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Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

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Yea, I keep checking back to see if the situation has improved at all, but it hasn't. All my friends but one has quit, I haven't logged in since the update but I keep hoping before all my poop dies it will change back, only to my dismay. 


God damnit, it's always so sad to see devs that actually made a game people play fail so god damned hard. 

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Hey guys!

Thanks for all the feedback. We've made the changes live, you can check the notes for the information. I am going to be taking this thread down, locking it, and giving it the once over with the guys again. 

We want to see how the new changes feel for a few days and start collecting feedback so we can begin our next pass of changes. Thank you for being so patient and we hope you like this latest update! 

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