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  1. No one have common sense here ? War declaration supposed to be approved by the leader of both party . But here , you can initiate a war between tribe in alliance just by walking up to theirs lifeless body . How bs is that ? Why would someone defend this ????
  2. There are many case like this recently , traders are talking about it too . Declare war on a lifeless body , heck yea, what could go wrong .
  3. Did they change building decay rate ? My base made of stone , before this week i can leave for 1 week then return to refresh it . But today my base all gone , and i check my neighbor house , it show 5 days on decay timer . Did they reduce it ?
  4. I did tested , it won't kill wild giga in seconds . A lv 225 mek will brawl it out with a true wild lv 150 giga in several minutes and got its HP cut down to 1/4 . Lv115 mek against red drop , not a chance , video or bust .
  5. Whenever the wild ice titan jump into a building and twist its ankle , the hit box on corruption node will change , after that all shot firing at the node is not register and even damage the Titan unless you shoot from a specific angle and still not an easy task as the titan jump a lot trying to damage structure that was build too near the arena .
  6. 7 Asc lance bp , the rest are trashes , heck i don't think he drops big dino bp.....
  7. I don't get why people think gacha loot OP . Oooh i got this 500% damage shotgun , so what ? people still freeze you with Mana and kill you with titan , and after server restart those damage number will revert back to 298 anyways . In facts , people need those gun to fight during Orbital / node defense as the corrupted dino level is higher than your tame especially red and purple . Now there is no hope for gacha Asc crystal .
  8. After the patch that supposed to fix Corrupted dino attacking pathing and Mana ice beam accuracy , i stumble into 2 major problems with it . 1 -More case of corrupted dino not getting into the drop / node . Instead of following the same path at other dino , some jumped off the cliff in an attempt to run straight into the drop / node , which result in they stuck somewhere you don't even know . 2- Corrupted creatures become impervious to Mana beam the moment they touch the drop / node which force your Mana to get into melee and damaging the drop / node , this is unacceptable , especially when flyer attack the drop / node .
  9. TR-8R

    PVE Servers Crashing

    My friend lost his lv 100 char because 10 mins after he transferred in an Extinction server , it crash and he rage quit . This is a game that punish honest players.
  10. May be a server dedicated to save info of 1 survivor per steam user ? In case this happen they can just look for that char and restore . Tek engrams still can be unlocked by fighting boss if you in big tribe , the real loss is the imprinting bonus which somehow tied to survivor not Steam user .
  11. TR-8R

    PVE Servers Crashing

    One of my tribemate lost his char because 10 mins after he transfered in , the server crashed , very frustrating . And the crash is quite frequent . If you visit abe server you won't see such crash occur . Damn duper .....
  12. Player just transfer to a server and that server immediately crash which result in player lost his character forever along with hard earned tek engram and imprint . On unofficial an Admin can give those tek engram back to player who lost his char but why not on Official ? Do WC really want to piss off those who suffered from a bad game and bad server ?
  13. Not just Giga , any dino with fast torpor drop rate will get that bug . What i think is , due to server heavy lag , they didn't register the narco you fed to Giga , not until several minutes later , by that time it already too late .
  14. My tribe leader 's steam profile have gone silent for almost 2 years and the rest of the tribemate agree that he will never come back to Ark , or even worse , something bad may have happened to him IRL . Yet without the tribe leader , none of the admin can set tribe setting . So will WC admin agree to come and change tribe leadership if everyone in the tribe request to ? Because according to the rule , only tribe leader can submit ticket but if he gone for too long , then how the tribe submit request ? How to transfer ownership if tribe leader no longer play and unable to contact ?
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