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  1. Sounds like the SOTF relaunch announcement is coming
  2. Devs already said it's going to be 80% of the mosasaurus' length
  3. Honestly, the beaver is so useful it might even be a little OP
  4. This could easily be in the top 10 for dumbest comments I've yet seen on this site.
  5. whoa whoa - we're still finalizing =P or am I just saying this to taunt you :^ ) That's a half confirmation if I've ever heard one. Not that I think for a second that they won't add it eventually, but let's not jump the moon before the cows come home.
  6. Yeah, I kinda sensed basilosaurus would be confirmed tonight, even if only halfway
  7. Can we get that Desmodus ingame? It's seriously one of the coolest fan dossier I've seen so far.
  8. This is kind of an obnoxious way of thinking tbh. To say that only two people requested it, is a bit of an exaggeration, and even if it were true, then that would mean that the devs really wanted to add it. There's literally no point getting pissy over what animals they chose to add, or what order they reveal them in honestly.
  9. I think you're overthinking this... By a lot
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