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  1. Maybe because you have more to spend than i have? surprise: there are poorer people than you that play videogames! raptorface.
  2. Devs, just don't make this mistake again. Have better communication. 80% of the salt could have been avoided if you would have been clear in your intentions. What you guys did in the last few months, hyping up the expansion without telling anyone you have to pay for it, is just a bad business practice. Even players that have defended your every crappy (but understandable) action, now feel betrayed. You have chosen not to explain yourselves again. You don't touch on any of the points of contention. Devs, my respect has lowered even more.
  3. Well actually, 20 dollars is 4 days of groceries. 20 dollars is an amount of money that me, as a working adult that hasn't got a lot of money to spend, that i just cannot spend frivolously. The base game is going to be around $40, that will have a large island, around 100 creatures, 4 tiers of buildings and a lot of other items. This DLC is half that price, with 1/10 of the creatures, 1/2 the map, 1/10 the items. So no, it's not worth the $20. They probably overshot themselves when they started giving out price money. But compared to the base game, this expansion is not worth $20.
  4. Ark is one of my favorite games. But no, WC hasn't been my favorite gaming company for a long time, let alone favorite company. They don't act like professionals, they don't communicate in any way, important information has to be found on 3rd party websites. Content of updates that's free get's pushed back further and further, but when there is something they can make some money on: no delay at all. Again: this is one of my favorite games, but Wildcard can learn A LOT from Paradox.
  5. Edit: removed because of typing in a too emotional state... But devs... the game is uninstalled. And i guess until the game is finished i'm not going to install it again. Thanks for the wonderful hours, but you guys have disappointed me one too many times. Shame *cling cling cling*
  6. Please, come with an original argument. I'm getting really tired of the "it is early acces" argument. Think of something original. After playing the game 800 hours and countless bugs, corrupted save files, starting over a lot of times (unvolutary) i know what early acces is. And most people probably do. So please, come with a slightly more original way of saying that i don't know what this game is. Please. Although I must say, it is nice to get information from the official forum, instead of a gaming news outlet.
  7. Wow... the hidden lake is going to be snow? One of the most popular spots on the map and we're going to have to move out a lot of buildings... We had build our capitol city there. A lot of people are not going to be happy on my server...that's for sure. And here i was, hoping that if i payed 15 EU a month i would be corrupted save file free, I would just be able to procedurally build a map with cities and towns... and now the capitol has to be moved anyway. Yes... a lot of people on my server are going to be unhappy about this. And now i see that i will have to move my kibble farm as
  8. It's not very often that i think i'd rather live in the US... but the gaming/comic/geek conventions are something i really miss.
  9. 762 hours... and i feel like a rookie if i see how much time other people have enjoyed ark.
  10. don't forget that tablets are a thing too! When i play ark I always have my tablet nearby
  11. If this where on a mobile app i'd download and use it. But i guess 1 isn't enough
  12. o my... the centre. Are there some nice pve servers with this map?
  13. It looks like the combination of a horned lizard and an armadillo, I hope this is about the size of a dilo... looks like it Edit: and with my 3rd look... it looks just like a realistish sandshrew (the pokemon)
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