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  1. Genesis one 608 have been down for days , when i check on battlemetric it say the server is dead instead of the usual offline .
  2. Can you crash the server just by trying to log in ? Every time i try to login to 976 while it is online it suddenly crash instantly for several hours ....
  3. I keep crashing when i open my replicator for fuel...
  4. Yes , unfortunately , even with theirs damage debuff it still take some real damage nowadays , along with shorter range of teleporting , it is managarm time again .
  5. They don't support Legacy server , PVE got it worse .
  6. Seems they abandon gen 1 mission , been so long without a fix .
  7. So i have this shadowmane and both the wiki and dododex said it is 44 melee but when i switch to Smart breeder it is only 35 points . Other stats are identical on both app . I am just a newcomer to the breeding business , can anyone explain why there is such a huge different and which app to trust ?
  8. taming method based on ping is very bad since you have no control over it , if someone with bad internet join the server , you may as well wait it out till that guy left and ping return to playable . And the Stryder mini game is based on server side which won't sync with client side , making it very hard to predict .
  9. I think those stryder that was left on the field because someone unable to tame them should be reverted back to wild after hours without any hacking attempt .
  10. Any official words on this , cus the reward vs effort here is extremely unbalanced , doing these mission not reward as all and item still remain price . Doing the mission with the highest reward on Alpha will give you enough point to buy.....6200+ woods which you can easily farm with a mammoth .
  11. Today i tried to log into the game and the first thing appear when i started the game is this....Cloudflare having an issue , please check back later windows . I could see server but i couldn't log in . How to fix this ?
  12. All the bloody box box dupers are causing so much trouble .
  13. The racing missions are the most annoying, especially the one that involve Dolphin , ugh the control....
  14. It destroy any hope of a breedable drake / basilisk .
  15. I tried to tame a lv 20 stryder , but after i finish the mini game , the taming bar not go up , also it shock me . After that in the mini game , although i align the block perfectly ( line all inside the block ) , it say error operation time out and zap me .
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