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  1. there's literally nothing you can do about it that's just how big the game is because how dlc works in ark i had to uninstall the game became such a bloated beast valguero just pushed it over the edge.
  2. cause its a predator name one colorful predatory bird ill wait.
  3. lost my first tame to a velociraptor attack (i play the jurassic park mod)
  4. interesting so the city will be a viable building location unlike the ruins in aberration presents alot of oppurtunity to create hidden bases
  5. well i mean it is spitting acid just be sure to make arthros a priority target when you spot them in battle well assuming your enemy arent cowards and just waiting for you to log off before attacking.
  6. so there will be more tek dinos nice also yikes 5 months really hope its worth the wait also what in the world is that horse caterpillar thing i cant decide if its adorable or horrifying.
  7. this is a rather pointless question to ask alot of the dinos seem to just be intentionally infuriating or at least have annoying blatantly overpowered abilities when theyre wild like pegos icthyornis jellyfish troodon microraptor baryonyx raptors theris dimorphodon gigas leedsicthys or the just straight up pointless liopleurodon
  8. christ even an event boosting wild pego damage to that of a giga would at least be funny this event is just useless.
  9. a true extinction server one by one over the servers lifespan spawn points for a species of creature will disappear some you might not notice like mesopithecus or trilobites but eventually there will be big losses like argys going extinct or rexes and on this server breeding will be difficult due to baby food consumption being slightly increased as well as egg incubation and pregnancy timers being slightly higher than vanilla too.
  10. saw the perfect aberrant stego thanks to the easter event yellow body with radioactive green plates .....but it was level 4
  11. and now i regret wanting the easter colored dinosaurs ran into a gorgeous easter stego yellow body but with glowing radioactive green plates just gorgeous and perfect for aberration i saw our future together and it was glorious then i checked the level.....level 4 god i hate my terrible luck
  12. well then looks like ill be activating the event cheers! to be fair the post wasn't clear if singleplayer got the easter color dinos as that wasn't the case with the previous two color events. now then ive got a pastel rock drake egg to find.
  13. will singleplayer people be able to get the easter colored creatures? lots of us missed out on the last couple rare holiday color creatures
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