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  1. Jokov

    Alpha Rockwell

    Yep , when i made it with ally, i quickly lvl up ^^ that was a nice exp rush in killing all queens Good time to remember this ^^ (10 month before )
  2. GUYS! Why you call for the update just 10 min before???? i am faar away from safe place ,and "surprise " 10 min before server off! You dont realy care about losing stupidly player stuff and dino??? Made a little timer before update like " server off in 59 .20 min " i dont know but make this quick! ...
  3. Jokov

    Best Wyvern on Extinction?

    I have fire Wyv , she make the job (lvl 247).But no fight vs corrupted wyv for now.
  4. Thanks A lot ! You work well, and i will play ark for long time Ps:i play since 2015
  5. Jokov

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Merry Christmas! And Thanks a loot for ARK ,my best game since 2015! = ) Ps:Thanks a loot for Gareth Coker too!The music is completely amazing!!!
  6. Jokov

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Cant reconnect since 20 min ....F.c.ing-tastic!
  7. Jokov

    PVE Servers Crashing

    And 463 too
  8. Jokov

    PVE Servers Crashing

    The 463 crash a lot since 30 min...
  9. Jokov

    crash PVE Servers Crashing

    SInce le relese , the game experience for the online game is 100% ANNOYING! --> Server full -->Server crash ->Server Lag And now??? --> Server crash and lag... Sic AH!And an another X2 in the garbage!!
  10. Jokov

    PVE Servers Crashing

    How lost your week end in ark...
  11. Jokov

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Go go 3 days ;)