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  1. Yeah so we trying to farm some dust with dust gacha we use snow owls and male n femelle dust gacha and there isnt 2 male close But every crystal give 120-125 dust and not 180... what are we doing wrong ? We feed them with seeds
  2. Prety sure there will be an event Last year it started october 22th and they announced it like 1week before that date. So we should expect something like that
  3. Im trying to do some tracking missions on ps4 but i really cant see the tracks its annoying af i take 40min to find 100track... Any settings i can put or any trick to find these faster ?trying to farm the tekrifle mission but cant do it only cause of tracks i takes forever to find Thanks in advance for help.
  4. This bug is there since this boss fight exist I dont think they will patch it or replace anything you lost. Sorry
  5. No xp in tek pod Had this bug for months it has been fixed few weeks ago now with today update its still bugged 0xp while in tek pod but im not max level. Can you fix that its my main source of xp and id be 140 easy by now.
  6. Wait it takes 50min to hatch thery eggs So thats x2 and not x3 whats happening ?
  7. Same for me but im lvl 138 with all tek unlock If i lose my char i just quit.
  8. Im stuck between 2 server and everytime i try to download survivor it disconnect me of the serv Yeah nice event but i cant play
  9. How much time is it to soak a slot cap tek turret? Thanks
  10. Reset ip of your server Trying to play on ps4 smalltribe official and like 80% of server are getting ddos almost everyday its unplayable Maybe reset these damn ip so all these kids will stop ddos with their cellphone... at least for sometime until every ip are public again Trying to do purple osd with my tribe but we failed the last 8 cause of ddos, amazing game
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