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  1. I don't believe so. This was on Official Valquero 564.
  2. Part of that might be the updates for the game. I know we recently had an 8+ Gig update. Can't imagine 84 GB of updates though
  3. Here's hoping they keep the crystal critters (wyv and griffin!).
  4. They are a little smaller, but still ride-able. I was playing Crystal Isles SP back when the new mechanic for the raptors was added and was getting pulled from the crystal wyvern's back fairly easily. Of course that was before they tweeked that feature so that may have changed. They are beautiful though. There are also different kinds of crystals you can mine, one of which is used to tame the crystal wyverns.
  5. Hoping they keep the crystal wyverns. If I remember correctly, they are passive tame and beautiful.
  6. yep, 450 is the cut-off. Once they reach that level they are removed.
  7. Place a ticket explaining the problem. WC should get back to you about getting everything back in your name. In the future, be aware that when you leave a tribe, unless building materials/animals/storage bins are personally owned it will be tribe owned and stay with that tribe. Check the tribe settings if you have any questions as to the ownership. Good Luck!!
  8. I'm GreenRoc's tribemate. I will officially go bat-poop crazy if I have to repaint that whole base. It's HUGE!!! And she's not kidding about needing that much paint. Looks like I'll be building a few spray painters if they don't patch it!! And we're both on PC
  9. The crashes have been consistent every day this event: usually sometime between 10:30-11 am and again 10:30-11pm with intermittent server DCs throughout the day. During the two at the 11's the server has been down for upwards to 4 hours with an inevitable rollback of at least 15=30 minutes. For those of us in small tribes this has made the event a big hassle, both for taming and breeding purposes. I had hoped to breed and tame a few animals, but with the constant interruptions I have been unable to finish any of the babies I was hoping to raise, and lost a few of the animals I was taming due to the the rollbacks and DC's. As a previous poster stated, this is unacceptable and very unprofessional on the part of Wild Card. A game that has been around for as long as this one has, and that went through such an extended Beta test (aka Early Access), shouldn't have this multitude of issues. At the very least we should get an extension to the event to make up for the time lost to the constant DC's
  10. Just tried hanging stockings on multiple Official PC PVE servers, game crashes with the same message as OP each and every time. Nothing for the trees, lights, boxes, or wreaths. Just the socks. Any idea if this'll get fixed, or should I just stuff the stocking hanging for this year?
  11. In order to avoid the nightmare of losing a character during a transfer I make new characters on each server I play. This has it's own problems, as in I have to do alpha fights for each of the characters in order to get the tek engrams on each of them, and leveling each take time. Having the imprint be account bound would certainly help both of those issues as I could use boss rexes raised on another server in order to get the engrams for the new character and have the imprint bonus for the battles. So please make imprints account-bound!
  12. Is there any way to disable the pick up all feature for the f button, or assign that feature to a different key? I've been using the F button to open inventory since 2015 and now find myself picking up unwanted items if I"m not careful thanks to this new feature.
  13. Rogue Fire Wyvern Spawns on Valguero We've been noticing that fire wyverns are spawning at 50, 50 on our official PVE server-far from the trench where the wyverns are supposed to spawn. Is this normal, or a spawning hiccup?
  14. There have been instances of folks kiting wyverns to other areas of the map on our official PVE server. How do I know it was kited, you may ask? Because there was a guy on a ptera leading it around the small islands trying to burn folks structures down. I lost two of my tames to the idiot, and he knew what he was doing because no one could catch his name during the attacks.
  15. catnip

    Where are Otters?

    We have them spawning in the lake in the Caldera in the chalk cliffs area. As somebody mentioned, usually after the salmon have been killed.
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