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  1. Trike won't sprint

    Just tamed a lvl 130 trike on Official TheCenter60. No real weight on the animal, and stamina was at full, but when I pressed shift W it wouldn't sprint. Is there something I"m missing?? I've tamed trikes previously and they sprinted so not sure what's up here.
  2. Anyone Else Feed up with the Lack of Servers?

    I don't get why they don't have server specifically dedicated to a region (NA, EU, OC) as other gaming companies have them. It makes more sense. You will have griefers, ddosers, and dupers in any set region but less likelyhood of having them do so in all three regions. It makes the game much less enjoyable and leads to more negative reviews.
  3. I'm beginning to wonder if WC has an ulterior motive for keeping Legacy servers. What if the real purpose of keeping them was so they'd have servers available for the upcoming Aberration DLC? I would not be surprised if we see another round of repurposing just before the DLC launches.

    @GreenRoc JAYCE!!!! I wonder if this is just another way to anger current players and drive them either from the game or force them to start all over again on the new servers. Either way it is hurting rather than helping the game. It also makes it extremely difficult to transfer stuff using the beacons. I often use the beacons on SE simply because I hate the kapros at the obis there. Now I'll have to keep the items I want to transfer on my person for a good half hour before I can use a beacon, kind of difficult if I find I need something right away-like gas, or kibble for taming. Can't just change characters and transfer the stuff, then pop on your original character to pick up the stuff. Very bad planning on your part, WildCard...
  5. I beg to differ. I have been involved in betas of other MMOs. The beta testers worked just as hard, if not harder, even though they knew all their work was going to be wiped simply because they knew they were working to get the best game made. We were given a thank you gift for our hard work, and had a bit of an advantage when game launched in that we knew where key resources and objects could be found, and what to expect from the environment. Knowing the mechanics gives you a distinct advantage. Being honest with your playerbase builds loyalty, trust, and positive reviews. Treating your playerbase the way WildCard has does none of those things. Folks are skeptical of their intent now and take what they have to say with a very large salt mine!!
  6. platform saddles joke?

    From reading discord chat I think NA PVE 327 (Island) hit cap due to the platform tame count. Fortunately there are folks on there willing to cull and break platforms so others could tame and breed.
  7. changes to oil and gasoline

    Any idea if they are going to fix this? First they make it so you have to feed your animals more often, now they make it so your gas doesn't last as long. Are they Trying to piss off the player base??? I'm about to go on vacation for 5 days and I don't know what I'll come back to. This is complete BS when you can't even take a few days off to spend time with your family.
  8. changes to oil and gasoline

    I transferred to Thecenter592-PVE and was surprised to find that our generator had run out of gas, so I put 150 gas in thinking that would last the 6 days I need while I'm on vacation. When I checked it 24 hours later is was down below half of that. Previously a can of gas would last 1 hour, meaning 100 cans should theoretically last for 4 days 4 hours. Have they changed the consumption rate for generators? I don't remember seeing anything in the patch notes about that. I should add others on 592 also noticed this with their generators. Many by logging in to discover their generators were empty.
  9. I noticed that both 327 and 759 PVE servers do not have the BattleEye icon next to them for some reason
  10. Over 15 hours of constant DC

    They have posted some info regarding the lag/DCs:
  11. Over 15 hours of constant DC

    Maybe it's an insidious plan to get PVE players to quit...
  12. Over 15 hours of constant DC

    I don't believe that's the problem this time. It's something to do with steam and the current update having conflicts. Was lucky enough to get my dinos fed on SE but haven't had any luck with my Island server. Logged on 3 times and got booted after a miinute. Hoping my dinos will survive until I can get on for a decent amount of time!
  13. Yeah, not to happy about these changes. I had a few stacks that are just gone now. Why wipe the shrooms and not the flowers unless it has to do with adding a timer to the item making it have to be added as a new item and the old one was removed. Sucks majorly!!!
  14. Ragnarok 15 Rollbacks!

    Same thing's been happening on Ragnarok 14. Some believe it's folks causing the DCs so they can get duped material/dinos from the resulting rollback. They need to figure out who is causing the DCs for this purpose and boot them, and correct the problem so no more duping can occur.
  15. Saber cat remodel

    Watch the video for a better representation of the remodel. The picture makes it look as though they just pasted a new face on the old body, one that is too small proportionally. The video also does a sweep around the model showing the differences better. Does look good.