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  1. then admit you are glad the fraudulent votes are boosting the creature you want and accept you are a hypocrite. take away your edit in the op if you don't actually give a damn. the devs certainly don't that's why this is still up, all they would have to do is import the animations for dimorphodon and call it a day.
  2. delete the sinomacrops suggestion, it is actively being mass upvoted by throwaway accounts and bots courtesy of a spanish youtuber
  3. do the right thing and request the mods delete this thread then if you are feeling guilty.
  4. @StudioWildcard delete this thread, this vote botting cannot stand.
  5. this suggestion should be disqualified something fishy is going on with this.
  6. what the hell is this why is discount archaeopteryx getting so many votes?
  7. ive always liked the ideas of human like npcs in the game and i feel australopithecus would really fit into that role well as a small creature that is like a weaker but more versatile version of the gigantopithecus, i can imagine you will be able to assign them tasks like at y amount of time put x resource into this container or crafting station/crop plot, or if you like the idea of having mass cannon fodder to take on the local alpha tribe outfit yourself with an army of armed and armored australopithecus but with the restriction they can only use melee weapons and things like bola's and thro
  8. cause its a predator name one colorful predatory bird ill wait.
  9. lost my first tame to a velociraptor attack (i play the jurassic park mod)
  10. interesting so the city will be a viable building location unlike the ruins in aberration presents alot of oppurtunity to create hidden bases
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