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  1. Hmmm I agree, seems hard to find a server that is not targeted by trolls daily or established servers at Tek level where you can start building in peace from scratch.. Id be down for 6 month server wipes. good idea
  2. 100% some separate trial servers, IMO there is no harm in introducing a few experimental servers to the community to try and feedback thoughts, leaving them like they are is just lazy and makes WildCard look like they did really only care for cash and will always just neglect the player base.
  3. ARK was community strong, PvP was bearable due to the fact we all knew our neighbours! we were all building to fight and win together and everything was managed politically and through multiple tribes, eg.. New Tribes, alliances, trading breeds, etc.. people were afraid to inside or troll as being Caught would be certain wipe and banishment from the server, or remain KOS! ARK - WildCard managed to create a new diverse world of friends and fun on the Island and we just couldn't get enough of it, hence the 70/70 server status constantly! It was GREAT! Then, Outta Nowhere!? they made it server transferable, basically giving the murderers a Hand Gun! Trolls infested the game, in siding became a thing! thieves and coward offline raiders attacked! kids thought they were cool trolling off server killing everyone and ...... the entire game crashed like a wineglass under a falling sledgehammer. What WildCard stupidly didn't realise is bases and tames take TIME.. REAL TIME.. and what happens if you spend WEEKS building a base, tame great dino's you want and then you wake up to play it and everything is gone because some butt hurt scrubbs who got their asses kicked elsewhere took salt revenge on you.... YOU QUIT. Fact! And if you dont and the beach bob scrub sad pathetic low lives hit you again then you will 100%QUIT. So what changed this game? not the community, not the maps or the servers! but WildCard allowing transfer so freely and unrestricted.. ARK should have kept its strength and built on it... its not too late WildCard to sort this mess out. Earlier you fix it the faster the game will recover. This can be done by: EXAMPLES Restrict server transfer usage massively Restrict Dino usage on certain maps, eg... keep those stupid titans on extinction! Create cluster free PvP servers like back when you had a good game. Improve base durability, and stop with the base soaking dinos Anyone else wanna input on improvements? things you hate now or liked before that have gone? Cheers
  4. all i see is Managararamanaamamamamgarmr being nerfed brings tears of happiness to my eyes
  5. long gone are these days where servers are full with a large player base interested in what was once a good game, :'D should this now be 'a closed Topic' WC? lol
  6. Ark have a quetzal, little wooden crates and large storage boxes, array of weapons and huge maps with large 100 player count servers... Why dont ark just make a Royal mode
  7. Lets just see what WILDCARD do to change things around and bring Ark back to life... Its like they want everyone to leave though, players are leaving rapidly! communities are dying! no wonder the last dlc was called ARK EXTINCTION lol
  8. WildCard did not take any responsibility for the server usage on PvP - Offline Raiders ruin Ark. Millions of ideas have been pushed infront of them to improve the game but meh.. they don't care
  9. It is true that so many people purchased the game when it was first out, like £27 i think upon initial release when I got it, not much revenue i bet and since then the community has dwindled away slowly due to their own incompetence and lack of experience building games and maintaining quality, servers will be costly but WildCard do one thing that REALLY annoys me and that is IGNORE THE FACTS from the community, We tell them what is wrong and they ignore it and release more content? they dont fix anything and publish the broken game on the android, Ios and Switch!? The most backwards company I have ever known. <--- Nearly at 'No Mans Sky' standards! Ark used to be hundreds of island servers all showing server 1 -70/70 connected server 2 -70/70 connected server 3- 70/70 connected server 4 - 70/70 connected And I used to spend 30 minutes bashing join hoping to get in ! it was such a fun and magic experience and I could not get enough... Now its dead.. rotten decomposed death! Because they ignore us! fail improving quality and show ZERO acknowledgement on issues raised so far and reassure us things are being done about them. we are a community that PREY we are heard and hope for fixes, Wild Card sould be at least 1% decent and highlight them and show us they are working on them and tick them off each updated! look at these we can all agree on and they done NOTHING! Meshing! - still a thing Map holes - everywhere Disappearing dino's - everyday tickets - unanswered Broken Meta dino's - untouched disconnection issues - 24/7! graphic flaws - everywhere render issues - never changes Lag Spikes - FML... High ping - just play Rag... GM response time - you die in real life before they help you events - to far and few apart (breeding events are as rare as a ticket being answered) Shall we continue WildCard!? CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE PROGRAM WC!
  10. Server transfer was the ''death of ARK''. It was ''said'' as soon as it was hinted by wildcard, it was ''guaranteed'' when they added a date to implement it. it is now ''FACT'' that ARK is ruined having it in place. ARK destroyed their own game.
  11. Viperscopic

    RIP Velo's

    Patch downloaded. Jumped on velonasaur to defend my base vs corrupted lose spinos and rexs and reapersand r.drakes and wyverns etc... rather than killing them as normal I was eaten in seconds. Tail swipe was not OP! It seems it yes but consider this, reapers hang out in packs, rexs and spinos come constantly and some 150! As they go in to the domes they can wipe entire bases in seconds and unless you have gigas and rexs already your really going to struggle. Undo that change please
  12. Thank god it aint just me lol i see red as purple and whrn its morning EVERYTHING is purple..
  13. It resembles many Chimera characteristics, then also resembles a lizard from the bearded dragon family. Could this be the ** Limera??? look how it has eagle style talons and leg style feather/scales like a chimera then its face is that of a bearded dragon with a back filled with heavy muscle to force great impact when pouncing it's prey. With feet like that, it won't need wings to get around but can rely on its sharp claws and well designed swift body to move quickly around *any environment* It's tail can only mean one thing, it lives in forest habitats (balancing), and would make sense if it lived high in tree's and waited for passing birds to leap out and kill or passing humans unaware of it's presents, left in a dilemma' when it jumps down to defend it's territory. Stunning specimen, please be tamable!!!
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