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  1. 990 server is up and running !!!! Hurrah! more than 30 hours later
  2. We need some help! 990 and 937 servers genesis 2. it is impossible to connect to these servers for more than 24 hours, although they are online !! characters are locked on servers! since the servers are "online", the domestic dinosaurs eat from the feeders, and may already be dying of hunger, since no one can go in and replenish food !!! players whose characters are stuck on the 990 and 937 servers cannot play. cannot participate in the "TURKEY TRIAL" event !!! we have already sent dozens or hundreds of reports to the "ARK Official Server Outage Report" but it doesn't help, the servers are sti
  3. exactly ... the players have snails on "wandering" installed .... hundreds of pregnant snails))) or will they lay eggs?
  4. And the snails that just disappeared after the patch will be returned? they stood in their room, but after the patch they just disappeared
  5. the wyvern was sitting at the home base ... tech support said there was nothing they could do and said to leave a message here.
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