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  1. Before you release anything new what about you fix your crap that you call genesis 2 ?
  2. When they say a date expect it to be the day after
  3. But the thing we really wanna know 26 may or delayed again ?
  4. You mean when they announce that gen 2 is delayed to september ? XD
  5. What about we get these classic servers on consoles ??
  6. Thats new server screwed during an event first time i see this ! No sarcasm btw Extra week of event or i will be mad hear me wc !!!
  7. Thats some nice change But i cant join official ps4 server now after last update
  8. Prety sure there will be an event Last year it started october 22th and they announced it like 1week before that date. So we should expect something like that
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