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  1. Congrazt to Pieds the creator of Earrion and congrazt to lady's food and farming mod aswell~! this is awesome news : )
  2. a small suggestion but out of all the tek item skins that u can buy in the ark store page still the tek mosa and tek giga have yet to be found in the wild and tameable aside from tek giga in the malfunctioned tek giga mission would like to see the remaining 2 that arn't released to spawn on gen1 and perhaps the other maps that they normaly would spawn on.
  3. totaly agreed i been talking about this trying to get intouch on discord and yet halloween event is over now and i am sure there is many players out there that haven't gotten to tame any event colors wich is sad
  4. i am rlly excited for this update thanks very much wildcard and the wyverns being breedable now is a shock didn't expect it but i guess crystal isles opened the doors for that however i was hopeing expecting that snakes and karkinos would be breedable aswell with the insects but oh well maybe futureisticly speaking they can be? : ) afterall i do love basilisk and karkinos and heck titanoboa's should be breeable to anyways keep up the great work wildcard~! this was rlly needed i am also glad megalodon is finally getting the love it deserves aswell~
  5. Im excited for the extralife event and for halloween the spookiest time of the year where the Reapers come out from abberations depths to seek to destroy all hoooomanz on lel arks~ also can't wait for the tlc part 3 for stego and mammoth aswell as whatever else u throw at us i am ready~! : )
  6. i am rlly rlly excited for the stego tlc i thought it didn't need one but idc i am glad its getting one and a visual upgrade as a bonus wildcard u have rlly outdone urselfs i love stegos and ankylosaurus's there my favorite kinds of herbie's and i am also excited for the mammoth tlc i am planning on retameing mammoths again because of its tlc thanks very much wildcard~! : ) also stay safe everyone~!
  7. glad to see that mantis breeding will be a thing curious if this will work for the other insects aswell... but nice work wildcard~! : )
  8. I lost my island map save data because xbox was acting up with downloads the game decided to delete the last map i was playing on and all that progress i wasted for over a year i cannot get back i am so mad right now about this i want my map and my pets and everything back! -_-

  9. all good news it seems glad to see some bugs being fixed been playing gensis and haveing fun with it but i just encountered a problem recently my x-trike is falling under the snow dome map and my x-yutyrannus probably has done the same thing after teleporting from and to the base with creatures being attacked by bears,monkeymen and therizino's so now i am planning on cryoing everything i have to protect them from this keep occureing i go in ghost mod under the map but i can't reach them 3:
  10. thats terriable x.x; im hopeing they find out whats the source of this issue soon because right now playing none-dedicated is completely a waste of time and a waste to try to play given this crash bug is causeing u to get signed out and kicked out of the game were u jump back in and the game acts as if u died but doesn't say what u died from and creatures that u were haveing following u and that u were rideing on and shoulder mounts all just gone. with no indication if they died or not.
  11. no word yet on game crashing while playing none-dedicated and tames going gone and inventorys being lost? otherwise nice to see meshing will eventualy will be gone and glad to hear that~! great work ark team! : )
  12. i agree i love what wildcard has done for us and happy holidays to the wildcard team it would be nice if people would be more nice and understanding about other people and there lives and actualy be more supportive... instead of the constant bashing about like children anyways i am looking forward to what gensis has to offer and glad it seems the date is still set for next month!! <3
  13. i still say quetzals can still make a return aswell considering tapejara is still gonna be in the map we dont know about ptera's or argents but anythings possible honestly i am sure there will be areas on the map for such to be flying around in wether it be space whales or flying reptiles and birds~
  14. congrazt to the mods that made it in and ah that reveal is the pressure plate that was already revealed but nice to see its hologram of it. : )
  15. i doubt the quetzal wont be included because its a fish/scavenger in my book in ark otherwise how will it survive considering it flees from stuff that attack it includeing dilos....... if anything a quetzal and the other pterosaurs should be on the map i'd imagine
  16. me and my bro think its a tek boat or tek subamarine or something along the lines of that : )
  17. perhaps a floating water foundation? ik it has a massive square hole there but perhaps its just blanked out on purpose?.....
  18. my first guess was squid but after closely looking over it and seeing the face with the little 2 red eyes on one side of the face so im guessing its some kind of spider/crab/squid kind of thing ik its missing the crab claws but I thought it was kinda similar due to karkinos having 3 legs aswell wich I find odd this thing does aswell considering squids have more arms then what spiders and crabs do other then that I am rlly excited for this one and the bladewasp and magma drake those guys will be on my hitless if tameable. : )
  19. i totaly agree and this thing kinda reminds me of a radar/jammer/scanner or something like this cause it has legs that look like it can hold it up inplace just my thoughts on this~ and looking forward to seeing more~! : )
  20. i like ur ideas for these : )
  21. Curious to know what these quality of life things we are gonna be expecting along with whatever else there is to come.
  22. hmm the only thing i have to say is the work of art here is rlly rlly amazing the fanmade dossier is amazing for the amargosaurus quiet frankly i always wanted one in ark but amazing work as always~! : )
  23. i say its a v-raptor........ but glad we finally got more dino reveals comeing again missed this sorta a thing as for jen....... i wish u gluck wherever the herd takes u and yeah ur gonna be rlly missed here at wildcard~!
  24. yeah i think majority of these look cool however i think the thyla one i think is more sabertooth and less thyla...... but meh nice drawings noneoftheless~! : )
  25. I totaly agree with u more content is better old content can be touched up but not removed otherwise wildcard would remove a part of there heart/body in the games sense and no one would want that... but i do agree there is creature mods that could help with adding more creatures to the game but i myself dont want it to be the only way we can get new creatures in the game expanisons do that to but...... i am with loadedcrysis that i to feel sadish that wildcard doesn't add dinos like they did bk on facebook the early days i use to get soo exicted when they revealed something new to the game and now its just tied in with expanisons.... for the most part or mod stuff... and quiet frankly i dont like primal fear or ark eternal but thats just me i support them to being added for those that like them and use them but i wouldn't want them to be intergrated into the main game but more like primitive plus or something idk how they would be able to add them as there "own thing" but i'd want them to be like that maybe tie them down to a map or something idk so that way people that dont use them wont have to be forced to use them such as myself.
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