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  1. In the note it references an English botanist named John Parkinson! A simple google and we have: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Parkinson_(botanist) It also references the Theatrum Botanicum, which John created in 1640. However he died in 1650. We can therefore reason that this "Rockwell" is from somewhere between 1640 and 1650! Very interesting!
  2. xopha

    ARK Digest 28!

    Hoorah! Finally Awesome stuff guys! Thanks for answering my question Till next time!
  3. But what about the pawprints man?! THE PAWPRINTS.
  4. I knew it! I'm gonna be up all night trying to figure this out...
  5. I feel like there may be a code hidden in the ??????-????-?????...
  6. Are those people lifting dinosaurs on their backs?! ...Mysteeeeeeeriiiooooooouuusssssssssss...
  7. Awesome! A LOT of people will be pleased with this announcement. Nice job and cool mechanics!
  8. Noticing that everyone has scuba gear in the swamp cave, perhaps the air is toxic?
  9. So who else is going to be stockpiling on black pearls when the Sea Scorpion comes out?!
  11. Count yourself lucky, there have been several crunches recently, but over a month since the last Digest
  12. In the "Inside ARK" video: 0:26 - 0:30 desert biome sneak peek? 0:56 - 1:00 the lizard creature from "introducing ??????"
  13. Warms up in the day from the sunlight, so it has the energy to hunt at night
  14. Pretty sure it's the one halfway up one of the mountains. I always see it on its own and make a comment on it when flying with the tribe
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