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Fanart Friday 9!


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Welcome to another edition of Fanart Friday!

We regularly showcase some of the incredible fanart and creations from the community in this weekly series. You can view the artwork in a short video format on our social media accounts along-side this post, which servers get a closer look at these works of AR(K)!

Want to see your video, art, screenshot, etc, featured here? Tweet it at us and use #FanARKFriday and you could be here next week!

Malabar - Wyvern


anders_ovesen - Robotic Giga


Chamillion15 - Managarmr


ChiChoose - Dark Forest Concept


DogaKaraalp - Ravager


EsthersWorld - Unended Rock Drake


Gr33n_DrAg0n - Snow Owl


milokamilo - Arica


RavenYT_NL - Ice Titan


Sail - Amargasaurus


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2 hours ago, danlillis said:

hmm the only thing i have to say is the work of art here is rlly rlly amazing the fanmade dossier is amazing for the amargosaurus quiet frankly i always wanted one in ark but amazing work as always~! : )

As far as i know, its coming to the ARK Additions mod. But i am not sure. Dont blame me, if it isnt coming.

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1 minute ago, SaltyMonkey said:

What does that have to do with fan art? The most effective way to complain is to use the correct channels. Commenting on every unrelated post is not the way to get attention.

I swear I read this twice trying to figure out if I had slipped into a different thread. ? 100% agree with salty monkey there.

Back on topic I love the fan made dossiers I keep seeing them on Reddit.

That wyvern though!

I'm considering an unusual gift for hubby and would love to actually have a print of of that wyvern. Stunning work.

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