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Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

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Common Name: ????
Species: ????
Time: ????
Diet: ????
Temperament: ????





What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what creature it is?

and that's not all...



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Carnivorous and it's sharp yet nimble claws are brilliant for collecting thatch and fibers but also has the ability to stick to almost all wall surfaces giving you near complete freedom of the environment by climbing up tree's or on the walls/ceilings in caves.

That would be stupidly amazing.


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My votes also with a prehistoric pangolin. I don't like the look of those spikey bits though, will we have a pair of tweezers added with diseases and medicines :P

Either that or it's a long lost mutated love child cross between an anky and a Thylacoleo!


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