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  1. Same here bro , some how after the OC maintenance update on 11/11/ 2019 , all players from Vietnam is banned from OC servers FOR NO REASON , unless they use VPN to change theirs IP to other countries , i don't know if that violate the rule but what choice do we have .... I already send 2 tickets ( which the GM give up and switch to solved status ) and 1 bug report but all i hear is cricket sound . Ark is turning into pay2play model .....
  2. Ark is slowly turn into pay2play..... Please fix faster , honest folks base will be gone ....
  3. It appear after the OC server maintenance , any player who play from Vietnam or Singapore is unable to find OC servers , the server simply not responding unless they pay real money to use VPN and to be able to see Official OC server . Please , check your server backend again , you are pushing honest players to violate rule just to be able to play on your official server
  4. Server still not responding , one of friend use method of running a VPN app and he was able to see the server and log in . Only affect OC server while EU and NA still can join freely . Before the maintenance i can con to OC 486 anytime i want but after the new IP change i can't ...
  5. OC servers disappear from server browser . After the maintenance i try to search for OC 486 but it doesn't appear , when i check if any OC server available , none of them appear on the list , only NA and EU . How do you even add new IP if they don't appear on server browser ? And yet checking battlemetric it show the server is online ( but with new IP ) , i use this new IP but server not responding .
  6. Instant death when climbing onto Rock Drake nest . Official server , yesterday when my tribemate climb to a nest with climbing pick suddenly he vanished , he died along with with the light pet, unable to retrieve gear too , he just...disappear on spot .
  7. This happened on official server too , my friend climb on to the nest , suddenly vanish and death !
  8. How to catch the dupers ? The current Official server that i am in keep crashing due to DDOS attack from duper . This is getting annoying , as far as i know , duping is against the rule , but since there are more than 20+ people , how do you know which person is the duper , which item is duped and what evidence is needed ?
  9. Tek bridge is simply broken , it not follow rule of normal structure placing which frustrate me A LOT . It can't snap to a foundation or another tek bridge which reduce it decay timer to 12 hours . If your pillar near , it will show message of nearing enemy foundation .
  10. The most efficicent way to tame Ice titan ? Several days ago tried to tame ice titan on official server , but the in the last phase the titan just jump everywhere and got outside the arena thus reset the progress which made my tribemate ragequit and kill it after 8 hours . Yet i saw people tame it very quick . What is the best way to tame it ?
  11. TR-8R

    Sky titan bugged .

    Sky titan bugged . Seems this one is a problem since last year , 2 node on wing broke and when i start to attack the final node , the sky titan just stand still and not using thunder attack , its flock still activate and when land on its back there is no claiming kaiju message . Some say it was because the sky titan flew too high and too near the obelisk that trigger the bug .
  12. Dino disappear inside the cryopod . I didn't play much for nearly a year , mostly come to official Ext server to refresh my building and my room was set to highest rank . And yet today when i check my personal cryo fridge , most of the pod is empty except for the last 2 , it just say empty , no dead dino inside . Since i always on at least 2 times per week , cable and power is not the problem . What is going on ?????
  13. No one have common sense here ? War declaration supposed to be approved by the leader of both party . But here , you can initiate a war between tribe in alliance just by walking up to theirs lifeless body . How bs is that ? Why would someone defend this ????
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