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  1. Alrighty here's some notes for monthly tier change proposals: (PVP) Giganotosaurus moved from S > S+ Paracer moved from S- > S+ Tuso moved from S- > S Karkinos moved from A > S Therizino moved from A- > S+ Rex moved from S+ > S Baryonyx moved from B > A Woolly Rhino moved from B > A Argent moved from C > A- Chargelight Pets moved from F- > B Rock Elemental moved from S > A Direwolf moved from C > A Gigantopithecus moved from D > B- Procoptodon moved from C- > C+
  2. Well, considering Rock Drakes are not native and cannot be found on Ragnarok by normal means, it will not take that into consideration for it's ranking and likely won't receive a mini-note about it unless anybody else thinks it's necessary. There's no 'fun' factor taken into account either. Strictly based on utility and power in each list. I was unaware you could wield weapons on Rock Drakes.(Still haven't touched Aberration, still working on finishing my Island playthrough rn lol) I'll add that note in the next update, I just need to gather a list of changes that need to be made and
  3. I do believe the Giga nerfs went live yesterday, but I feel that's *too* early to justify a dropping or anything of the likes. Gotta let the new changes and everything settle, after all the Bronto, Dunkle, Paracer, and Stego all got nerfs to their tankiness as well. I'll defo put a side note on the Titano mentioning the taming difficulty and despite it being S tier for all it can do, it's usually NOT worth it at the moment. True, I think A tier would probably be a bit more reasonable for the Rock Elemental. Ah! Yes Sweet Veggie Cake(Totally forgot about the healing it does, been
  4. So do you suggest I drop Rex to S and bump up Paracer + Giga to S+? That can be done. Titanos are only in S tier for their demo potential, like I said, they are limited tames, but their raw power and strength is enough to wipe out stone-tier tribes. Tape's are up there for their mobility that's really only rivaled by the Griffin.(Which ranks higher) I put Rock Elementals in S tier for the reason that it's a Scorched Earth native, so it's being judged solely based on that map alone. It would easily be ranked a lot lower in other maps, but it's one of the few tames that actually destro
  5. Took a while but I finished the + and - mini tiers for every tier! Please check and see if everything looks fine! Also since the TLC update dropped today, I'll give it about a week or two until everyone decides whether creatures need raised tiers or not!
  6. Update time! The D tiers now have + and - and I moved the Achatina up to A tier in PvE.
  7. I think A+ would be a good spot then!
  8. I think S tier is a little much for the Achatina considering it's food source being strictly sweet veggie cake is a really large flaw.(Most S tier have few flaws or none at all) A tier does sound like a great spot. I placed in B just to be a little safe. Do you think it should be +, -, or standard A tier?
  9. I think Beelzebufo is fine in B tier, it provides mobility and torpor damage alongside the Cementing Paste gathering, and the Achatina is in C tier already. It's not the best in B tier, but it's also better than many of the C tier tames. Possibly a B- when I start adding those in? Hmm... That is very true for the Phoenix. Plus, industrial items are much better at smelting/cooking. While that's true about the Basilisk, it provides waaaay more than just mobility. High damage, torpor damage, and the best carry weight second to the Titanosaur. Not many creatures in Aberration rival it in
  10. Noted! I do believe the Ichthy is D tier in PvP and the Basilosaurus is A in PvE and B in PvP. Those points about the Tuso are very, very excellent. I was unaware they were so powerful in PvP since most sea tames are somewhat mediocre in PvP. Can you specify which tier list? As in PvE/PvP? I'm assuming you mean PvE though. I'll definitely take these into consideration for sure though, but do note any creature is rated based on their home map. This means the Griffin would be rated on utility in Ragnarok, the Thorny Dragon/Mantis/Etc... on Scorched Earth, Ravager/Basilisk/Rock Drake
  11. The Raptor is going to receive a TLC update. Anyway, I love what you guys are doing! That Argent update is massive, both looks-wise and ability-wise. Definitely going to be a top tier tame. The Spino looks alright, but I feel like there could be more done to it in both the ability department and looks department. Option to disable fog is by far one of the best things about this update! Easily one of the most annoying parts about playing SP. Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for TLC updates!
  12. Update time! Every creature has been placed into a tier, it's up to the community to decide if the placements are accurate enough until we start to dive into adding + and - to each tiers. I'll give it a couple weeks or so to see if anyone disagrees on certain placements and then I'll begin the additions of + and - I've also added in a prospected changes down at the bottom for creatures receiving buffs/nerfs in the future. These changes will not go into effect immediately after the updates, but it will take some time for everyone to adjust and utilize the new changes, and because
  13. Updated the list with some more creature placements. Remember to post if you disagree with anything officially listed right now, and don't be afraid to make comments about the unranked creatures as well!
  14. I do believe the Therizino and Bee are placed in those tiers via my initial thoughts, so I'm thinking that they definitely belong there. Also the Doedicurus is S tier by default! ^^ No worries! Take your time! I definitely see what you mean by the Bronto, Paracer, Quetzal, and Argentavis. I honestly placed the Bronto that high due to past experiences with it and since nothing had changed with it I assumed it'd rank the same, but those are very valid points. Wyvern also makes sense too. I think I originally had them in A tier but heard they weren't as good as they used to be?
