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  1. Have others help you kite a bunch of dinos onto their base. With others help you may be able to drive them off your server if they get enough pushback. They are bullies and need to be taught a lesson. Have others report them as well. If enough people report their behavior with evidence of the deliberate kiting (make sure to take pics of them doing the kiting and a video would also help) the devs are more likely to do something. We has some chinese do the same thing to our base on SE at the beginning of the year. Enough people spoke up and fought back, and we haven't seen them fortunately in the past two months. I'm hoping they were banned but no word from WC about that. Good Luck!
  2. I love the colors of Ra, my fire wyvern. So vibrant!
  3. I heard that the dinos go away only if they have not been rendered when they are claimable, so if you have friends on that server ask them to watch the timers and try to claim them when the timers run out. That way if you do have to start a new character you might be able to at least get your dinos back. Another option would be to start a new character and have the GMs transfer you into your old tribe so you can claim everything. They might be willing to do that. I'd check with the GMs first before going that route though just in case. Maybe you can make your character when they are available to add you in.
  4. As others have stated I like playing PVE for the creativity, taming/breeding opportunities, but mostly the social aspect. Playing with like-minded people-even if there are a few less-savory members on the server-makes the game even more enjoyable. We help each other out and joke around in global. New people are given aid and (usually) helpful advice. We have a few good-sized tribes who help to keep things civil on the server, and many of the members on my original Center PVE server chose to play on the same SE server, and more recently on an Island server. When I first started playing I was on a PVP server. It was very discouraging to log in and find myself constantly dead and all my stuff gone. I felt as if all my hard work went down the drain. As a working mother of two I have other obligations to my family and my career. PVE gives me the chance to enjoy the game and experience many of the different aspects of Ark. Hooking up with a good group of players makes me want to keep playing. PvP proponents scoff at how PVE doesn't prevent kiting. But what they don't get is that when you are on a good server with good people they look out for each other. Our SE server suffered a series of golem kiting incidents, two of which were on my tribe's base, two days in a row. Fortunately for us we had tribe members who logged in to catch the folks in the act. When we broadcast the attack on Global members that were on came to our aid, They helped us drive off the attackers, helped to document the attack and reported the incidences with video to back it up. They even called in other players from our Center server who logged in to help. I don't see that kind of cooperation happening on PVP servers. You folks get what you like out of the game, we get what we want out of the game.
  5. Yeah I realized my mistake a while after I posted but didn't feel it was necessary to correct. And from what I understand there's still a total cap per server. Fortunately from what I understand dinos who are not rendered whose claim timers come up go poof. No more leisurely claiming of abandoned dinos
  6. After consulting Wiki and taming one the original times/amounts are correct. Lambchops work quicker than Raw Mutton on the Thyla
  7. Thylacoleo taming times Was looking at taming calculator and, according to that, it is faster to use lambchops rather than Raw Mutton. Is that correct, or did they get those two flip-flopped when entering the data?
  8. One of the problems my PVE Center server had was folks using our server as a storage base for their extra dinos, thus causing the server to his the limit even quicker. Add the that the fact that boats are included in the count and you can see why it hit cap so quickly. Limiting the tribes to 400 each is going to kill the tribal system since folks won't want to have members in their tribe as it will limit the amount of tames/babies they can have. Along with getting creative with our buildings, taming is a very important part of PVE and the reason many on my server were there. They don't like the cutthroat atmosphere of PVP and shouldn't be penalized because they find other ways to enjoy the game.
  9. I believe the cap is 4000 dinos/boats
  10. Is there any way WC could send out an email to members of capped servers and ask them to cull their herds or they'll do it for us? Another option would be to destroy any multiple boats owned by an individual that doesn't have any structures on it. Or delete boats altogether from the cap count.
  11. Official PVE 592 is the same way. In the evenings and weekends I've noticed 30+ on the server. We've reached cap a few times, and it kind of spoiled the opening of the Valentine's event because nobody could breed and/or tame any animals. I had to go to our SE server to do any of that. We took what few fertilized eggs we already had and hatched them over there. Not a perfect solution but it was the only way we could take advantage of the event. On 592 we have a few good-sized tribes that admittedly have the most dinos partially due to their size. These tribes would be decimated by a 400 dino limit, leading to multiple break ups just so folks could continue to do what they like to do-tame and breed animals. Also, how are they going to handle the tribes with over 400 already? Will they log in to find only 400 of their animals remaining? People will get really pissed if their favorite animals just up and disappear. Some of my favorite animals are not necessarily the tribes best, but I put a lot of heart and effort into taming them-especially my first dinos. Will they disappear simply because they are the lowest lvls?? Admittedly I don't think we're close to the 400 cap in my tribe but I know others who this would affect. This is going to make a mess of the current tribe structure, causing fracturing and dissention as to who gets when during the break-ups due to the tribe dino cap. Not well thought out.
  12. A personal cap would make sense. Of course you run into the problem with tribes that have their setting set for Tribe Tame. How would that work?
  13. Here's an idea. What if the tamed dinos aged so after a while they'd die a natural death, thus making it more difficult to reach cap. You could use this mechanic for the more common dinos like parasaurs, Pteras, trikes, and raptors. Given a long enough lifetime it would allow you to tame a replacement while still freeing space for future tames. Also, counting boats in the dino cap is ludicrous! I know in my tribe of 6 folks we have at least 8 boats if not more. Take the boats off the dino count I say!!!
  14. ovis spawn

    We found them on Scorched Earth near the water sources. They are rare but we've managed to tame a small herd of 6 in varying colors. Might want to check there as well as the island and center.
  15. So someone outside a closed building could trigger the timers even though the tames are not physically rendered. Also explains why kiters lure tames away from bases.