...The entire concept around "console release" was known that Xbox would be priority, if you didnt know that then you havn't been following this entire WC/ARK wave of pain sweat and tears close enough over the last 8 years.
  2. I am honestly heart broken at the console player questions regarding "saves of your stuff" (paraphrased for time sake)....THIS is why the Wife and I chose to stop playing ARK once the sever shut down was announced. 10k dino we have worked on for years in cryo...all in a Extinction 50/40 two tier warehouse we called The Life Stream...all gone...stick it where Mercury says hello to the Moon...we are headed to Starfield 🤗🤗🤗
  3. I hate this company. Everything they were at inception has been lost in this money monkey poo juggling race and its THIER OWN FAULT!
  4. Blizzard has clout. WC has consistently failed as a company for a game they pushed 7 years ago......SEVEN YEARS.......any dev worth thier gaming salt could iron out semi crinkles, but we have all been fed "Lookie lookie, more stuff that is broken! New colors that we made up just to make sure try-hards breed and sell jazz on FB so our player count doesn't drop!"
  5. I dont pray for anything ARK related any more. In fact, my wife and I let 7 years go down the drain because they will NEVER be a real contender in player conformation. If Blizzard ran their company like this they would have been out of business in less than a year
  6. Again ..zero mention of Snail's corruption and WHAT you are going to do to win back the loyalty of your 7 year player base. I laugh and laugh and laugh as I hear Snail say...."You have no power here, Wildcard the Gray"...
  7. Wildcard=Snail's lil bitch You are a disgrace to your player base. End of story.
  8. I say again, they have every right to charge for ASA...stop whinging...do you people understand how companies make money??? THEY SELL poop!
  9. I dont give a damn about having to pay for ASA. Its called being a "for profit company" which I totally understand. Ill give you the dinky 60 bucks for ASA, just let me transfer my 1000+ perfect tame evo Griffins to unofficial when you sunset official!
  10. They are going to sunset 7 years of my life back into the code......😐
  11. Thanks WC! Boss fight weekend! Nice crunch! *whispers* Where is my Griff breeding???😛
  12. Where is the Cruuuuunch. The wife and I need to know if this is a boss fight weekend or raising weekend. 🙃
  13. Where is Griffin breeding??? I have been begging for this since 2017! Thanks for the evo and keep up the great work guys🙃
  14. ***SIX YEAR CONSOLE PLAYER*** ALOT of everything is unacceptable...last year of evos? Fine. I get that, but to shut down servers we have spent thousands of hours of (swallowing ALL the bullpoop=YEARS of previous topics/posts involving lag/rollbacks/crashes/lost dinos/etc YET WE STILL SUPPORT WILDCARD!) This is ALL wrong.....My wife and I just got our brand new Series X's 3 days ago and we were flipping out during the VGA nearly two years ago when ARK 2 was announced...I have finally thrown in the towel when it comes to this company. They made something amazing that I love, but I will not let them have my valuable gaming time going forward if they close the servers I spent SO much time making a digital home on.
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