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  1. I did tested , it won't kill wild giga in seconds . A lv 225 mek will brawl it out with a true wild lv 150 giga in several minutes and got its HP cut down to 1/4 . Lv115 mek against red drop , not a chance , video or bust .
  2. Whenever the wild ice titan jump into a building and twist its ankle , the hit box on corruption node will change , after that all shot firing at the node is not register and even damage the Titan unless you shoot from a specific angle and still not an easy task as the titan jump a lot trying to damage structure that was build too near the arena .
  3. 7 Asc lance bp , the rest are trashes , heck i don't think he drops big dino bp.....
  4. I don't get why people think gacha loot OP . Oooh i got this 500% damage shotgun , so what ? people still freeze you with Mana and kill you with titan , and after server restart those damage number will revert back to 298 anyways . In facts , people need those gun to fight during Orbital / node defense as the corrupted dino level is higher than your tame especially red and purple . Now there is no hope for gacha Asc crystal .
  5. After the patch that supposed to fix Corrupted dino attacking pathing and Mana ice beam accuracy , i stumble into 2 major problems with it . 1 -More case of corrupted dino not getting into the drop / node . Instead of following the same path at other dino , some jumped off the cliff in an attempt to run straight into the drop / node , which result in they stuck somewhere you don't even know . 2- Corrupted creatures become impervious to Mana beam the moment they touch the drop / node which force your Mana to get into melee and damaging the drop / node , this is unacceptable , especially when flyer attack the drop / node .
  6. TR-8R

    PVE Servers Crashing

    My friend lost his lv 100 char because 10 mins after he transferred in an Extinction server , it crash and he rage quit . This is a game that punish honest players.
  7. May be a server dedicated to save info of 1 survivor per steam user ? In case this happen they can just look for that char and restore . Tek engrams still can be unlocked by fighting boss if you in big tribe , the real loss is the imprinting bonus which somehow tied to survivor not Steam user .
  8. TR-8R

    PVE Servers Crashing

    One of my tribemate lost his char because 10 mins after he transfered in , the server crashed , very frustrating . And the crash is quite frequent . If you visit abe server you won't see such crash occur . Damn duper .....
  9. Player just transfer to a server and that server immediately crash which result in player lost his character forever along with hard earned tek engram and imprint . On unofficial an Admin can give those tek engram back to player who lost his char but why not on Official ? Do WC really want to piss off those who suffered from a bad game and bad server ?
  10. Not just Giga , any dino with fast torpor drop rate will get that bug . What i think is , due to server heavy lag , they didn't register the narco you fed to Giga , not until several minutes later , by that time it already too late .
  11. My tribe leader 's steam profile have gone silent for almost 2 years and the rest of the tribemate agree that he will never come back to Ark , or even worse , something bad may have happened to him IRL . Yet without the tribe leader , none of the admin can set tribe setting . So will WC admin agree to come and change tribe leadership if everyone in the tribe request to ? Because according to the rule , only tribe leader can submit ticket but if he gone for too long , then how the tribe submit request ? How to transfer ownership if tribe leader no longer play and unable to contact ?
  12. Then someone will already noticed , but there were no confirmation that tribe did tried to tame titan again . It is always the same 2 titans .
  13. Yes , they were tamed before the patch hit .
  14. Mek should have armor modification and do increase damage against corrupted dino in case someone lure one to them . And it will also worth bringing mek to orbital defense .
  15. According to wikia the Titan only stay for 1 day before starving to death . But these titan on this official server i am currently playing have stayed there for like a whole week . Heard it have something to do with some medical brews that mess with theirs food stat but not so sure , these titan show no sight of bleeding or dying anytime soon . Great , 1 tribe get to keep titans forever and no one can tame any titan .
  16. Wait , we can bring only extinction DLC dino to Abe ?
  17. TR-8R

    Titans on PVE

    I don't know about your server , these titan on my server have stayed like 4 days already and no sight of they dying very soon .
  18. If you are using the engram version , it will lose every time facing the orbital drop version of wyvern , theirs fire breath and even bite with hurt you a lot and they will keep circling around. The current mek is weak , it can't take out dino reliably , anything as small as raptor will most likely dodge the sword sweep and go straight for the foot . Allosaurus will make the Mek bleed and the weasel fill force you to eject from cockpit . Mek should have more HP and armor modification to at least deter the enemy attempt to use Titan on you . As of now all they need is Velo and even a tamed Reaper to take it out , even the asc Mek version . What ? Less developed tribe not stand a chance ? Dude , the moment a tribe have replicator set up and gather enough mat to make a Mek , those live in stone houses smelting ingot with primitive forge already don't have a chance , keep catering to those unwillingly to develop theirs tribe gonna hurt everybody in the long run .
  19. With BP you can craft even better gears with the help of a crafter And no , you can't face tank the whole PVP base armors that is varied in quality . 700% damage for a gun is impossible in Official server , you better go back to your unofficial server .
  20. If you see people waiting to reap the reward and actually don't do anything , just leave the node and let it be destroyed . Element is easy to get on this map .
  21. For something made of full metal the Mek should have defense bonus..... Right now it feel like you are riding a wolf , sure it is strong but it have no saddle . Even asc mek got demolished by a tamed king reaper....
  22. You all need good gears to fight in those horde mode defense , don't say it is OP , we PVE players don't have much good things going for us because PVP players keep complaining this and that is OP . The gacha right now is quite balance , they already lower the chance of dropping asc loots . At 150% crafting skill Gacha rarely drop loot and you need it at least 200% crafting skill to guarantee good loot but currently Gacha taming is hampered by the new Owl pellet food change with make Gacha taming eff as low as possible so you aren't gonna see those godly Gacha soon .
  23. These legendary drop spawn lv 200 + wyvern / rex / giga and people have been luring them to other base to grief , also making it hard for whoever is defending the drop because of those few hostiles not on sight . These creatures spawned during the orbital drop event also try to head to 50 50 if they have nothing do and will attack any base in its path . I highly suggest creatures spawn in Orbital defense need to focusing theirs attack on the drop and if lure to a certain distance they will get back to the drop to attack it . When the drop destroy , all creatures should despawn .
  24. TR-8R

    Mek Feedback.

    Mek is weak , it affect by many things that make no sense , like Allosaur bleeding attack or even the weasel that can stunt it . It doesn't have any armor bonus so it take full damage from everything .
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