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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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Can someone please look at the issue players are experiencing on 1150. People are being booted a lot e.g. Times when it is 3-4 times within 5mins.  This is ruining the game.    

PS. I think that Wildcard could do with some work on Service Design/UX outside of the game, as it is really hard for customers to resolve issues. This certainly impacts me wanting to buy any other products from them in the future.   Maybe an area for investment.!

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So the Gen2 server I play on was never stable to begin with: PVE 992. However, as the excitement of the map died down, people quit, moved onto other maps, etc. The server took a turn for the worst: Massive bases setup as factories that have dozens of cloning chambers cloning hundreds of dinos. There are even signs showing you how to trade/buy from the tribe. Some tribes have so many operations going, they are spread across multiple Gen 2 maps. Of course this has lead to:


Server tame caps

Constant instability/crashes


Ive reported it many times. Completely within the rules apparently! I also have a high end gaming rig; even my rig is suffering from the unrealistic cloning/dinos on display/for sale/trade. Bases cant draw in completely or take forever, or the server is down more often then its up.

is anyone else's Gen 2 server dealing with the same nonsense?

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I don't know where to go with this (yes i put in a server outage ticket) I have a new (level 38 i think) survivor on NA PVE TheCenter56 server and when i went to log in after they shut the servers down on monday night it was gone.  I looked into it and tried going to Steam/view/servers and that server is just gone.  the other server that i have a survivor on will say 3/70 or whatever and this literally says 0/0 for that server.  I looked to filter by survivor in the game and the survivor i have on TheCenter isn't even showing up. I have not been able to get any reply other then the generalized computer generated response that lists fixes which literally has done nothing.  I have put in the outage report but no one has emailed me back about that either.  I don't even know if this site is still up and running as the last date im seeing was years ago.

If anyone can help point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.  Im running the game on my PC and the servers i have played on are all NA and PVE but TheCenter56 is the only one im having an issue with

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1 hour ago, Msp420 said:

Que tal WC!!!

Qual é o status com GenOne942 pve . Este servidor não respondeu à consulta e eu tenho dinossauros e coisas muito importantes aqui. Isso vai ser consertado? Por que está demorando tanto para resolver? Apenas um movimento normal de WC. Além disso, este jogo ocupa quase 500GB. Vocês estão todos altos!!!



942 status dead.....

it's the same as my NA- PVE -Official-TheCenter56

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On 26/01/2022 at 17:35, Synkitty said:

Eu não sei para onde ir com isso (sim, eu coloquei um tíquete de interrupção do servidor) Eu tenho um novo sobrevivente (nível 38, eu acho) no NA PVEO servidor TheCenter56 e quando fui fazer login depois que eles desligaram os servidores na segunda à noite, ele desapareceu. Eu olhei para ele e tentei ir para Steam/view/servidores e esse servidor simplesmente sumiu. o outro servidor em que eu tenho um sobrevivente dirá 3/70 ou qualquer outra coisa e isso literalmente diz 0/0 para esse servidor. Procurei filtrar por sobrevivente no jogo e o sobrevivente que tenho no TheCenter nem está aparecendo. Não consegui obter nenhuma resposta além da resposta generalizada gerada por computador que lista correções que literalmente não fizeram nada. Eu coloquei no relatório de interrupção, mas ninguém me respondeu sobre isso também. Eu nem sei se este site ainda está funcionando, pois a última data que estou vendo foi anos atrás.

Se alguém puder me ajudar a apontar na direção certa, eu agradeceria muito. Estou executando o jogo no meu PC e os servidores em que joguei são todos NA e PVE , mas o TheCenter56 é o único que estou tendo problemas

luckily i don't have a character on 56, you should open a character loss ticket


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After much research and testing I have a possible solution.  I believe some players Lost Island download files are corrupted.  Everytime you log in your unable to, or crash immediately?  So does the whole Lost Island server your on when this happens.  Your download files are corrupt and ARK cannot communicate with them properly causing the game to crash while trying to read them.  The solution....Delete and re-install your game.  I know this is a pain.  But it will take less time then it takes to have failed log ins and non stop crashing.  

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I know that there was supposed to be maintenance being done with these servers, as shown below, but NA-PVE-CrossPlayOfficial-Aberration843 has been not appearing at all in my server list since and I don't know how long maintenance is supposed to take. I just hope I haven't lost all of my progress and have to start over, cause at that point I'd probably just quit the game. 


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