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  1. when its moving on the surface of the water it should build up a charge like a rhino allowing it to go faster and once it is at max speed it gains the ability to deal one big lump of damage to anything it hits hits with its beak doing bleed
  2. it still shouldn't have been added because of its unethical origins, this is just encouraging more ark youtubers to sabotage the votes of the community because there clearly are no consequence besides oh it might not have the abilities you wanted
  3. sweet so egotistical influencers rigging the vote is being rewarded now? not only should sinomacrops not have been added it should have been placed on a blacklist to never be added to a wildcard game, at least there is some small consolation that it doesnt have the abilities the idiot wanted.
  4. thank you devs for not picking sinomacrops seethe nexxuz fans that dont even care about the game.
  5. delete the sinomacrops suggestion, it is actively being mass upvoted by throwaway accounts and bots courtesy of a spanish youtuber
  6. cause its a predator name one colorful predatory bird ill wait.
  7. lost my first tame to a velociraptor attack (i play the jurassic park mod)
  8. interesting so the city will be a viable building location unlike the ruins in aberration presents alot of oppurtunity to create hidden bases
  9. so there will be more tek dinos nice also yikes 5 months really hope its worth the wait also what in the world is that horse caterpillar thing i cant decide if its adorable or horrifying.
  10. christ even an event boosting wild pego damage to that of a giga would at least be funny this event is just useless.
  11. saw the perfect aberrant stego thanks to the easter event yellow body with radioactive green plates .....but it was level 4
  12. and now i regret wanting the easter colored dinosaurs ran into a gorgeous easter stego yellow body but with glowing radioactive green plates just gorgeous and perfect for aberration i saw our future together and it was glorious then i checked the level.....level 4 god i hate my terrible luck
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