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  1. well I raised it with WildCard and they responded with the usual emoji of a middle finger and a comment that beats around the bush when it is clearly a IDGAF quote. I think WC have given up on Ark. every DLC has failed, been Unbalanced. No quality testing and late patches, unfixed exploits! unfinished mechanics and ..... ow sorry I am going on abit lol I crown thee! Worst developer of any game since the beginning of time. - No Mans Sky release ! was more successful than WC's ARK game now!
  2. said it yourself... PvE.. play PvP and enjoy empty servers
  3. its like a car ''recall'' as the wheels fall of and murder the driver unexpectedly. This guy would moan as he needs to use it to buy his redbull and kebab around the corner so the recall should wait lol
  4. Pretty much what I got from my ticket, I lost a 145 giga I was taming, POOF it disappeared in front of my very eyes, no bag nothing, was nearly 90% done too... wc just shrug their shoulders to my ticket and reiterate how many non existent f**ks they give about it.
  5. Anyone else having this problem? WildCard won't do F'All about it but just so I dont feel alone with this il tell you what happened. I was tranquilsing a Giga and it went down, I pumped narcotics in it (official PvP small tribes) it was a 145 Female and when the torpidity bar was low we dumped 400 narcotics in it and kibble. I turned around to check no dire wolfs were about or anything and then looked after 3 seconds it had vanished! no bag or anything.. My tribe mate was hitting a golem 135 in the desert biome and I was watching him on a owl (just incase) and POOF! it vanished!!! Is it only us :'(??????
  6. WildCard response... Sorry we can't help with this issue now but I will raise with the developer team and hopefully this gets sorted in the future. In the mean time enjoy glitches and bugs, Lag, DC'ing, Lost tames and meshing features ARK has to offer. let me know how accurate I am
  7. You sound like the kinda players I wanna punch square in the head on this game. your #strategy# is what everyone else on earth call someone being a complete P**CK and needs a proper kick in
  8. reapers are saddle-less and best HP I seens is 80k so far, that means DMAGE is quite low so all in all i'd say official servers... myth busted
  9. So dino's were seen entering a OB like Portal over that bridge, to return to earth yea? because Earth was saved but that means they are allowing a free transfer to wildlife to go DIRECT to earth! If that OB is open in Ab DLC map you clearly see at the very end' that means that Rockwell creations and maybe even rockwell himself will enter earth and infect the planet on the largest scale yet!? Abberant and Corrupted dino's will be colliding together creating super wild end game dino's and humans will have the war they did all this for to prevent, ON EARTHS DOORSTEP. How we gonna push this back? How we gon survive dawwwgg Ark's Next DLC -Eviction- will tell us
  10. i hate to admit it... I have killed no bosses yet.. im stubborn and wanna do them all on pvp official
  11. raptors will kill that lol who needs a reaper king
  12. My Advice for newbies on PvP. HIDE! Thats it But seriously.. if you are struggling on PvP but you are determined like me to prevail no matter what I will guide you Start off by finding deserted land near stone, wood and Thatch, and metal and crystal resources. build very compact and only tame Argy =easy Anky=Easy Trike = easy. These give you everything you need to begin the seed stage. Do you ever see a built and working base on a beach? or in a massive flat ground area? no.. and DONT build a that hut on the beach by a spawn location, kill yourself and look at the spawn location, AVOID THEM as far as possible... you may find a small hideawy in between rocks or tiny cave, or trees with poor visability! DO NOT CHOP DOWN THOSE TREES AND SHRUBS! Start by making a simple foundation then kill dodo's for hide, they are quite generous, build a bed and mortar and pestal, then a forge and smithy, METAL TOOLS ARE BASIC RULES! Make hide armour as the main armour, cheap and easy to repair. Now you have these basics, grab a few berries and create a crossbow and tranq arrows. If you are falling behind levels just keep running about for explorer notes before you get started. HP Food and Water I recommend getting to 200 each asap and then work on your weight. Now you have these EXTREME basics! get a very low level anky and Argy.. low level means fast and tbh if they die you dont care half as much. Anky will get berries, wood, thatch, stones, flint and metal and crystal etc, very uselful to build a stone 3x3. pop a stone gates down to house them whilst you go off.. Argy will help you get the anky to metal and oil resources. Now pre fab metal structures and use the argy to find a hidden spot and place down ya basics and build from there. Hidden spots are usually empty areas with low resources and sky coverage like under a mountain lip, behind a water fall etc.. once turrets are down you will feel safe and then its down to your dinos and pvp skills to defend and survive, PSX and Turrets will deter noobs and give you some confidence in logging off. GL
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