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  1. Iv been only the island til just recently and the next one I started was aberration. So far I'm liking it but I deff have an urge to start another island save as well.. I did really like the island. Amd still haven't explored all of it
  2. OMCWILDCAT... THANK U SO MUCH.. u answered everything for me.. Stay safe bro!
  3. How do i move this outa bugs and reports? Sorry guys I guess I don't know what im doing
  4. Couple Newby ps4 q?s So I have a couple q?s..since me and the son got screwed buying the Nintendo edition. We're now traveling into the ps4 ark world.. I'm buying genesis for my boy for his birthday and had some q?s that I sure need answering, thanks in advance 1. Do I need the original ark Survival evolved game to play genesis? 2. If he's just gonna be starting with a PVE does he need the online service? Does he need that to even download it to begin with? 3. Also how long is this download gonna take? What all do I need to get this game functional?? Thanks
  5. Starting a friendly switch server! My son's getting to the point where he wants to start playing pvp. He hasn't had the best of luck with people being friendly. So he's looking for some friendly players looking to hop on his non dedicated switch server.. Hes willing to help new comers with what they might need as long as there willing to play nice:) he's always on eventually, look for the Ethan server on switch its only ever me and him on so there's not many people ever.. I told him if people aren't nice to him don't be nice to them. Thanks ahead of time..
  6. Yeah that's seeming as my only option
  7. I GOT SCREWED!! So I was interduced to ark threw my son watching YouTube videos. Always finding myself saying "what the hell game is this again?" so I thought itd be a good idea to get it for my 8yr old. So after I jumped on this thing called ark, I instantaneously realized "what the hell kinda game is this". So after dying 400x and taking days to even know what the hell was going on let alone save. I started the survival. Once I was established my boy picked right up on it too. It's buggy as hell, iv errored out a million times, I know I got shafted on the switch version. But with that said it was enough to hook me...bad. My son now has it for his switch and between mine and his we have over 250hrs in and that's mainly sp or just us two. SO.. I get absolutely no DLC and by the sounds of it I won't get genisis either! I don't have the money to buy a computer or Xbox or I would, just for ark maps. Even on the switch port I managed to get hooked and would easily drop more money into it, even with all the bugs and absolutely no updates I want more.. I just don't understand why they neglect the switch port(well I do cause its the switch port) when theres obviously people ready to help the ark name in the switch world. Anyone else stuck with the switch version but still loves the hell outa it?. I'm sure there's others bitching too, but Its been bugging me and had to get it out.. poop it wasn't even easy to sign up for an account on this.. No switch to pick. I had to write my first dlc? Iv haven't got to play one but that wasn't a valid answer.. But whatever. #THINKOFTHESWITCH!
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