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  1. But the thing we really wanna know 26 may or delayed again ?
  2. You mean when they announce that gen 2 is delayed to september ? XD
  3. My base is on scorched earth and everytime i transfert from any other server to my base game crash, wasnt doing this on ps4. Only doing this for SE map
  4. What about we get these classic servers on consoles ??
  5. Why this forum exist at all ? Everytime i ask for help here i get 0 answer
  6. Cant play the game for some reason on my ps5 When i try to join any server even a solo session it take me back to the menu Any1 else had this problem ? I am currently reinstalling game hopefully will fix it
  7. Thats new server screwed during an event first time i see this ! No sarcasm btw Extra week of event or i will be mad hear me wc !!!
  8. Ahhhh plz give at least 3 or 4 extra days this year plzzzzzz
  9. Reaper added to valg damn now im hyped
  10. Please do something im losing a ton of xp and it takes forever to reach 155....
  11. Since the last update my tek sleeping pod doesnt give me any experience, i still see the little arrows down my screen but no xp at all Im lvl 148 and i did everything to be 155 so im not maxed This is like the third time it happen in a year and everyone in my tribe get xp from it Ps4 smalltribe official
  12. Should i put point into melee for my blood crystal wyvern ? Does it increase the special capacity or just the R2 atack ? Thx for info
  13. Thats some nice change But i cant join official ps4 server now after last update
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