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  1. I noticed that both 327 and 759 PVE servers do not have the BattleEye icon next to them for some reason
  2. Over 15 hours of constant DC

    They have posted some info regarding the lag/DCs:
  3. Over 15 hours of constant DC

    Maybe it's an insidious plan to get PVE players to quit...
  4. Over 15 hours of constant DC

    I don't believe that's the problem this time. It's something to do with steam and the current update having conflicts. Was lucky enough to get my dinos fed on SE but haven't had any luck with my Island server. Logged on 3 times and got booted after a miinute. Hoping my dinos will survive until I can get on for a decent amount of time!
  5. Yeah, not to happy about these changes. I had a few stacks that are just gone now. Why wipe the shrooms and not the flowers unless it has to do with adding a timer to the item making it have to be added as a new item and the old one was removed. Sucks majorly!!!
  6. Ragnarok 15 Rollbacks!

    Same thing's been happening on Ragnarok 14. Some believe it's folks causing the DCs so they can get duped material/dinos from the resulting rollback. They need to figure out who is causing the DCs for this purpose and boot them, and correct the problem so no more duping can occur.
  7. Saber cat remodel

    Watch the video for a better representation of the remodel. The picture makes it look as though they just pasted a new face on the old body, one that is too small proportionally. The video also does a sweep around the model showing the differences better. Does look good.
  8. Server Wipe

    And that is where PVE is so much different than PVP. On the PVE servers I play on (592, 327 and 759SE) we have a community that often helps new players get established, giving them advise and often starter supplies. I've helped more new players than I can count, often taking time off from what I'm doing to help them find a decent place to set up shop. Yes, there are pillars in a lot of places, but more often than not if you are new and ask someone if you can have a pillar removed they will remove it. The only exceptions are if the pillars are placed to preserve resources. I've given away prime beachfront property that we had pillared because we didn't need it. In PVE you generally don't wake up to a message such as you did. In fact, there are usually reports in global about giga and titan sightings to let folks know of dangers in their areas. Sure, there are douches. You can't avoid them no matter what the game.But with the right community their shenanigans can be monitored and minimized. We play for the social as well and the challenge aspects of the game.
  9. Server Wipe

    Here's my question for you: If they wipe official servers wouldn't they also be required to wipe the unofficial servers if the issues they claim are causing them to wipe are game mechanics issues and not an issue with everyone starting off on the same supposed footing?
  10. ragnarok

    If you know someone with a private Ragnarok server that might be the way to go. Sure, you'll be starting out at lvl 1 and won't be able to transfer stuff but it will give you a chance to check out the new map and explore its features. You could always transfer to a Ragnarok server when the game launches since they've already said there would be more servers at launch.
  11. Server Wipe

    The offsider you speak of was representing WildCard at E3, the premier professional convention for the Video Game industry. As such he speaks for the company. His saying it is undecided at this point reflects the company's current stance on the game.
  12. Server Wipe

    If that is the case then what is the point in playing PvP if you are only going to essentially play PVE mode on that server. Also many who play PVE either don't have the time many large tribes require of their members, or prefer playing with a smaller group of individuals. Larger tribes often have more drama from my experience, no matter whether it is PVP or PVE.
  13. Server Wipe

    Just because you don't read feedback doesn't mean others won't either. Many people do, especially when you are shelling out $60 for a game. And if you think there's too many players you always have the option of playing a private server. Then you won't encounter that problem. The point of playing on a PVE official server in part is forming a community. In order to do that you need a decent player base. Yes, sometimes it can get crowded, but half the fun for me is helping new folks. Many on my servers have areas pillared off but if a new player is courteous and asks nicely in global there are many who will help this player find a decent place to get set up and give them supplies to get them started. It's only when they open a new DLC map *coughRagnarokcough* and have too few servers for the player base that you run into a problem with too many players on a server. The number of servers to players for this DLC was ridiculous, poorly thought out, and has caused nothing but bad feelings toward the developer. Adding a wipe at launch will only add to those feelings and be reflected not only in the player reviews but also will be noted by the industy people reviewing the game. Industry-wise it is a small community and professionals take note of such things.
  14. Server Wipe

    It's not just the loss of those thousands of hours many have spent in game, it is more the sense of betrayal-at being told for over a year that no wipe would occur only to have that promise thrown in your face and stomped into the ground. If they wait until the last moment and then announce a wipe I will not only be leaving but letting my voice be heard regarding the treatment of the people taking part in Early Access.
  15. Server Wipe

    And the fact that so many people would've quit playing if they made such an announcement is probably the main reason why they said there 'definitely' would not be a wipe. They'd lose valuable game data for breeding/taming/building/etc if they'd said they were definitely wiping. I've been involved in multiple Beta tests and in each instance it was stated from the start that there would be a wipe at launch. Then again those games did not require you to dedicate so much time to it, as you HAVE TO DO if you are breeding or taming certain animals. Do you honestly think beta testers would do what many PVE breeders have done knowing it would all be wiped. NO!! This is my first time playing an early access game, so I"m not sure if many of the early access games allow you to keep your progress. If many do then WildCard doing a wipe for launch will do nothing but anger the current player base and make it so no one will trust their word in the future. That lack of trust will come around to bite them in the behind the next time they release a game in early access. And I don't buy the excuse that the final tweaks to the game might necessitate a wipe before launch. If that was the case they'd need to do so to the private servers and you can bet there'd be a landslide of negative responses from their paying player base...