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  1. Waiting for them to say - introducing the Megantasaurus! 2 times bigger than a giga and kills everyone no problem.
  2. Lost imprinted tames due to server issues so it's only fair to get x2 breeding again as comp
  3. Not broken at all, it was smart of WC. I rejoined the game from fresh after a long break and I can tame dinos that can defend vs stupid over bred manas but also they can get me to nice base spots to start rebuilding. Shadowmanes should be strong and slaughter people.. keeps people on their toes
  4. For anyone wondering. It is ultra fast in water, no OX bar It goes 100% invisible to enemies It's buffs are endless... water buff, pack buff, roar buff, imprint and mate boost. It's roar makes flyers super fast for 30 secs and any land dino plus characters MALE Females make a AOE full invisible when mate boosted. Hold R3 in It discounts and stuns, Natural ascendant armour. 128 points. Very high HP and Melee. Breed these things and get them quick!
  5. I am joining back to play Ark after reading this, I play pvp but for people to have ESP and AimBot on pc and raid innocent console players is unacceptable. If this is truly being looked at, il tip toe back online and see
  6. all i see is Managararamanaamamamamgarmr being nerfed brings tears of happiness to my eyes
  7. It resembles many Chimera characteristics, then also resembles a lizard from the bearded dragon family. Could this be the ** Limera??? look how it has eagle style talons and leg style feather/scales like a chimera then its face is that of a bearded dragon with a back filled with heavy muscle to force great impact when pouncing it's prey. With feet like that, it won't need wings to get around but can rely on its sharp claws and well designed swift body to move quickly around *any environment* It's tail can only mean one thing, it lives in forest habitats (balancing
  8. Gekoliadon? Carnivorous and it's sharp yet nimble claws are brilliant for collecting thatch and fibers but also has the ability to stick to almost all wall surfaces giving you near complete freedom of the environment by climbing up tree's or on the walls/ceilings in caves. That would be stupidly amazing.
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