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  1. Amazing submissions again, @Wolf Angelus amazing looking Park buddy, i found it to be very cool looking gratz to all the winners, i love to see how creative this community can be keep up the good work!
  2. just wow, so many cool submissions. the empire state building and delphino square look absolutely insane! amazing job! the videos are incredibly cool too! i wish i had the time to do do things like this! but it warms my heart to see that there are so many creative people playing this game. it makes me look forward to the crunches every time! thank you creative community!!
  3. Nice post, its always fun to learn what goes on when making mods/games. Im not all to familiar with all the technical details of developping so having posts like these really enlightens me and tells me how hard it actually is to do all of this. Respect for all the Mod/Map/Game developpers out there!
  4. holy moly guys, this is one of the best patches if not the best one, im astounded! good job, you can be proud of this! please keep on doing what you are doing and fulfill my childhood dream!
  5. wow, the Crystal map looks so amazing and would be a really, really cool addition to the official maps already. would be soo cool to have this as a fourth map in the cluster, perhaps one that has a bit of everything? as ive seen wild wyverns here, or so it seemed. the raft mod has alot of potential too i think, i just hope there is a raft that is somewhat leeds resistant
  6. awesome submissions again, especially the unicorn photo is amazing! also really cool that prim+ is getting some more love always found it a very interesting concept but never really tried it for a long time due too the problems it had. will look forward to what happens after the beta
  7. why do you come to a crunch and expect a digest?
  8. alot of cool stuff again this time. good work guys!
  9. thanks for the update! really looking forward to the progression of these mods and maybe their integration into the main game! keep up the good work modders!
  10. Nice! finally we are seeing some different mechanics than just bigger numbers and greater size, this will definitely bring some more strategising for PVP. i hope more creatures will be added like this to diversify the battlefield even more. good job guys and girls cant wait
  11. i just hope they integrate some of these mods into the main game, like the center or prim plus. i dont want any dlc not created by wc themselve
  12. Holy poop this patch is amazing! great job guys! the caves look stunning!
  13. i would like to congratulate you on making these decisions as they arent easy to make. I do not agree with all of them but i believe they will increase the overall experience on the ARK alot. I understand you dont want to make any rush decisions when problems arise and that you want to think things over and talk about them with the whole team. debating a fix then testing it and implementing it takes time, we know that but please, just please communicate with us, even if it isnt a definitive response, talk to us, let us know you are debating things, maybe even ask us what our stance is on some subjects if you doubt how it will influence the game. you are working on this game practically all day so you dont have alot of time to play it yourself, this is perhaps where our experience can come in handy? if not then that is your decision and we will have to accept that but in that case just tell us you heard our complaints and are working on it internally so we KNOW you have heard us and we can turn down the heat and give you time. We dont feel like we are entitled to have a say in the way the game is being made, but we ARE the testers, thats why its EARLY ALPHA and i think i speak for the majority of the community if i say we all love this game and would love to help you guys out if needed. i would like to give you my congratulations in fulfilling one of my biggest childhood dreams and i hope you can turn this early access game in a great success as you all deserve it!!
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