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  1. catnip

    Event dinos on Single player

    Thanks, will do!
  2. Quick question: How do I get event colored dinos in Single Player, and also do Tek animals automatically show up in Single Player?
  3. catnip

    Lets show our Evolution Dinos?? Heres Mine :)

    They are both moderate lvl- 90 pre tame, but both were kibble tames so that helped raise their lvls up. Wanted to tame more but server was at cap after those tames.
  4. catnip

    Lets show our Evolution Dinos?? Heres Mine :)

    Here my two blue bois!!
  5. QUEEN ELIZABETH!!!! Sorry, I panicked...
  6. catnip

    Easter Tames

    Why can't we tame the dodos??? Why???
  7. catnip

    Easter Tames

    My rainbow warriors!!
  8. catnip

    "When I was a newbie..."

    Lets see, built my whole base-by hand-from stone I gathered at one of the islands...my base was over near the swamp on center so would take my boat over to some safe islands near STI to get the resources. This was, of course, before Leeds so my boat was safe, but man did it take a long time to get that base made!! Did this for two bases before finally learning how to tame an animal...
  9. catnip

    easter event EASTER EVENT 2018

    Oooo, maybe the procoptodons will be wearing the bunny suits, kind of like the green monkey I found with the santa hat. After taming it still had the hat in it's inventory! And I like the idea of pastel colored animals. Maybe cyan, lavendar, pink, light blue, and yellow for easter!
  10. catnip

    pve How to xfer Ingots

    Thanks! I'll have to try that.
  11. catnip

    pve How to xfer Ingots

    Could you do this with a mount's inventory: drop the ingots, jump off and hit E to grab the bag's inventory? I was also told that if you use a whip to move the bag toward the beacon/obi then open the bag it negates the timer on the ingots.
  12. I firmly believe that there is a difference between kiting and griefing. In instances such as this it should be viewed as griefing and the player involved held responsible for their actions. It is a poor reflection on the game and the developers to allow such behavior to continue. In the long run it will hurt both the game and the developer's reputation and standing on Steam, making perspective purchasers reluctant and dis-inclined to purchase the game. As someone who has put on over 2200 hours I know how much fun this game can be, especially if you have a great community on your server. This particular situation is toxic and only detracts from the game's appeal. Things like this are more likely to be noted in the player's reviews...
  13. We were discussing it in our discord channel yesterday and I did use those phrases, especially after reading the screenshots that were captured of the folks involved. I fully believe that there are better ways to resolve differences than to automatically resort to that kind of behavior. It shows a lack of character in my opinion, and begs the question of the kiter's real intentions with her actions. Anyone who was on the EA servers SE759, Center 592, or Island 327 can attest to my reputation on those servers. My tribe would regularly help new players and come to others assistance if there was a problem. We had solid communities on those servers, making it much more fun for all involved. From re-reading the screenshots this was a clearly a premeditated attempt on the part of at least two different tribes to drive the newer tribe off the server because the server was capped. The kiter and others involved with her used the tribemates remarks and opinions as a flimsy excuse for their actions. THAT is clearly griefing, not kiting because of a stupid remark. I believe they have also attacked other newer tribes in a similar fashion, for I would assume the same purpose.
  14. For the record I'm not even on that server so had no part in antagonizing anyone. Yes, my tribemate was being an idiot. We've mentioned that he needs to watch his mouth. He is a college student and doesn't always understand the concept of tact. But to destroy their base, kill many of their animals, and wreak general chaos over someone's opinion is an overreaction. It not only penalized the member making the statement but caused grief to the other members who had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS and I might add I don't even think they were playing at the time! Go after the player being the idiot, but destroying the whole tribe's base over an opinion smacks of pettiness and mean-spiritedness on the kiters part. And to admit with relish in global that you do it on a regular basis to multiple players just to get your kicks sounds to me like a clear case of greifing. And yes, I did see that chat since the tribemate did take screenshots of the conversation so there IS physical evidence of those claims!!
  15. Problem is if you are just starting out you probably don't have a giga. A person shouldn't have a golem kited to their base simply for stating their opinion in global. If the tribe is doing something crappy, like blocking resources or acting like idiots to others on the server then I could see kiting something at them, but to do it simply for stating your opinion smacks of pettiness. And to admit in global that you do it on a regular basis is not simply kiting but griefing, Which, I might add, IS bannable! And yes, it was probably a stupid move for my tribemate to open his mouth. Being new to the server he didn't realize that this particular player would act in this manner. He plans on keeping his opinions to himself in the future.