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  1. I will wait for more, i love ARK 5.800H .But Genenis dont give me the "hipe"
  2. No problem for now, Sry cant help.
  3. Ah aahh! Nice work ! Thanks , and i like the music. (Gareth?)
  4. Sorry for you , but that, is a part of EXT....Its not rare to see corrupted in sunken forest.Last time i help a guys(lvl 30) , he was fighting lvl300+ rex just in front if his base ... the best way to protect is to not building on the ground , try a cliff or smthing like that .Nothing else, sry and gl!
  5. So i will wait before try to transfer my Character a bit more. "better safe than sorry"
  6. Sorry, but that will mean ,all work well now?
  7. Thanks ! i hope you will find quickly
  8. This sort of post cant work ^^ But iam agree with you .
  9. A good event for kids! I like this idea since the begining
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