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  1. If they are going to adjust the stats for the Ice, Fire, Lightning, and poison wyverns, then I propose that they do a 'mindwipe' of those animals so the players have a one-time chance to re-distribute the points earned while levelling up the animals in much the same way they mindwipe our characters on occasion. That way we can adjust things to use them to the best of their new abilities. Also, many of the older players probably don't remember their wyvern's original stats. I know I didn't pay too much attention to them after they hatched since they weren't breedable. This would give us a
  2. As good as the additional items sound it would be very confusing, plus the amount of work to institute these crop changes would be immense, I would believe. Would love to see crop plots for mushrooms, rare flowers, and cacti though. harvestable crops do need a TLC, sooner rather than later!
  3. I was kind of surprised when my basilo tame required more kibble than I originally thought it would.
  4. I knew they had been doubled, just though the harvesting bonus also applied to things you picked up. Doesn't seem quite fair to me if you don't get the harvesting bonus when you use your hands. It's like you're being penalized for picking stuff up off the ground.
  5. Regarding supposed harvesting boost Explain to me how, if we are once again picking up only 1 stone, and none of the material quantities changed for blueprints and engrams, this is a 2x boost to harvesting? Since we are harvesting the stone with our hands, shouldn't we still be picking up 2 stones? I'm also skeptical that taming has been changed to 2x.
  6. Thanks! Just checked with them and the did get back on.
  7. There appears to be multiple problems with multiple servers. Not only is there insane lag on them, but folks are getting black screens when they go to certain areas and are unable to log back into that server, and other servers are playing the roller coaster game of being up, then down, then up, rinse repeat. Tickets have been sent but very little action. Hello, WC, are you even home???
  8. Excuse me for being a cynic, but I have my doubts that the bugs and game design issues would be fixed if they went to a pay to play format. Their past track record regarding these issues would lead me more to believe it was just another way to create revenue without doing the work to fix the problems. They don't have the reputation that longer term developers have of creating and maintaining their game, and tackling problems and complaints of their player base in an efficient and timely manner. My guess is they would lose a significant amount of their player base if they chose to go that route
  9. My NA PVE servers, specifically my CI 854, Valguero 564, and to a lesser extent Rag servers 382 and 383 have all been experiencing repeated disconnections, as in it goes down, then it's up for a minute, then down again, rinse and repeat. Many believe someone could be duping, or maybe a DDOS attack, though not sure on that. On my Val 564 server there's been major problems with rubberbanding and insanely high ping as well. I've been hearing in discord that there are other NA servers experiencing the same problem, all starting up last week after the update. I should add I'm in NA so these ar
  10. Server Stability On our Crystal Isles discord server we have a bot that notifies us when the server goes down. I've been noticing in the past week or so there has been a marked increase in the number of times the server goes down. The server seems to go down in a series of consecutive ups and downs. This has also been happening on my Valguero server, and to a lesser extent on my Rag server. It seems like either duping or DDOS, but not sure. The servers are NA-PVE-Official-Valguero564, Crystal Isles 854, and Ragnarok 382. I've also heard the Ragnarok 383 has also been experiencing this. At th
  11. The problem a few folks on my server (crystal isles na pve 854) have been having is that when it happened they werent able to get back on to do anything. They are immediately disconnected when they try to log in. This is a BIG problem for them because there is now no one in their tribes to refreshtimers or feed animals. They are essentially going to lose everything because every time they file a report it is either marked immediately as solved or the are given the run around with no solution to their problem. So, yeah, no screenshots from them.
  12. I posted the outage link on our discord server with the recommendation that folks file a report. Thanks for the link!
  13. Crystal Isles Water Vein Bugged I've tried multiple times to place a water well on the water vein at 69.3, 55.1 and it won't allow you to place one here. Can this be fixed please??
  14. There have been multiple people on our server, 854 who have been saying that they have had the same issues with regular crystal taming attempts.
  15. Huh, well that's good to know. Hope it's back to normal soon. It's been really awful on 382 this event. It's to the point that folks are leaving the server because they can't play.
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