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  1. Hello Guys , Just a little post (after a ticket for server Outage ) to said ,after 3 days of usual fail save in game ,(causing 15 min roll back,like 7/15 per days), the EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo924 is down since 4H. Can we have some news? a planified maintenance? else? Thanks
  2. its realy so ridiculus when you see some damn chinises log with 3 same account .https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11708279
  3. 7h still not able to go In an Gene II server
  4. 6h + of trying to log ! 6h!! And server full? 65/70? FULL??
  5. 6 years! What a great history , iam a glad to be with you since the begining!
  6. 225 and 463 are unfunny to play again..
  7. for server issues? i never got any answer..
  8. Oh yes , dont worry about this i make a report all time when a server have issues.
  9. 651 server--> 16:00 offline .....
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