  15. Yeah I think that sounds like a great idea for the difference in utility based on map. I'll get started on that ASAP!(I'll also credit you for the idea/suggestion at the bottom of the initial post!) I think + and - would work nicely. That'll take a little more time to work out,(As keeping it alphabetical and in A+, A, and A- separately would need to be done.) but sounds like the most efficient way to do it. For example some creatures like Basilosaurus are phenomenal in PvE but due to some flaws like it being sea bound and it losing health at deeper levels keep it from being S tier materia
  16. That does sound very reasonable for the Yuty(One of the creatures I really have yet to use, just judging based on what I've seen.) I had just assumed A felt nice due to the power of it and it's extremely useful ability, but since you brought that point up, S tier sounds very suiting. I feel like doing separate tier lists for other maps would be too cluttered and complicated. Creatures unique to a map are ranked solely on it's utility in that map.(So Aberrants and Scorched Earth natives aren't tiered for use in each other's maps or the Island/Center/Ragnarok) Perhaps I could do little foot
  17. Not sure about anything higher than C tier for the Carnotaurus atm. While it can go spelunking, other things like Sabers and Direwolves can do it more reliably and gather Chitin down there much better than a Carno can. It's a great tame early on, but it's just widely and largely outclassed by many other carnivores available in the game.
  18. Okay so I've been gone for a LONG time so that definitely means this list needs a revamp, suggestions will be taken as LONG as they have been thoroughly explained as to why they belong in such and such tier. I'll be looking at various topics and videos about creatures and formulating my own opinion on them.(Especially Aberration creatures as I do not have the expansion) But please, continue discussion so I can continue figuring out where creatures belong. This means ALL creatures. Not just top tier. I'd like to see discussion about niche/gimmicky creatures and creatures considered 't
  19. I clearly stated the PvP tiers were based around their utility in raiding/base protection/warring. Strictly PvP activities. You're forgetting PvP servers also have a lot of PvE as well, so where things like material collecting and resource gathering are concerned, that would be PvE, where raw power and utility in raids/wars/base defense is concerned, that would be in PvP. Make sense? The Kaprosuchus has the all-terrain mobility, good damage output, and the ability to carry small creatures with nothing to bring it down too terribly except for maybe weight and health. The Megal
  20. Update: PvE Thylacoleo: B tier Microraptor: F tier Electrophorus: B tier Baryonyx: A tier Troodon: D tier Pegomastax: D tier Therizinosaurus: A tier Tusoteuthis: A tier Achatina: B tier Chalicotherium: C tier Kaprosuchus: B tier Megalosaurus: F tier Pachyrhinosaurus: C tier PvP Thylacoleo: A tier Microraptor: B tier Electrophorus: C tier Baryonyx: B tier Troodon: C tier Pegomastax: F tier Therizinosaurus: B tier Tusoteuthis: A tier Achatina: F tier Chalicotherium: C tier Kaprosuchus: B tier Megalosaurus: B tier Pachyrhinosaurus: C
  21. Update: Dino Drops/Advancements: PvE: Pelagornis: A tier > B tier Direbear: A tier > B tier Megalodon: B tier > C tier Diplodocus: B tier > C tier Archaeopteryx: C tier > D tier PvP: Rex: B tier > A tier Archaeopteryx: B tier > C tier Dunkleosteus: B tier > C tier Diplodocus: C tier > D tier Thorny Dragon: C tier > D tier Additions: PvE Basilosaurus: A tier Moschops: B tier Purlovia: B tier Ovis: C tier Diplocaulus: D tier PvP Purlovia: S tier Basilosaurus: B tier Diplocaulus: F tier M
  22. I've dropped the Ptera down because this tier list does not take into account how early/late game a tame is. Just purely for it's utility and effectiveness. The reason the Ptera is lower is because of the Tapejara and Quetzal, which easily outrank the Ptera in utility in PvP, Tapejara can carry two passengers allowing you to have extra DPS, it is a very difficult target to hit due to it's mobility, and the fact it can latch onto vertical surfaces can allow players to attack stealthily and have hiding spots/precise aiming for backseat riders. I do believe I put the Ptera down in B tier, but I m
  23. Been away for a while but this list could really use some updating! I'll be working on it ASAP and have a few changes in mind. Of course it's going to get updated quite quickly and a little more continuously due to the patch sizes. But as for now here's some drops I plan on making: PvE: Pelagornis: A tier > B tier (Organic Polymer collecting is great, but it's slow and very vulnerable while on the surface of water and on land.) Diplodocus: A tier > B tier (Can't deal damage, while it is tanky and collects decently, it's uses aren't very worthwhile, it is an easy early tame due t
  24. I'm just waiting for people to comment about how 'A horse doesn't belong on the Ark' and all that other crud. You did a fantastic job with it, keep it up.
  25. Good luck? I mean that isn't going to do anything at all, you can't really sue them for lying, especially since it's Game Preview and nothing is final until release.
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