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  1. you do realize that i made this to talk about creature and dinos that people want to be in genesis or think will be in genesis so please instead of criticizing what i think or want in game talk about/say what you want in the game and honestly i couldn't careless whether the new creatures are based off of something real, based on myth, or just completely made up as long as it is cool and useful
  2. i if they were to add breedablity to achachinas when you breed them one of them would lay a egg (it would be a 50/50 chance which one lays the eggs because snails are hermaphrodites but after mating only one of them will lay the eggs) and once they hatch it would just be a baby version of the adult (because snails don't have larvae)
  3. PC and PS4 crossplay would give PS4 players the ability to play with mods on unofficial modded servers Xbox players already have it and Sony no longer seems super strict about it.
  4. Genesis creature guesses and ideas this is just to discus creatures you might think will be in Genesis or ideas you have for creatures that you want to be in Genesis here are some of my guesses/ideas: Fantasy/SciFi: a giant spider or tarantula a rideable tailless whip scorpion a rideable humming bird and dragon fly hybrid a ampithere a rideable woodpecker that harvests wood Based on real prehistoric animals: a lobster/shrimp based on the prehistoric shrimps, prawns, and lobsters mainly Jurassic something based off of prehistoric lacewings and scorpion flies Chresmoda obscura a giant prehistoric waterskater Tetrapodophis a snake with four small legs
  5. well it really seems like Genesis Part 1 is a simulation some there will probably be a lot of Tek and if Genesis 1 is after Extinction then Genesis 1 being a simulation would explain it having a lot of Tek
  6. hey interface its so cool you got that on here the sugar glider is so cute and seems to fit perfectly with the DLC idea
  7. well the reason the araneo is so slow i think is because it has the most wrong body shape for a spider i mean i have not seen one spider or tarantula with a abdomen longer than its legs araneos need longer legs or even better a complete makeover like the argy or trex. but yes i 100% agree with everything you said going back the legs of the araneo need to be longer i mean spider have long freaking legs often longer then their entire body
  8. its snow, fire, poison/toxic, and water
  9. anyone else notice that the portals in ark.gg/g look like the anomalies from the BBC show Primevil
  10. i have decoded one text Bommand Reoeived: syscheck which im pretty sure is Command Received: systemcheck this is takes a while
  11. no it was updated today and there is more text i have decoded 2 words so far and thank you
  12. what website allows you to decode the tek writing? and saying tek helmet will not help as im trying to decode the tek writing in the countdown
  13. now the real question is the countdown counting down to an announcement or a release
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