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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Server Wipe

    Thats true but for some people with limited resources a well rounded game review written by a reliable source is the key to either buying it or not. For example, I was really hyped for No Mans Sky but didnt have the time to test it would it suck. So after a week or so I read the first reviews and discovered what a fiasco it was and didnt buy it. And many people I know are like this. They wait for the first professional reviews to come through and then decide wether or not to buy it.
  2. Server Wipe

    So you trust a biased user review based on a change that wont even affect you because you never experienced the before and after? Come on man be truthfull, last time I checked almost all user reviews were QQ flier nerf this movement speed nerf that, DLC this etc etc. Users barelt leave a full game review covering all areas. Thats what mags and shows do, they rate from frames to gameplay, content and mechanics. They even rate the community and talk in depth about all this. So yeah, I'll take THAT over 'WC sucks, give me back fliers!!!!!!'
  3. Server Wipe

    I think you are both right. Normally the server wouldnt lagg when its 100/100. It only starts to lagg after x ammount of time when everyone gets big bases or multiple bases with loads of dinos. Then it begins to lagg because it needs to load all that stuff in (this is where Vulcano is right). But if more people are online, more areas need to render in at a time and this causes more strain on the server (this is where GP is right). this is what I believe. What they should do is limit structures and dinos more. Make it so we are not required to building so big and taming so much.
  4. Server Wipe

    Are you serious? Shows and big reviews are THE most important thing for up and coming gaming companies.
  5. Server Wipe

    Thats the goal isnt it? If you dont aim to fix everything you might aswell never optimise. There is a big difference between player reviews on steam and professional reviews in magazines, shows. If you dont get over 8.5/10 your game will be dead in 3 months. There is no way WC can justify keeping 'cheated' or overpowered items in the game.
  6. Server Wipe

    All these pros are things I never said. My main reason is wiping after they fixed all the glitches and exploits to get rid of items obtained in illegit ways or ways that are no longer available. Mega bases farmed by infinite weight exploits. Armies of dinos bred by using the floating exploit, duped items and dinos, etc etc. The biggest con will be not wiping, releasing a game filled to the brim with filth and toxicity and then WC goinf bankrupt because review mags and sites destroy them.
  7. So the PC patch 260....

    This makes no sense. Before they were equal, now they buff the saber and nerf the direwolf but according to you the direwolf will be better?
  8. So the PC patch 260....

    Do you know what an ETA is? Im going to give you a tip, its NOT Exact Time of Arrival.
  9. Why do you play PVP?!?

    I understand why you would play PvP but PvE is alot more than hoarding. Its having the ability to actually enjoy all the content in the game, do boss battles, experiment with builds, breed, etc etc. If I want PvP i play SOTF, Official PvP sucks and isnt worthy of the name PvP.
  10. Breeding

    If you get a mutation or if you breed another fresh tamed argy into your bloodline with a higher base stat than you already have its possible.
  11. Server Wipe

    I hope they will fix their game before release and if they cannot postpone release. Then, if its all fixed, they should wipe. Why release a game that isnt stable?
  12. Server Wipe

    Feel free, some have tried but for now they havent presented a single one. And please keep in mind that wiping should only be done when the game is stable and without exploits and glitches still roaming free. So telling me wiping wont help because dupers are just gonna keep duping is irrelevant.
  13. Well, atleast you wont be outbanned. :^)
  14. Tamed dinos vs wild dinos Discussion

    I remember the first big dino damage and hp nerf (tamed). I can assure you it wasnt fun seeing your mid lvl rex die to 2 lower lvl raptors.
  15. Yeah I remember taming them at the vulcano, good times