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  1. Wow the stego is so cool now! And I really like the striped on its plates! Can't wait to try it!
  2. Ok, I have to say I'm surprised to see my drawing On the header of the site I had an heart attack ?? I didn't expect it! This drawing is a scene from a my friend's story. This friend of mine is so happy for this!
  3. Omg thank you very much >.< I'm glad to hear it And yeah, I'm trying to give saddles to creatures that don't have one. I always wondered why the diplocaulus doesn't have it lol It's a pretty useful dino if people play in a primitive way and without a scuba.
  4. Wow i see a lot of stuff! And that dragon thing in Genesis 2 poster looks great..I wonder if it's another Titan can't wait to read more!
  5. This trailer brought me back when I was a child in the '90s the music, the style and everything remembered me the series I watched hahahhaa Nostalgia otw!
  6. So, if Wildcard delays something for a good cause is not ok, but if Sony does it is ok? People... Seriously? This doesn't matter if you live in US or Europe (like me)? Again, are you serious? Racism is a world wide issue and these comments are a proof! Stop being selfish kids. A game is not more important than what's happening now. Wildcard, you have my support. I always appreciate what do you do for the others and I indeed wondered how come you didn't joined the cause yet while other dev houses have done it. Then I read this news and I feel better because I expected that it w
  7. Yay I knew it was a Tropeognathus! And nice model I cant wait to get one!
  8. Never saw it. I tamed 5 phoenixes in these days on Scorched Earth (one every evening because I had to wait for the heatwave and during the day I have to study). The attack you're saying can be used by the Phoenix of the Extinction Core and the Primal Fear, not the Vanilla. So modded phoenixes. Vanilla should have the dash attack (space bar), the claw attack that gather's some resources (C), the right click attack that burns stuff (and the ground itself) and the bite attack. If the Embertross has also the explosive attack (so like extinction core and primal Fear), I dunno if Wildcard
  9. Well Valguero had a bad treatment. All genesis creatures have been removed, and with them Rock Drake, charging stations and other stuff. And yes, I understand the reason behind it. But Instead of mutilating the maps, they can simply add the DLCs as requirements to play these maps. Trappel and Nekatus did that for their new map Fjordur. Anyway Crystal creatures should be ok, they're something that's different than vanilla, same for the liquified skeletal creatures but the Embertross, besides the taming method, it's a Phoenix. But yes, I hope that it's going to stay. I really really
  10. I think this flyer is like the griffin for Ragna and the Deino for Valguero. So yes, crystal isles new creature. Plus we're going to have the crystal Wyverns. And maybe also the crystal griffin. But I wonder if the Embertross is going to be removed or will stay. It's a phoenix after all ? maybe it will be stuck on CL? I'd really like to have the Embertross
  11. Is that a Tropeognathus? Cool! Anyway, funny story: it was destiny that I fell in love with this game. Same Birthday day! Yes,4th June is my Bday lol so this is going to be an amazing gift! Thanks Wildcard ?
  12. Wow, this time all great mods!
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