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  1. Oh man, I'm glad for event color dinos! it seems stupid but people like me love this stuff XD Less dinos to mutate HAHAHAH Oh and Light Blue as well! Anyway, great trailer. Is one of the funniest ones I ever saw XD
  2. I have to admit that I didn't expect the return of the Fear Evolved event! yay! And more color event yeeee!
  3. Yep, they were small and in bad economic shape. So they sold the company. If you remember, in the same year we had also the release of Scorched Earth because of economic reason. But honestly... I'm glad it went in this way otherwise we wouldn't have Ark stuff anymore And I'm enjoying this game and it's story so much! It's rare that I really like a Sandbox, But Ark has a lot of nice features and Ii'm literally in love with its lore XD I really thanks Wildcard for a game like this. Nowadays it's rare a simply survival game with a good Backstory
  4. Oh my gosh, I was waiting for this! More Chronicles! And I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one concerned about event colors XD I'm still looking for a blue Mosasaur! And yeah Reapers and many other stuff i missed from the last event we had.
  5. It can't happen because Wildcard already belongs to a chinese company called Snail Games that bought it in the 2015. That's why PixArk and Dark and Light (the latter has the same Ark's scripts for this reason XD). Plus, all the issues the game has come from the obsolete engine they're using. They can't update it because is a modded one so, yeah, Ark and all the game with that engine will always have bugs that can't be fixed. Wildcard always tried to fix bugs, we all see that, and if the older ones haven't been fixed is because they can't. But, yeah, I wonder why the hell Wildcard choose a company that only aim to money above quality. Snail games if who wanted the game fully released even if it wasn't complete. At this point i really hope it won't interfere with the original project.
  6. Oh.. it's been a while I didn't post anything! My bad! I've been busy and I forgot to post here XD Arggg! Ok, A drawing for a friend of mine: His Ark Character. I tried a new shadowing method but I honestly prefer my old way XD Well, here one of my new works Giselle and two of her Deinonychus! I also changed my Logo, I made one from 0 and I looove it! And yeah the Shadowing methos is my old one and... yeah, I prefer it XD
  7. That giga... Wow I'm speechless!
  8. Can't wait to see it in action I bet this is going to aggro on our big dinos as well... oh my gosh! But.. finally a fluffy raptor!
  9. Not really Here for you part of the Lore: The Overseer is the brain of the Ark, it decides what dinos and survivors spawn and it's connected with the central system of the Earth. It's what gets the order to bring back the Ark to the Earth once we defeat the King Titan. Defeating it should give you "more power" as prize, so the 15 total levels if you beat the Alpha one and allows you to go to another Ark, we can expain the mechanic in this way. Ofc it can be "evil" like happened on Scorched Earth where Nosti was erased by the blue obelisk, but because the population was becoming too advanced (and here we should speak of Helena and her influence on the Ark's system but it would be too long xD). What's really Evil is Rockwel that took place of the Aberration Overseer but he was a human before. Aberration doesn't have an Overseer anymore and Rockwell could became the Overseer himself. We understand it by some Notes, one from himself (the 29th) where he says that he knows everything abotut the Ark project and hew wants move the Ark towards the Earth without succes so he provokes the earthquakes. Another note is from a student "Umanumo" or something, we only have one note and from it we know that Rockwell is the "master" of the Ark. Plus, like the Overseer, Rockwell doesn't give elements and makes you Ascend again. Sorry but I couldn't resist and had to explain it XD So, what @CommonSense said is not wrong or bad It's the truth XD Wildcard is an Overseer! Oh no, even better, they're Homo Deus! They'e who built the whole Ark thing! And after that.. Happy B-Day Ark and Wildcard! Thank you for having given us a great game Yeah, buggy, but personally I still love it! And the lore... i fell in love with it! I really hope you'll publish a book with the explorer notes, i'd buy it on sight lol
  10. Yup this is what matters The most important thing is that you enjoy the game in the way you play it and people do the same. For this reason you'll see pirate, medieval and even steampunk. not even trying to change your mind, you do not like these things and it's ok Have a nice day!
  11. Oh no, i'm not speaking of the drawing but the point about ships and boats =P And i got your point but Ark itself is a game that offers infinite ways to be played. There's not really a right way to play it or think of it. So there's realy nothing to remind to the players about boats and ships. If people like them they can play with them adding mods. If it bothers you, I wonder why since they not force you to play with them After all Ark is a sci-fi, not a dinosaur game. It even has a bit of fantasy stuff inside (Dragon, manticore, wyverns and phoenix). So, why not boats and ships? Honestly i really hoped that instead of a raft they could give us the opportunity to build a proper boat (not a pirate one but one with rooms inside where to spawn and a cooking area etc), it would be more handy after all we even have cannons! if i didn't understand your point, my bad, but writing is the worst way to interact with the others (Thats why i tend to spam "smiles", without them people think i'm angry or something like that!)
  12. Oh my gosh, i didn't expect to be published! I was playing as always then my friends said "Hey, Maya" Grats! Your drawing is on Ark webside!" And me: WHAT WHEN HOW... XD I know, you Wildcar want us die for an heart attack XD Thanks you, really, I appreciate it ^^ and lol @TheDonn, sorry to disappoint you but Giselle was created before the Atlas trailer XD I had in mind a pirate tribe since i started play this game. She has nothing to do with Atlas ^^ Just to make you know @SpecTimsauru5 what's your Da gallery? I can watch you there!
  13. Yay! Another drawing! This time is not a TLC but a new character: Giselle the Pirate with her thief bird XD
  14. Oh my god XD The Crystal Wyvern taming... I always jump on them until they accept me è___é All these comics are amazing and so true! What about the guy with the Lystro friend? XD I love the creativity of this community!
  15. Thank you, I really appreciate it I have to say that buying the new tablet made the difference. Now I can work on smaller details and, yeah, thinner lines. Having the canvas AND the hand under my eyes makes everything better, and the screen of the Cintiq is opaque, my eyes don't get tired soon. This is something I noticed every time i worked on paper: everything came better on paper XD About Aurora When I finished her I thought the same thing. At the beginning I didn't remember to who she looked like but then I looked at my Merida collection doll and facepalmed XD Yes, I have the Disney Store Merida doll U__U Aww ty! But I hope to improve more and more
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