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  1. This bug is there since this boss fight exist I dont think they will patch it or replace anything you lost. Sorry
  2. No xp in tek pod Had this bug for months it has been fixed few weeks ago now with today update its still bugged 0xp while in tek pod but im not max level. Can you fix that its my main source of xp and id be 140 easy by now.
  3. Wait it takes 50min to hatch thery eggs So thats x2 and not x3 whats happening ?
  4. Same for me but im lvl 138 with all tek unlock If i lose my char i just quit.
  5. Im stuck between 2 server and everytime i try to download survivor it disconnect me of the serv Yeah nice event but i cant play
  6. How much time is it to soak a slot cap tek turret? Thanks
  7. Reset ip of your server Trying to play on ps4 smalltribe official and like 80% of server are getting ddos almost everyday its unplayable Maybe reset these damn ip so all these kids will stop ddos with their cellphone... at least for sometime until every ip are public again Trying to do purple osd with my tribe but we failed the last 8 cause of ddos, amazing game
  8. Im 136 I reached it with tek pod then at around 1/4 of my xp to reach 137 it has stop working ;(
  9. So can i get a reply or something ?
  10. What about ppl that took some days off work to play this map at release ?? 1 week doesnt hurt true but this is fkg lame Edit: and the most annoying they inform us a few hours before release, as always. Its since a week the riot in usa so why now ? I dont think 1 week will change world that much as it is right now
  11. All of these ppl doesnt even play videos games While crazy ppls destroy everything gamers like us play ark lol
  12. Lets be honest... Is anyone surprised ? Cause im not they always do that
  13. Tek pod doesnt give xp Since a few days i get no xp when sleeping in tek pod and im not max lvl Any1 else have that problem ?
  14. Couldnt agree more this crap need fix, just like quetzal tube method Lost my extinction base to these crap
  15. Water pipe auto devay Why these water pipe always auto decay ? Our base is far from water and we have to make a long waterpipe but it always auti decay... we tryed build foundation under but it still decay Any1 know a trick or something ? Thx
  16. How many day the event will be there ? And is it 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x maturation for baby ? Thanks
  17. Trying to report few bugs on ps4 But no ps4 section for scorch ? Anyway we built in scurch cave on official and people are able to tank our turret from the outside of the cave by meshing giga head i think and taking no damage. Also ive die a few times in the scar with a managarm going in the mesh while collecting eggs. Thanks alot for the help! And sorry for posting in pc section
  18. Anyone know if we get more element from a boss during that event ? Thanks
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