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  1. Water pipe auto devay Why these water pipe always auto decay ? Our base is far from water and we have to make a long waterpipe but it always auti decay... we tryed build foundation under but it still decay Any1 know a trick or something ? Thx
  2. How many day the event will be there ? And is it 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x maturation for baby ? Thanks
  3. Trying to report few bugs on ps4 But no ps4 section for scorch ? Anyway we built in scurch cave on official and people are able to tank our turret from the outside of the cave by meshing giga head i think and taking no damage. Also ive die a few times in the scar with a managarm going in the mesh while collecting eggs. Thanks alot for the help! And sorry for posting in pc section
  4. Anyone know if we get more element from a boss during that event ? Thanks
  5. Oh thats a bit lame lol Remind me genesis came out in middle of night
  6. Thanks That mean in how many time 8pst ? Says 11h when i google it so its tomorrow ? x.x
  7. Soo when is this starting ? Any1 remember last event what time it started ?
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