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  1. true i figured the Cert thing would be them testing it before it gets launched to everyones games the content and bug fixes ect: but i also know aprantly wildcard doesn't even play there game much... from what i heard cedric said before... anyways so uhh u have any ideas on what my mom should do? to try and recover the data lost despite the fact she did exactly the same thing i did... i told her she should redelete the game and redownload it and hopefully xbox trys to re-sync the data back to the way it was... so far xbox hasn't been doing that
  2. last night's update wiped my save data for extinction possiblely other maps aswell it was a 4.53gb update i had my game paused and when i went over there it black screen'd and putted me on the xbox dashboard with how many times i have lost save data for ark idk if i can even take the game seriously anymore this bug has been a thing for a long time and it still hasn't been fixed i am sorry but i am just tired of it i just want mines and everyone else that has experinced this issue to get our saved progress back and i want the bug to be fixed and squashed that it is tons of work put into it just
  3. This happened to me again aswell have the game paused and i go over to it on xbox and it kicked me to xbox and asking for a 4.0gb update tonight so i updated it and when it was done i went to play on extinction map and my save data is gone for that map this ain't the first and probably won't be the last but this is seriously getting old and i am seriously getting sick intired of it.
  4. totaly agreed i been talking about this trying to get intouch on discord and yet halloween event is over now and i am sure there is many players out there that haven't gotten to tame any event colors wich is sad
  5. The island map's sky is flickering like a light getting ready to be burn't out at certain spots idk whats causeing this but i am concerned that my save data could be affected by it https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/danl2050/video/f5cb728f-6bc6-423b-84d3-64f5443cf64d/9ba58f4e-2a8b-47f4-b304-ae8be4b11cd70 also the extinction map has randomly crashed on me and idk aswell what caused it i was just walking around at my base getting rdy to pick up a dodo egg when it crashed my base is on the man made building at the tip near the megalania trench nearby the desert and snow biodomes. Valguero
  6. i am rlly excited for this update thanks very much wildcard and the wyverns being breedable now is a shock didn't expect it but i guess crystal isles opened the doors for that however i was hopeing expecting that snakes and karkinos would be breedable aswell with the insects but oh well maybe futureisticly speaking they can be? : ) afterall i do love basilisk and karkinos and heck titanoboa's should be breeable to anyways keep up the great work wildcard~! this was rlly needed i am also glad megalodon is finally getting the love it deserves aswell~
  7. The game crashs when u build stone gateways/gates and behemoth gateways/gates when u destroy them after placeing them down in the water of genesis idk if it does it else where but ik it does it to me in the genesis ocean biome. : )
  8. Im excited for the extralife event and for halloween the spookiest time of the year where the Reapers come out from abberations depths to seek to destroy all hoooomanz on lel arks~ also can't wait for the tlc part 3 for stego and mammoth aswell as whatever else u throw at us i am ready~! : )
  9. very true i agree i was also thinking maybe wildcard could get rid of the "not grindable" mark........ if the item is broken for say weapons and armor that broke upon usage...... afterall it is broken now....... so but that wont solve the issue for the saddles..... but still i feel like something should be done because genesis to me with the grinder is pretty much useless at best wasteing 35k hexagons to get 1 high grade loot crate is abit much and ik its for the sake of balence and the loot is very vauable but still.... i think there should be a fix or a way for none grindables to be grindab
  10. @maxplanck58 u can't do that with mission rewards however... @Joebl0w13 well thats understandable... i was thinking maybe they can limit the amount of rewards in the missions? but i think people may get upset to if that was done idk thanks for answering joebl0w~! : )
  11. On genesis the industrial grinder i feel has became very much useless.... because items when gotten from missions have a canceled logo that prevents being grinded...... now ik if things would be grindable then people can get a bunch of titano saddles from a mission or ingeneral missions and they'd literaly make a liveing off of it cause they wouldn't need to farm for metal ect: i think soap could be used to wash off and clean said ungrindable items........ but then like the thought about and ofcourse tek saddles items...... could get u good parts back i think the best thing to do for that to p
  12. i am rlly rlly excited for the stego tlc i thought it didn't need one but idc i am glad its getting one and a visual upgrade as a bonus wildcard u have rlly outdone urselfs i love stegos and ankylosaurus's there my favorite kinds of herbie's and i am also excited for the mammoth tlc i am planning on retameing mammoths again because of its tlc thanks very much wildcard~! : ) also stay safe everyone~!
  13. this just happened to me on the island map i have 162 dinos and i was takeing fiber out of a megatherium aka the giant ground sloth and i was takeing hide out quickly and bam black screen'd to the dashboard on xbox one x a system that is surpose to be more powerfull then.......... the xbox one also recently on pc my crystal isles save was deleted would be nice if these issues would be fixed soon x.x instead of the game keep eating people's save data wich i dont know how it can do this but it is........
  14. glad to see that mantis breeding will be a thing curious if this will work for the other insects aswell... but nice work wildcard~! : )
  15. I lost my island map save data because xbox was acting up with downloads the game decided to delete the last map i was playing on and all that progress i wasted for over a year i cannot get back i am so mad right now about this i want my map and my pets and everything back! -_-

  16. all good news it seems glad to see some bugs being fixed been playing gensis and haveing fun with it but i just encountered a problem recently my x-trike is falling under the snow dome map and my x-yutyrannus probably has done the same thing after teleporting from and to the base with creatures being attacked by bears,monkeymen and therizino's so now i am planning on cryoing everything i have to protect them from this keep occureing i go in ghost mod under the map but i can't reach them 3:
  17. thats terriable x.x; im hopeing they find out whats the source of this issue soon because right now playing none-dedicated is completely a waste of time and a waste to try to play given this crash bug is causeing u to get signed out and kicked out of the game were u jump back in and the game acts as if u died but doesn't say what u died from and creatures that u were haveing following u and that u were rideing on and shoulder mounts all just gone. with no indication if they died or not.
  18. no word yet on game crashing while playing none-dedicated and tames going gone and inventorys being lost? otherwise nice to see meshing will eventualy will be gone and glad to hear that~! great work ark team! : )
  19. now i can confirm that val save crashed and the creatures we were rideing on have been lost again cause we randomly froze ingame and basicly crashed and died ingame with "u were killed" message so our otters we had on our shoulders gone the para,parasaur and rex and horse are gone my cryopods are gone cause can't find my damn death chache same as joy's bag it will be awhile before i return to ark because of this game being broken right now.
  20. not yet but that was the question i was gonna ask here....
  21. i totaly agree and for my moms stuff..... she mistakeningly saved the game so idk if there is any hope for her. x.x
  22. however u can't rlly do that on xbox.............. and what does console players get if there game saves?...............
  23. i agree sadly........ usualy i am vs the hate on wildcard stuff but after witnessing what happened recently for myself on my moms map this is ridoclous.
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