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  1. Hey, you have a KERNELBASE.dll error which is a Windows error. I'd update Windows if I were you and run an SFC scan to see if there are any further windows issues.
  2. I personally loved Valguero. It was a cool map to explore and I liked the new dinos
  3. I don’t play PvP most of the time so would just be exploring it on my own or a private server. Sounds like it has some interesting dinos though which is always cool! At least that’s what I’ve heard
  4. I have 6 ! They are kind of all colours, white, brown, grey-ish. I have mostly named them with a Moon theme but quickly ran out of ideas ? I like Husky though !
  5. I tamed a pack of Dire Wolves. I love them. Any ideas for names are welcome !
  6. Is Extinction Worth Getting ? Was thinking about buying Extinction before Cystal Isles comes out on PS4 next week. Is it worth getting or should I just wait for Crystal Isles to come out ? Thanks !
  7. So excited for Crystal Isles on console ! The fact this game has so much free content is amazing ?
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