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  1. Havokpaintedwolf

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    i have never heard of him he is deffinitly not the most popular by a long shot but still that is pretty messed up
  2. i aint encouraging anyone do it but well betrayal should be allowed in pvp
  3. Havokpaintedwolf

    I like red dinos.

    before they all die out in my single player i need to find me a red rex and tame it.
  4. Havokpaintedwolf

    Community Crunch 149: Extinction Chronicles IV!

    cause its a predator name one colorful predatory bird ill wait.
  5. Havokpaintedwolf

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    lost my first tame to a velociraptor attack (i play the jurassic park mod)
  6. Havokpaintedwolf

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    interesting so the city will be a viable building location unlike the ruins in aberration presents alot of oppurtunity to create hidden bases
  7. Havokpaintedwolf

    ARK 2, Changes and Ideas

    heres an idea for the love of god dont call it ark 2 for some reason that name hurts my soul with how dumb it sounds
  8. Havokpaintedwolf

    dlc Which DLC

    id reccomend aberration first scorched earth is over all a miserable experience until you get lucky and find a water source so you can actually play the game.
  9. Havokpaintedwolf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    parasaurs are a good first tame once you unlock there saddle there decent enough speed to at least get you away from dilos and they can handle low to medium level raptors one on one and have good carry weight but where they really shine is there enemy detection sonar.
  10. Havokpaintedwolf

    Next tek dino?

    tek cnidaria when it kills you it deletes your character and bans you from the server and uninstalls your game also they can fly.
  11. Havokpaintedwolf


    well i mean it is spitting acid just be sure to make arthros a priority target when you spot them in battle well assuming your enemy arent cowards and just waiting for you to log off before attacking.
  12. Havokpaintedwolf

    Your favourite Dinosaur [Personal Question]

    Land Dino: you may think im joking but im not the parasaur its a good starting pack mule it runs ok enough to get you away from most beginner threats and can take on low to medium level raptors and it has great stamina also its a decent enough swimmer to get you across most rivers before piranhas can do any serious damage but the sonar ability makes it an incredibly valuable member of the team on a parasaur you dont get into a fight unless you want to or your unlucky or just plain not using this incredibly useful ability and you can tame multiple parasaurs and use them as a sort of a perimeter alarm very useful on pvp servers Aquatic Dino: kind of cheating since it can go on land to but Baryonyx nice and fast and can stun megalodons the dilo of the sea also yeah it can go on land Air Dino: Rock drake powerful and fast in the air especcially with its dive and latch onto walls ability getting a rock drake is the turning point in aberration when things start going your way for once Mammal Dino: Chalicotherium incredibly strong for its size relatively fast good weight and a ranged attack and you can breed it without having to worry about an egg that could die if its even 1 degree out of its preference for long enough? yes please Most Favourite our of all: it hurts me to say this cause i love my parasaurs but chalicotherium is my favorite taming my chali Brick was when the island truly opened up for me
  13. let it continue eating you until it goes into a food coma....and then you strike
  14. Havokpaintedwolf

    Extinction Plant Species

    i think it would be neat if it summoned little plant monsters about as strong as a mid level raptor but not mountable but after about 5 minutes they would die