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  1. there's literally nothing you can do about it that's just how big the game is because how dlc works in ark i had to uninstall the game became such a bloated beast valguero just pushed it over the edge.
  2. since when did they add necromancy?
  3. the nest wont be introduced most likely but having vanilla storage boxes able to be stacked would be wonderful even if they dont introduce item pulling
  4. the real question is what did coel ever do to you?
  5. im fine with kapros but it is bs that theyre faster than sarcos on land or on water sarcos can move fairly quick on land and in water they basically teleport to there destination theyre so fast. if they were to do a tlc i would like to see them given something in addition to a damage and the spino water buff that i think would solidify there envisioned role as pvp assassin mounts first off lower the position of the rider perhaps have them lay almost flat kinda like someone riding a racing bike but the main ability i want the kapro to have is the ability to crouch and crouch walk just skulk around like a panther and perhaps crouching adds bonus range to your jump attack just go all in on making them stealthy amphibious ninjas.
  6. stop holding down buttons longer than necessary treat the gasbags like a jetpack/hot air balloon w gives you more forward momentum at the cost of oxygen left and right attempts to shift your course in those directions and back well goes back very useful for if you miss you landing spot and if you have gas left. and space increases altitude do not hold that down for too long unless you want to run out of oxygen and have a dead gasbag. the real trick is everything is on a slight delay as soon as you notice your moving in the way you want to go let go of the button. also you dont take fall damage if you have oxygen left so plan your flight accordingly and ration your oxygen accordingly so you have some left to land.
  7. no kibble for lymantria taming people!
  8. i know theyre gonna be kinda on the big side but i really hope they have a squeaky helium voice
  9. i have never heard of him he is deffinitly not the most popular by a long shot but still that is pretty messed up
  10. cause its a predator name one colorful predatory bird ill wait.
  11. lost my first tame to a velociraptor attack (i play the jurassic park mod)
  12. interesting so the city will be a viable building location unlike the ruins in aberration presents alot of oppurtunity to create hidden bases
  13. well i mean it is spitting acid just be sure to make arthros a priority target when you spot them in battle well assuming your enemy arent cowards and just waiting for you to log off before attacking.
  14. they shouldnt be tameable but i wouldnt doubt if people baited titans to peoples bases on pvp servers the only question is what kind of map unique creature will be able to take on the titans cause that rex is barely a compy compared to the titan..
  15. so there will be more tek dinos nice also yikes 5 months really hope its worth the wait also what in the world is that horse caterpillar thing i cant decide if its adorable or horrifying.
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