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  1. I can't wait to play this map as official i wonder what changes it's going to have. And, yeah, i hope the realms are not having the tame limit anymore. I guess the titans can't be summoned so there's no reason to keep a tame limit. There are a lot of nice building areas in there. Another thing i hope is not going to be required anymore... Is the runes needed for the portals Besides that, I'm looking forward. I'm pretty curious! Fjordur is a very good looking map, and i wonder if the boss is going to be a giant Fenrir lol it would be soooo scary!
  2. Oh my gosh this bat is soooo huge! I can't wait to tame it!
  3. That spot is Fjordur, one of the realms where there are rock drakes nests i don't remember which realms tho. If you play on console, you know, soon the map is going to be released! It's a nice realm that one, a little dangerous. If I'm right, you can find shadowmanes as well.
  4. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to tame that bat! But, most important, it's breedable? also, don't make it croggy during the day. Bats have an amazing eyesight and can even fly around during the day I would like to have a creature that can fly only on the night also because. They're pretty active also in their caves during the day.
  5. I didn't expect the Bat to win, but, hey, it seems cool. At least, it seems not useless like the Onyc. I'm also astonished how you're kind and are going to add the Carcaro for the whiner babies we don't really need another big theropod. Well, i hope it's good for bosses. I'm so tired of rexes that I'm breeding the Acros from Garuga's ark addition mod for the Lost Island boss so, yeah, i hope we can use Carcaro in the arenas, at least
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy new year! As a birb lover, u appreciate the hawk! I love these types of birbs! I can't wait to tame one, no, tame and breed them hahahaha
  7. You have my sword, my bow and ax... nope sorry.. I mean, you have my vote A bison would be perfect in an enviroment like Fjordur.
  8. Can't wait to see what you're going to bring for the Extra life Event! i always appreciate these types of events!
  9. Oh gosh, I'm happy we don't have another theropod! We have them in any shapes and sizes, the game doesn't really need another one. This time this is not even a dinosaur but a pterosaur, a cute one (yeah, pterosaurs are NOT dinosaurs but flying reptilles). And it... Scares pegos? This is good There are really a lot of interesting creatures, why voting always the usual ones? So, yeah, I'm happy for this Also, for who complains... Really, don't you know what did another YouTuber to make vote the Charcaro? He even used a modded Charcaro on the modded Lost Island pretending it was an official one! And then you complain for this one? Well, I'm even happier it did it then
  10. Lol, Sorry to tag you @StudioWildcard The Author of the X Mosa is me you put the wrong name on it The right name is MayaPatch#8071 luckily I started to put a mark on my works but is possible to fix it anyway? It's a bit weird
  11. Sorry but is not WC fault if Fjordur didn't become a free dlc map. It's up to the mod devs to decide if sell or not the map on which they're working. Nekatus said clearly he was not going to sell Fjordur (he totally didn't like how Valguero was treated). And indeed he keeps updating the map pretty often and with his own content. Selling a map to be official means you have to give up to your original project and Fjordur has tons of DLC contents. It means WC has to cut over than half of the stuff in that map making another boring Valguero 2.0 Also, is never good saying bad stuff on other people. The person that worked on that map answered to this accusations.
  12. Look, i understand many people might not like it but Tek and element is what made people build the arks and the ship . Ark's story is based on the issues given by the use of tek and element and the war provoked by the 2 factions (and then king titan). Since Santiago worked on tests etc for the Federation and he knows the danger, it's normal that, on a new planet, the humans under his guide will avoid anything that has to do with element and Tek. I do hope that there will be, maybe with ark2 DLCs ofc, a new type of "Tek", let's call it in this way. The Federation has been able to make a suit without element (the one we spawn with at the beginning). So, yeah, i really feel you and understand your worries. But at the same time, knowing the game and the story, I also understand why there will be no Tek. At least not the one we knew. You might not care of the story, but that's ark, a survival with a story behind behind its not Minecraft after all
  13. I started to play ark when the game was still EA, 6 years go, ending this journey is kinda sad. But I'm ready to kick Rockwell's ass once again and for the last time under, i bet, an epic battle music. Gareth is never a disappointment i already love the main theme of this new DLC! Thanks guys for everything you have done for us! What i can say? Ad maiora! I hope Ark2 will allow you to do even greater things! You never disappointed me
