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  1. The Raptor is going to receive a TLC update. Anyway, I love what you guys are doing! That Argent update is massive, both looks-wise and ability-wise. Definitely going to be a top tier tame. The Spino looks alright, but I feel like there could be more done to it in both the ability department and looks department. Option to disable fog is by far one of the best things about this update! Easily one of the most annoying parts about playing SP. Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for TLC updates!
  2. I'm just waiting for people to comment about how 'A horse doesn't belong on the Ark' and all that other crud. You did a fantastic job with it, keep it up.
  3. Good luck? I mean that isn't going to do anything at all, you can't really sue them for lying, especially since it's Game Preview and nothing is final until release.
  4. Yes there's things you can't control and things you may need to do last minute, but from the sounds of it, Jesse and Jeremy went overseas a good while ago. They could've updated us when this happened and they did not. Also, pulling the 'last minute family matter' does not relate here. They went overseas to pretty much accept a trophy.
  5. Okay using the 'founders' card as an excuse is silly. If they're the founders it should be expected that they'll be travelling A LOT. Hire more 'core members needed for technical work'. 2 people being the core is too little, especially if they're the founders. If it isn't mysterious, then it's to be expected right? If they're your butter and bread of technical work, you need to hire more people.
  6. Alright, I'm usually behind Wildcard and supporting them and defending them countless times, but this-- I cannot defend or support them, this is just wrong. 1) You knew Jesse and Jeremy were overseas, it's obvious things would be delayed/not finished. Not telling us this via your own forums or even social media beforehand, then telling us the day it should drop is inexcusable. 2) Not only are your Xbox fans disappointed in you, some of your PC fans are too. 3) Xbox has continuously missed out on events since release, this isn't new, but promising us we'd finally get an event and not delivering at all and basically telling us "Wait until December for the next event" is arrogant. Basically what I'm saying is, the community is sick of your excuses and the lack of communication. Either you guys need to buckle down and get serious with this and treat your community the way they've been demanding for a long time now, or you'll just lose fans and players. That's not good, I mean yeah, a lot of games/companies lose fans daily, but those are BIG companies and games like Call of Duty and Destiny and they gain more players than they lose. That's not the case here, if Ark continues down this path only your 'loyal' players will remain after the dust settles, and that loyal bunch isn't going to be enough to support the game, I'm just being honest here. Do something to make up for this inexcusable screw-up. An Evolution Event isn't enough to make up for this. Best option is to finish it anyway and release it sometime in November. Nobody will care that it won't be on time for Halloween, we just want the event.
  7. Wow! Looks really good, and quite ferocious. Very fitting for the "Hell Pig"! Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for us! Hoping to see Gorgonops or Saurosuchus soon!
  8. Nothing stated on whether it will or won't, but general consensus until confirmed is: No.
  9. Not exactly, on both sides. Especially when you consider that certain plants would die out, which in turn would cause certain herbivorous animals to die out, which in turn would cause a cause certain carnivorous animals to die out. By losing bees, it would cause a chain reaction. Just like if you managed to wipe out the entire population of flies or mice, it would cause a chain reaction. Every species is important to the ecosystem, and if one thing were to die out it would cause a chain reaction. You go back in time 2 years and somehow kill every single bee on the planet, and come back to the present, and you'd be surprised at how different the world would be. I'd say let's not take our chances and try not to make anything go extinct? We've had too many species die out due to human interference.(Though it'd be extremely difficult to eradicate every species of bee on the planet, so...)
  10. The moth isn't very big either and appears to be around the same size if not, only slightly bigger, and the dossier's don't always have correct sizes. Just look at the Megalodon's dossier.
  12. Ahh, I see now. Would've been pretty interesting and unique if that were the case though.
  13. Uhh...? There's all of the above. Unless you mean the Redwood expansion for the Center, then that is coming mid-September according to to the creator of the map.
  14. They specifically said " it can only cling onto walls " But now that I watch it again, there is indeed a Tapejara sitting on a Redwood Platform. Odd word choice they used there.
  15. Interesting that the Tapejara can only cling onto walls and can't actually land. That makes it a must have flying mount for those who have Redwoods bases, easy, easy storage there. So I assume that we'll be taming Archaeopteryx with tree sap then, eh? Might even take chitin considering it eats insect matter, but pretty sure tree sap will be it's favored food. Nice and cheap alternative to the tree sap tap though. Can't wait for them to come to Xbox soon.
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