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  1. crystal isles drop times?? does anyone know what time the crystal isles download will drop? my 8hr day ends at 12:30 am and i wanna make sure its ready when i get out?? im eastern time but lets try to post all zones for everyone's help. thanks everyone.
  2. playing on a different user for ps4? so i have genesis purchased on my ps4. when my son gets on his user profile, it wont let him play genesis. i have other purchased dlc's that he can play no problem. but when he try's to play genesis it tells him it needs to be downloaded then it takes me to a psn sign in. when i use mine it tells me its already in use. i assume if i started him one it wouldn't be a purchase on his account. im super confused cause it allows him to start the other maps. we only do single player so and it plays fine on my user profile. can anyone help please? thanks
  3. i just started genesis last night. the only problem iv noticed is teleporting in the ocean biome put me under the islands in the water, i don't think that's normal? other wise iv had one or two glitchy visuals but i think fixing those glitches fixes poop like that. so maybe that was the problem there. has worked fine for me though.
  4. no more baby wondering when hatched!! and flyer don't fly when you mount and dismount! thats awesome. so are the other things as well. AND crystal isles coming end of aug instead of sep haha. cant wait for a new map.
  5. bring up the admin bar. L1,L2,R1,R2, square and circle. then type giveengrams. that unlocks all of em
  6. Iv been only the island til just recently and the next one I started was aberration. So far I'm liking it but I deff have an urge to start another island save as well.. I did really like the island. Amd still haven't explored all of it
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