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  1. Captins Ark (spelled just like that) I would like to advertise my friends server (we both own it), called Captins Ark! It only has ten slots at the moment, as we have just bought it, so joining would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading, and i hope you join. If you have any questions, contact my PS4 account, HojMcFoj. ~Hoj P.S: I know it's spell wrong, not my fault.
  2. All these are beautiful, keep up the work! My favorite was definitely the dossier with the Amargasaurus.
  3. I still just can't believe how long its been!
  4. Ark Story Time! I've done stories like this in the past, so i'm gonna give them a name. Since they are stories, I'm gonna call them Ark Story Time! Anyways, to the story. So I was doing a server with my friend, Noosh, who had just convinced me to move locations because ours was a beginner spot (on The Island). We took our raptors and set out on the journey. We passes a couple ok spots, but none of them were really what we were looking for. Finally, we came across this spot that was pretty much perfect. It was flat, it had water, near resources, and had many herbivores that could protect us! We started making our bases (at the time we were around wood tier). We both made similar houses, utilizing the triangle foundations and ceilings. and we were pretty happy with what we made. Then our friend, who i'll call Dem, joined. It was that kind of friend that you didn't trust, not because you didn't know him well, but because you knew he would do something stupid and mess you up. We didn't invite him to the tribe, because like i said, we didn't trust him (this was our own server, so it was just us). He just kind of ran around, never really doing anything useful. Eventually, we found this trike that had wandered next to our houses, so we told him that if he could win a fist fight with it, he could be invited (we were assuming he would fail). I got on my raptor, just because he makes me feel safe, and stood by to watch. So he ran up to it, looked at it, and punched it. It attacked him once, then started it's animation for a charge. It started charging, and he ran. As he was running, he changed direction, and the trike almost him me and my raptor, but I got out of the way just in time. What was behind me though, did not make it out ok. I was standing a couple feet in front of Noosh's house! He turned again, but the trike was not quick enough. It turned a little, but still hit the side of his house! All you could see was smoke and debris (and the numbers from the massive amount of damage it did). Noosh was soooo super duper mad, because he had JUST finished his house! This was my Ark Story Time, and I hope you liked it! ~ Hoj
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