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  1. But you can not join a server from Battlemetric, you still have to use either ingame server browser or steam server browser .
  2. Damn dupers....Crashed server a lot in the past but this is the first time it directly affect me in such a way .... As of now the server still show at full , any idea on how to force a server update check ?
  3. Server full but it is not . Someone crashed 71 and when i tried to find it , the server won't show up on server browser . I turned to Steam server browser , 71 show up there but here the twist , look at the number of player . 129 / 70 players . This can't be possible . My friend logged back in and say server only have 12 people . Because of that i can't even join the server . Any one have idea what kind of bug is this ?
  4. Currently all OC Ext server is on login lock .
  5. Mana can't be compared to Wyvern , being a flyer the Wyvern can freely access many area as well as stay out of dangerous or even take the fight to the enemy in PVE , Mana still have to stick to the ground and everything agro on it . The only thing it is good for is to save time travelling from point A to point B , which WC deems OP because they want people to waste more time on theirs game , everything have to be slow .
  6. The same question can be asked on how many shotgun shell to kill a bred giga with saddle ? Or how many riffle ammo to kill a turtle that is bred for tanking ? Dash attack nerf may be the better choice than the whole chop down its mobility .
  7. Judging how slow the dev reaction is , i can bet this stupid nerf is here to stay . Bah , gotta get wyvern to get access to one of my base on a tower in Ext... And i can see the OP potential of new Genesis creatures , who can't say that they will be neutered later ? Make them OP in the begin to attract people attention and then chop it to piece .
  8. Good luck trying to hit wyvern mid air with that crappy range of ice breath , you can try to jump and catch the wyvern but it won't be enough to freeze it , the moment your out of sta you are toasted , if it is so OP why no one use them to replace the giga ? Swim is a nice gimmick but it still have oxgen and it can be shocked and dismount unlike drake . The only offensive power it have over other dino is the ice breath , other than that , other heavy weight dino will win in bite contest . Most mana user usually put them on passive to prevent them from jumping all over the place while other dino don't need to do that , this is very dangerous when you d/c or you got dismount and something dangerous nearby , you can not count on your mana to save you .
  9. Like Ark fanboi say " Adapt or die " . As long as it not affect theirs favorite dino .
  10. Fire whoever work in balancing department , that guy is just damn sadistic ....
  11. Yeah right , if i that rich and willing to grind meat to feed them all , also corrupted wyvern . You haven't seen troll dedication to lure a bunch of corrupted giga to base full of turret and gig .
  12. Did people complain about mana that much ? been on this forum for long time , after the major nerf to the range and damage of ice breath , no one really complain about mana , not even velo , and now boom ! Heavy nerf . Stop with this heavy nerf approach , dev know they will get away with this , remember the flyer nerf , people gave a lot comment about the nerf , and then they got tired of it , dev got away .
  13. Meanwhile , Tek dedicated box still can be accessed by outsider , Pin code you say ? Nope , they gonna break it , either with force or admin hack .
  14. Damage from turret mode always fixed .... This is actually putting PVE base in EX in danger , corrupted dino take way less damage from normal turret and the only thing that can ensure the safety of your base from troll luring corrupted giga is those velo , and now they drain stamina in AI turret mode because PVP reason , damn it , stop burrowing your head inside sand , PVP and PVE must have different rule .
  15. And guess what , this stupid PVP rule also apply to PVE ! We PVE players don't need to stupid nerf !
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