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  1. I believe the cap is 4000 dinos/boats
  2. Is there any way WC could send out an email to members of capped servers and ask them to cull their herds or they'll do it for us? Another option would be to destroy any multiple boats owned by an individual that doesn't have any structures on it. Or delete boats altogether from the cap count.
  3. Official PVE 592 is the same way. In the evenings and weekends I've noticed 30+ on the server. We've reached cap a few times, and it kind of spoiled the opening of the Valentine's event because nobody could breed and/or tame any animals. I had to go to our SE server to do any of that. We took what few fertilized eggs we already had and hatched them over there. Not a perfect solution but it was the only way we could take advantage of the event. On 592 we have a few good-sized tribes that admittedly have the most dinos partially due to their size. These tribes would be decimated by a 400 dino limit, leading to multiple break ups just so folks could continue to do what they like to do-tame and breed animals. Also, how are they going to handle the tribes with over 400 already? Will they log in to find only 400 of their animals remaining? People will get really pissed if their favorite animals just up and disappear. Some of my favorite animals are not necessarily the tribes best, but I put a lot of heart and effort into taming them-especially my first dinos. Will they disappear simply because they are the lowest lvls?? Admittedly I don't think we're close to the 400 cap in my tribe but I know others who this would affect. This is going to make a mess of the current tribe structure, causing fracturing and dissention as to who gets when during the break-ups due to the tribe dino cap. Not well thought out.
  4. A personal cap would make sense. Of course you run into the problem with tribes that have their setting set for Tribe Tame. How would that work?
  5. Here's an idea. What if the tamed dinos aged so after a while they'd die a natural death, thus making it more difficult to reach cap. You could use this mechanic for the more common dinos like parasaurs, Pteras, trikes, and raptors. Given a long enough lifetime it would allow you to tame a replacement while still freeing space for future tames. Also, counting boats in the dino cap is ludicrous! I know in my tribe of 6 folks we have at least 8 boats if not more. Take the boats off the dino count I say!!!
  6. We found them on Scorched Earth near the water sources. They are rare but we've managed to tame a small herd of 6 in varying colors. Might want to check there as well as the island and center.
  7. So someone outside a closed building could trigger the timers even though the tames are not physically rendered. Also explains why kiters lure tames away from bases.
  8. How exactly do the claim timers for tamed dinos work on official PVE servers? Does the person have to physically see the dinos (as in they need to be rendered) to have the timers reset, or do they just have to be in the dino's vicinity to have them reset? Or does the person just need to log in to have the timers reset on all their dinos on that server?
  9. This is something that really needs to be addressed. Many who play PVE (myself included) do so to avoid the raiding-offline and otherwise-that is so prevalent in PvP. We also enjoy the other aspects of the game such as taming, building our bases and socializing in global and tribe chat. I've made some good friends through my PVE gameplay and would like to continue doing so. Those budding friendships are being jeopardized by people's frustrations with this kiting. They are discouraged by this and many are thinking of leaving the game because of it. I have notice a growing number of PVE folks who are fed up with the allowance of this exploit, and the acts of extortion that many of the raiders are doing to the communities on these servers when they are caught by the tribes being attacked. Not very well-played on WC's account. I'd have to check with my engineering friends, but I'd be willing to bet a simple if/then command added to the Rock Elemental's program would solve the issue by making it so the elemental wouldn't attack a player's base if the tribe members are offline. Another solution would be to make Elementals easier to kill. The AI for the elemental is not inherently aggressive unless provoked or activated by proximity.
  10. I did. Waiting to hear back from them. Also sent them the screenshots taken of the conversation btn a tribe member and one of the attackers demanding our Golem as well as screenies of the attack. My tribemate also sent in a ticket about the attack with a video of the attack on his house. Pity they feel the need to act like this. Kind of spoils the game for folks just wanting to have fun.
  11. It is rare to find a community that works together, helping other players when they encounter a problem or find themselves short on supplies while taming. Or, as was the case for my tribe on 759, when our base was being attacked by unscrupulous individuals intent on destroying everything we'd spent months building. Thank you to everyone who helped kite away the rock elementals that OMG was using to break into our base, especially Neximus and Alevia who came to my aid when I screamed in panic during the attack. Also thanks to everyone in global chat for your moral support . Knowing you all have my back is a big relief, and I hope we can be just as helpful and supportive when anyone else is in need of assistance. You folks are the best!!
  12. By allowing kiting they are allowing unscrupulous folks to use it as an exploit, breaking into people's bases when they are logged out, killing their dinos and stealing their stuff. How is this acceptable behavior for PVE? WE have had a recent spate of kiting attacks on 759 similar to 795 as can be indicated by my previous posts. When the people doing the kiting are doing it specifically to eradicate another tribe's base for the sole purpose of stealing their stuff then it should be a bannable offense. Even my husband who works in the industry pointed out that it is an exploit. If someone in the industry can see this then why can't WildCard?
  13. Yeah they can wreak havoc on them. I logged in at 10:45 Eastern time to them once again trying to kite two more elementals onto our base. Thanks to the help of others on the server we were able to thwart their efforts. The did damage a few of the gates but didn't get through. I think I"m going to have to find a way to get a giga as a guard dog! We are going to spend the evening putting up metal pillars to keep them at bay. Can they destroy Behemoth stone gates? we have a few up.
  14. As the other person stated they had rock golems that could kill anything other than the golems set up as sentinels on their base. We have the same thing, as well as the zombie fire wyvern who easily kept any errant aggressives from doing too much damage. Wild rock golems do not actively attack bases as wyverns and rexes are meant to. They have to be purposely lured to the area being raided by the individuals involved. THIS IS PVP BEHAVIOR PURE AND SIMPLE!! We specifically chose PVE to avoid this!! Many do not have easy access to a giga or don't want to put pillars up everywhere as it makes it difficult for the larger dinos such as the rexes, Morellas and wyverns to get around on the ground (in the case of the wyverns). As it is we were trying to avoid blocking the causeway leading up to our plateau so that folks had access to the resources up there. Sadly we have had to surround our plateau with gates. Quick question: Can golems get through the small gates? if not then you could put some of those up as well as deterrents They also don't disappear as often as the pillars do..
  15. My tribemate logged in yesterday around 11 to find two members from OMG kiting a golem through our base. He only caught one player's name. When my tribemate confronted them they demanded he give them one of our wyverns and our high lvl rock golem in order to get them to stop the attack. THIS IS EXTORTION!!! We have worked long and hard to establish a working community, priding ourselves on our willingness to help others.To have idiots like this come on our servers for the express purpose of callously destroying bases to steal stuff is unconscionable! They actually kited two elementals to our base from what I can glean from the tribal data. I lost my lvl 59 rock golem and our zombie fire wyvern to the first one ( a lvl 45 golem) To their credit our dinos must have done some serious damage to the wild one before it was presumably destroyed. Then they kited a lvl 40 elemental up there. Both Mars and I have submitted reports on this harassment asking that these individuals be banned. Neximus, who helped Mars during the attack and helped kite the golem away was able to get video of the attack, plus multiple screenshots of the incident. These have been submitted with the reports. Many on this server are on 592 where we have a good working community as well and came to this SE server because of that. Sure, there are those who cause mischief, but not to this extent and not to demolish other tribe's bases. Wildcard needs to address this issue NOW!!! I wholeheartedly approve of the idea of offline raid protection from the heaviest hitters like the elementals, gigas, death worms and wyverns that are kited onto folks bases by these players.