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  1. Yes , unfortunately , even with theirs damage debuff it still take some real damage nowadays , along with shorter range of teleporting , it is managarm time again .
  2. They don't support Legacy server , PVE got it worse .
  3. Seems they abandon gen 1 mission , been so long without a fix .
  4. So i have this shadowmane and both the wiki and dododex said it is 44 melee but when i switch to Smart breeder it is only 35 points . Other stats are identical on both app . I am just a newcomer to the breeding business , can anyone explain why there is such a huge different and which app to trust ?
  5. You probably need asc long neck with more than 200 dam to make even good progress on them , if lower you just wasting time . The huge topor for gamma is just stupid .
  6. TR-8R

    Rockwell Bugs

    Not true , other boss fight arena is pretty much stable in my experience , rarely this will occur , however Prime Rockwell crash more often according to other victims on my server .
  7. taming method based on ping is very bad since you have no control over it , if someone with bad internet join the server , you may as well wait it out till that guy left and ping return to playable . And the Stryder mini game is based on server side which won't sync with client side , making it very hard to predict .
  8. TR-8R

    Rockwell Bugs

    It appear the server may crash after you finish the boss fight which result in your tame forever stuck in the arena . Don't bring your best tame and most valuable item , go in with the thought that you may forever lose your tame / item due to crappy coding and slow ticket support . And yes my shadowmane along with other tribe 's reaper king army got stuck inside the arena after server crash .
  9. I think those stryder that was left on the field because someone unable to tame them should be reverted back to wild after hours without any hacking attempt .
  10. Any official words on this , cus the reward vs effort here is extremely unbalanced , doing these mission not reward as all and item still remain price . Doing the mission with the highest reward on Alpha will give you enough point to buy.....6200+ woods which you can easily farm with a mammoth .
  11. Recently they fixed Noglin spawn and now they can be found in Rockwell biome ,a bit rarer than other creature but you will occasionally encounter them trying to snatch your tame . May be it is just my opinion , despite all the glaring weakness plus all the counter measure you can come up with against them , they still very strong in PvP by catching players by surprise , taming them is , let's say it is much simple than trying to hack stryder during lag or feeding a shadowmane with broken AI . They should be only spawn in Rockwell cave so you have to be brave enough to tame them .
  12. Today i tried to log into the game and the first thing appear when i started the game is this....Cloudflare having an issue , please check back later windows . I could see server but i couldn't log in . How to fix this ?
  13. All the bloody box box dupers are causing so much trouble .
  14. If it down very fast , mean duper is in the server , and recently there is a surge of duper .
  15. can some tech guru explain to me while a server that have 60/70 players yet it still full ?
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