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  1. Thank u so much guys u was very lightning...i hope to try alpha dragon with this strategy soon. He always rekt me (so sad LUL) I also consider to do Rockwell at all difficulty.. im playing with another guy atm, we are only 2 and this kind of bosses are SO STRANGE for us but we love to try and retry and retry and retry (so sad another time LUL) thanks for all
  2. I understood that it is not convenient increase HP in therizinous in dragon boss fight...but can i increase melee??????
  3. And if you can have 5 female and 1 male there will be many more
  4. Tame an oviraptor come out more
  5. My advice is to do it with bows and arrows of metal and with about 10 people, with the rex I do not feel the pain are usually left to burn and burn in the lava


  6. Why i can't reply in forum? Why i'm still Early Birds??????????

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      NO 1 CAN HELP ME?

  7. gerrynaples

    The Mill by NUKE1985

    Nice village, how can i have this ideas?
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