  14. I thought the Meawing was a shoulder pet lol oh well, good to know is an half flyer! before I wanted 100, now i want 1k of them! I hope it has a special taming system, such as making it spend time with your babies. Maybe, according to the type of baby it gets % Perdonami, ma sapete solo lamentarvi? Sapete che lo script di gioco ormai è così fottuto che non può essere sistemato (al massimo la roba nuova)? Ark1 era un trampolino di lancio dall'engine ormai obsoleto (non aggiornato perché moddato) e wildcard non aveva esperienza al tempo, solo entusiasmo (oltre che ark è un gioco davvero complicato da gestire, ha un casino di interazioni!) Ci arrivi da solo che con un sistema simile errori e bug si presentano facilmente. Ma appunto, lo script è così messo male che non si può intervenire, poco importa quanto esperto sia il programmatore. E ormai è anche tardi cambiare engine perché andrebbe convertita un casino di roba a tal punto che non vale la pena farlo in vista di Ark2. Ma poi, quali mappe ingiocabili millantate? Dopo sei anni che gioco, l'unica mappa che presentò un problema fu Extinction al rilascio (OSD che distruggevano basi, ricordo) ma la cosa fu fixata in non troppo tempo. Aberration aveva solo alcuni problemi che chiunque può commettere (buchi nelle mesh, Bethesda ne commette un casino e non è una SH indie come Wildcard, eppure...). Genesis non mi ha fatto riscontrare nulla che mi faccia correre con i forconi (solo le missioni con le impronte nel bioma innevato, ma lì è una scelta sbagliatissima sulla dimensione ed il colore delle orme -_-) Se sapete fare di meglio ( l'arroganza con cui parlate fa capire che siate esperti di programmazione videogiochi), proponetevi. Perché su Twitter hanno rilasciato un avviso in cui cercano nuovi membri e team. Probabilmente con Ark2 le cose andranno meglio, engine nuovo e script pulito. E poi, come detto sopra, stanno cercando persone. Inoltre ormai hanno sei anni di esperienza. È tutta roba che possono mettere in pratica in Ark2. Ormai il primo, piaccia o no, è irreparabile ^^" Davvero, siete diventati pesanti. Eppure i giochi di vent'anni fa avevano un casino di glitch al limite del cheating e non c'erano patch che fixavano.
  15. I hope you guys are going fine! This situation it's hard for everyone At this point I hope my GPU arrives before Genesis II so i can play it at its best hahahah
  16. So, this squirrel-platipus takes care of the babies like the Nanny? Cool! Stuff like this on vanilla are a great thing ^^ it helps a lot and makes the game less tedious. Plus, it's also cute Asaf. I added it to my breeding list lol i want it in pretty colors! So babies will like it more Well, Merry Xmas to you guys as well! Thanks for this amazing game. I hope the next year is going to be better than this
  17. Chibi light Pets going to get them all! Mwahahahah! Well, no griefing ofc lol on the server i play there's no need so it will be pretty funny!
  18. Mhhhhh i have a theory: -speaking of earth and corruption. The arks now landed. As Helena said, they'll purify the infection. So let's say we really saved the planet. But our task now is another and not there. And then I can pass to my 2nd theory -Rockwell indeed landed, well crashed, on the earth but we all know that he has a lot of informations about the main project and protocol. It means he knew about the ship! We know how big is his ego now. So, why taking only a small planet rather than expanding in the universe? Why not taking the ship? Now our task is saving the whole universe lol My other thought is that Rockwell is totally under the controll of the Element. But at the same time he kept his mind, well, almost. It means he's cooperating with the Element! Both want to expand as they can. So, yeah, he's controlled but at the same time he cooperates under the promise of infinite power. About Arat Prime ... I have the suspect that is the ship itself. I just don't think Wildcard wanted spoil it in the live ruining the surprise. But we'll see. I'm curious like you. I wonder why Diana wanted go there.
  19. I'm so glad the live went so well and you even got more donations! I'm pretty sure you were so tired yesterday well, you deserve some rest. The games were pretty funny and the reveals were just WOW! You've been so busy! I already said that with David Tennant, my fav actor and Doctor (and i really liked him in Crowley clothes in Good Omens), you got me. What's better than my fav game and David Tennant giving voice to my fav Ark villain Character, Rockwell? You really nailed it! We are at the end of our journey as survivors and we are Homo Deus as well. But we have one last task! I wonder if at the end of all this we'll reach Helena and the others... In a Lord of the Rings ending style. Ofc it won't affect the Gameplay, i mean, we'll be able to spawn at our base etc, but speaking of lore stuff it would be possible x) maaaa now in so curious to know! I played this game since it was EA, i saw it growing and improving. Yeah, it's not perfect, still need more polish but personally, i find it to be a very good survival, one of the best i have played (according to my experience and opinion ofc). What else to say? I'm looking forward for this last DLC!
  20. Well, with David Tennant you totally got me. He's my fav actor! When I heard him (i didn't watch the live since the beginning) i was like "What, Tennant? Omg Rockwell is going to have a sonic screwdriver, we are screwed!" Jokes aside, well done! I didn't expect that! My fav actor that gives his voice to my fav Ark character! I can't wait to play this Expansion, really! I'm so hyped lol ih, and that lion... I want it. Now
  21. Happy Halloween and have a spooky day Looking forward for the live and Gen2 revelations!
  22. I already was able to breed all this stuff thanks to the Kraken's better dino mod (this mod is amazing and gives an utility to almost all the dinos si taming them really worth, plus several abilities that we should really have on Ark for a better quality life), but being able do breed them vanilla is even better Was hoping a better model on the giga but I think we have to wait longer
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