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  1. Genesis one 608 have been down for days , when i check on battlemetric it say the server is dead instead of the usual offline .
  2. Can you crash the server just by trying to log in ? Every time i try to login to 976 while it is online it suddenly crash instantly for several hours ....
  3. I keep crashing when i open my replicator for fuel...
  4. Yes , unfortunately , even with theirs damage debuff it still take some real damage nowadays , along with shorter range of teleporting , it is managarm time again .
  5. They don't support Legacy server , PVE got it worse .
  6. Seems they abandon gen 1 mission , been so long without a fix .
  7. taming method based on ping is very bad since you have no control over it , if someone with bad internet join the server , you may as well wait it out till that guy left and ping return to playable . And the Stryder mini game is based on server side which won't sync with client side , making it very hard to predict .
  8. I think those stryder that was left on the field because someone unable to tame them should be reverted back to wild after hours without any hacking attempt .
  9. Any official words on this , cus the reward vs effort here is extremely unbalanced , doing these mission not reward as all and item still remain price . Doing the mission with the highest reward on Alpha will give you enough point to buy.....6200+ woods which you can easily farm with a mammoth .
  10. Today i tried to log into the game and the first thing appear when i started the game is this....Cloudflare having an issue , please check back later windows . I could see server but i couldn't log in . How to fix this ?
  11. All the bloody box box dupers are causing so much trouble .
  12. The racing missions are the most annoying, especially the one that involve Dolphin , ugh the control....
  13. It destroy any hope of a breedable drake / basilisk .
  14. I tried to tame a lv 20 stryder , but after i finish the mini game , the taming bar not go up , also it shock me . After that in the mini game , although i align the block perfectly ( line all inside the block ) , it say error operation time out and zap me .
  15. And with server ping is 255 all the time , hacking them is like playing guitar hero but with lag .
  16. Leave it to the Russian or Chinese to find an exploit that let you bring strong tame into new server . Remember the reaper king exploit during Gen 1 .
  17. Wonder if there is a limit to what creatures the Maewing can take care of . But for breeder sure it will help a lot especially the baby phase .
  18. Of course they won't do that , if they remove the extra rate to save server performance they know they won't attract the community attention , you know it is true . You brought nothing to the table except telling people to shut up and and brand them whatever title you want to call them while the other party haven't done anything like that . I have already make statement as a player and i have make it clear , people look up to the extra life stream mostly because of the juicy breeding / gathering rate . Ark as game is very grindy on official server , everything take a long time to finish , you need a lot effort , the reward is meh and thing easily gone with silly mistake ( either player faults or bug happen ) . People flocked to the server during the stream , breed a lot , the server barely can take it and went kaput . Money wasted , time wasted , event wasted . It is understandable why people upset .
  19. Nice to assume people donate for the kid in the first place , and to assume other not donate . All you have done is flinging around your moral code and calling people with bad name without realizing what make people give theirs hard earned to the stream and defend how the dev respond ( they do not care in general ) to the situation without giving a second thought , yet you call yourself a grown man. And you still deny why players pay attention to the Extra Stream , ask a random player and see what they exactly want from the event . The answer is obvious . And i will say again , people have the rights to be upset about theirs server crash for the duration of the stream , despite having donate in hope of the extra rate . Good to be you having your server not crash , sux to be other . Next year remove the extra rate bonus from the charity event , it will save server performance , but will they be able to gain a lot money from community ?
  20. Oh please , not everyone is rainbow and unicorn . And i here just remind the cold hard fact based on cold hard logic. Have you ever seen any thread hype about seeing children playing game ? Have you ever seen thread in here that hype about helping children ? 1 big fat no . The only thing players concern about is that damn extra rate , remove that next year and see if everyone actually care about the stream that much .
  21. 608 already down for a day . And funny enough , 264 abe server also down despite it have no player . Seem server cluster went busted .
  22. Many servers have player count graph as flat as chopping board .
  23. And where do you think most charity org get most of theirs money from ? Via the donation of people hard earned money . @ GP : Oh please . this is the cold hard truth , people anxiously waiting for the Extra life stream not because they are gonna see children play games , oh no , it is because of the extra breeding / gathering rate , most people when think of the Extra Life , THAT is the first thing pop up inside theirs head , many players here and on my server care more about that than the children , you can even see these threads complaining about the event and server stability , not a single thought for children . The extra rate is the driving force of the donation , try to remove it next year i dare you , just be a normal streaming in which you give money so the children can play more games and see if you guys can gather a large sum of money , i doubt people care to begin with . Call me a cold heart person if you like , but that is the reality of the Extra Life streaming .
  24. Imagine donate to get that extra breeding rate and then your server along with your char / creatures lock off the entire day , what a scam . And heck , they can get the server back quick but many down for more than 3 hours , mine already passed 15 hours since the last report .
  25. Use battlemetrics to confirm if the server truly down or not .
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