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  1. Yeeee the FanArk news Is back it's always amazing seeing other people works ^^ some screens and arts as so cool Dx
  2. Ahaha thank you! I'm usually a Yuty Rider as well in my tribe Anyway more drawingssss! Another St. Valentine one. More "serious" than the Syntac one XD And an Art Trade
  3. I'm pretty sure the new dinos might be the crystal isles related, so the Crystal Wyverns and Griffins and the Liquified dinos . Not sure the Embertross are going to stay since how Valguero was treated at the release. I'm happy for Isolde, her map is amazing but I'm also afraid it will be ruined like Valguero (the element chamber biome is useless, literally). I really hope this time you won't cut almost everything. Maybe put as requirements the DLC to play the map. So it can be played as it meant to be. Besides that, I'm happy that the TLC is back! Wonder what is going to be loved this time
  4. Wow all this stuff! I expected that soon or later CL would become an official map! And I can't wait for the TLC! Well, waiting hyped :D And yes Crystal Isles is an amazing map :D
  5. I'm hyped I really want know more about this simulation and why the heck something like the Moeder has been added in it lol I hope to find more explorer notes and read everything! But for now... My desktop decided to die and I have to play genesis in low settings on my laptop
  6. Oh my gosh! July until my last update? Wow! Sorry, really! But exams and university took me away from drawing! Luckily only the degree is left now so i'll have more time to draw yay! Well, for valentine's day i'm here with a fan art for Syntac XD I wanted draw something for him anyway so why not for Valentine? At least is somewthing in theme and funny XD
  7. If you don't feel ready to release Genesis it's ok. Like Projekt Red or Mooneye Studios delayed Cyberpunk and Lost Ember, we can wait for Ark as well. Lost Embers was even delayed from July to November, Cyberpunk to September. One month of waiting for Ark is even shorter. Guys, take your time. Unluckily this community can be a lot toxic sometimes, but go ahead and take care of what you have to
  8. Oh man, I'm glad for event color dinos! it seems stupid but people like me love this stuff XD Less dinos to mutate HAHAHAH Oh and Light Blue as well! Anyway, great trailer. Is one of the funniest ones I ever saw XD
  9. I have to admit that I didn't expect the return of the Fear Evolved event! yay! And more color event yeeee!
  10. Yep, they were small and in bad economic shape. So they sold the company. If you remember, in the same year we had also the release of Scorched Earth because of economic reason. But honestly... I'm glad it went in this way otherwise we wouldn't have Ark stuff anymore And I'm enjoying this game and it's story so much! It's rare that I really like a Sandbox, But Ark has a lot of nice features and Ii'm literally in love with its lore XD I really thanks Wildcard for a game like this. Nowadays it's rare a simply survival game with a good Backstory
  11. Oh my gosh, I was waiting for this! More Chronicles! And I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one concerned about event colors XD I'm still looking for a blue Mosasaur! And yeah Reapers and many other stuff i missed from the last event we had.
  12. It can't happen because Wildcard already belongs to a chinese company called Snail Games that bought it in the 2015. That's why PixArk and Dark and Light (the latter has the same Ark's scripts for this reason XD). Plus, all the issues the game has come from the obsolete engine they're using. They can't update it because is a modded one so, yeah, Ark and all the game with that engine will always have bugs that can't be fixed. Wildcard always tried to fix bugs, we all see that, and if the older ones haven't been fixed is because they can't. But, yeah, I wonder why the hell Wildcard choose a company that only aim to money above quality. Snail games if who wanted the game fully released even if it wasn't complete. At this point i really hope it won't interfere with the original project.
  13. Oh.. it's been a while I didn't post anything! My bad! I've been busy and I forgot to post here XD Arggg! Ok, A drawing for a friend of mine: His Ark Character. I tried a new shadowing method but I honestly prefer my old way XD Well, here one of my new works Giselle and two of her Deinonychus! I also changed my Logo, I made one from 0 and I looove it! And yeah the Shadowing methos is my old one and... yeah, I prefer it XD
  14. That giga... Wow I'm speechless!
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