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  1. Just tried hanging stockings on multiple Official PC PVE servers, game crashes with the same message as OP each and every time. Nothing for the trees, lights, boxes, or wreaths. Just the socks. Any idea if this'll get fixed, or should I just stuff the stocking hanging for this year?
  2. In order to avoid the nightmare of losing a character during a transfer I make new characters on each server I play. This has it's own problems, as in I have to do alpha fights for each of the characters in order to get the tek engrams on each of them, and leveling each take time. Having the imprint be account bound would certainly help both of those issues as I could use boss rexes raised on another server in order to get the engrams for the new character and have the imprint bonus for the battles. So please make imprints account-bound!
  3. Is there any way to disable the pick up all feature for the f button, or assign that feature to a different key? I've been using the F button to open inventory since 2015 and now find myself picking up unwanted items if I"m not careful thanks to this new feature.
  4. Rogue Fire Wyvern Spawns on Valguero We've been noticing that fire wyverns are spawning at 50, 50 on our official PVE server-far from the trench where the wyverns are supposed to spawn. Is this normal, or a spawning hiccup?
  5. There have been instances of folks kiting wyverns to other areas of the map on our official PVE server. How do I know it was kited, you may ask? Because there was a guy on a ptera leading it around the small islands trying to burn folks structures down. I lost two of my tames to the idiot, and he knew what he was doing because no one could catch his name during the attacks.
  6. catnip

    Where are Otters?

    We have them spawning in the lake in the Caldera in the chalk cliffs area. As somebody mentioned, usually after the salmon have been killed.
  7. Not necessarily. If the other player involved in the trade files a ticket stating what happened and the two reference each other then he will have supporting evidence. Important thing is to get the ticket in pronto.
  8. Poppet, if they were talking in global chat do you have screenshots showing their text, and the time ingame that this occurred? You might be able to submit this, along with your Battlemetrics info. They should be able to access the logs of the global chat-with actual language text instead of boxes from around that time period-to help them identify the culprits. I've submitted tickets on box tribes giving WC as much information as I could and they were able to take care of the situation. Submitting tickets-even if there's not much that can be done at the moment-lets them know there is a problem on a particular server and they can do their own investigations into the situation to stop the griefing.
  9. From discussions in global, there have also been instances of these folks demanding actual money in order to have their griefing activities stopped. From what others observed these particular tribes were Korean. Our server has a pretty good alert system, folks working together to nip these types of instances in the bud. Even so, we shouldn't have to police things as often as we've had to do. Many folks have downloaded software allowing them to see the writing instead of the boxes, but we shouldn't be forced to do this to protect our bases. Though rare, there have been instances of DDOS and rollbacks occurring when certain box tribes were online, and folks unable to log onto the server due to the server mysteriously disappearing from all the lists. I've seen this happen on both this server and my Center server. On the Center server folks trying to log on couldn't find the server listed anywhere for almost half an hour. Those who were on the server at the time reported that there were a number of box tribe members logging on and off even though others couldn't. Coincidence? I doubt it. Something needs to be done to prevent this behavior.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. There are a lot of angry people right now due to the rollbacks, and I'm sure many are posting in the forums, not always in the same topic.
  11. @JenSome friends of mine did as you requested and submitted tickets regarding losing their characters due to the rollback on Island 49 server. Their tickets were instantly marked as solved and subsequently closed with no resolution to their problems. One of the folks involved is the only member of his tribe on his SE server, with no way to take care of his bases and animals there. How is this insta-solving of tickets in any way, shape or form a solution to his or others problems?
  12. I believe Easter falls on April 21st this year, which is rather late. No word yet that I know of about the event, but they waited until the last minute to announce the Valentines event so are probably doing the same here.
  13. SHEEP!!! YOU NEED SHEEP!!! ...and stuffed daodan and male deer heads hanging on the walls. Too bad you can't have a rack with rifles there as well. A microraptor kind of looks like a pheasant..
  14. One friend reported that a friend of theirs on an extinction server had both locked and pincoded vaults raided. Didn't matter if there was a pin code or not. He also recommended using purlovia, reapers, or basilisks as vaults since they can be buried and other players can't see them. As for doors being closed. Sounded like that was a nonsequitor to the raiders. They had no problem getting in. From what I could surmise by googling it, this was also a problem back in 2017 during early access. My guess is that one of the recent updates allowed them to once again use that exploit, or they found another way to exploit the locked vaults.
  15. Today on one of my discord servers the members were talking about folks having their locked vaults raided by members of other tribes. This was on PVE servers. It didn't matter whether you had the vault pincoded or not. Evidently there have been raids done on multiple servers, not just our Rag server, but also some Exinction servers they were playing on. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem?
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