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  1. I think this animal is an hybrid or a new dino for the new biome, the desert
  2. Annunaki mod and badass mod comes too to the program?
  3. The toads dont have claws and dont have the claw of the back
  4. Maybe but i think there is new boss to the new boss arenas or tek caves ascension? probably, by the way i think is not a boss so ark need a water boss
  5. Guys, in the game hace snow biome, swamp biome... and the desert biome?? this reptile probably live in these biome D:
  6. Gastonia is similar to ankylo, see that face, is a lizard!!
  7. Is not a pangolin guys, the face and the body of this dinosaur are similar to a lizard, probably giant barbed dragon or poison lizard? the spikes are very interesting...
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