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  1. 99% of everything they've added/removed from the game whether good or bad has been due to PVP. *waaaaaaaa* Griffins too OP!!!! /Wildcard ruins them with a massive nerf *waaaaaaaa* Gigas too OP!!!! /wildcard completely castrates them. *waaaaaa* Manas too OP!!! /ruined again Not to mention features like fishing which at one time created a sense of community where dozens of tribes built fishing boats and we'd all hang out on the central river fishing while talking with other players. /Nope! Can't have that! NERF TO USELESSNESS!!!
  2. You guys are over complicating things. A good Mek and you're set. I've killed all three titans using a Mek on official servers while solo. Not really. 3 of us riding gigas on official servers can easily kill both forest and ice titans. An allied tribe killed them with two. (note: These were 425% base dmg gigas with full imprint and 124 armor saddles)
  3. Wyverns don't have any armor so i'd imagine they'd take massive damage from a titan. Which Titan were you wanting to tame? I doubt a wyvern could be used for the desert titan since the flock will surely dismount you constantly. It only takes the desert titan 3-4 hits on my owl with 10k hp to be seeing red (over half hp gone) and it's got a 124 armor saddle. I've found that the best ways to tame the various titans are: Desert Titan: Snow Owl w/good saddle (recommended, not required if you fly good), high stam, and 10k hp. Highly recommend Tek jetpack for if/when you're dismounted. You can also use parachutes or glider suit. Ice Titan: I've used both high lvl Mek's or a Managarmr. Not sure how well a mana will do after all these nerfs though. Forest Titan: Mek. I've also seen people use a Tapejara with a tek saddle on it. Use the lasers.
  4. Ive been disconnected many times while afk in a tek sleeping pod and every time when i log in, im still sleeping in the pod. Only possibility for what happened to you is as mentioned, gen ran out of element or somehow the server was lagging so bad you hopped in and it rubberbanded after you logged. But in that case it usually wouldn't even let you get in the pod if its in the middle of a lag spike. Lesson of the day tho, always put your gear away in a locked container. Hope for the best, expect to get ark'ed.
  5. Seriously Wildcard? Why the hell did you say multiple times that auto decay timers were disabled when all you actually disabled was auto decay? You know maybe a warning on the login screen prior to turning decay back on would have been nice? Thanks to your inability to properly communicate, i lost a badass metal/tek treehouse, my reaper taming facility which the whole server used daily, and some other structures. The treehouse especially makes no sense because I had been there less than a week ago and there isn't a thing mentioned in either servers tribelog regarding anything decaying.
  6. nVidia is NOT lying. The problem is well documented on the Unreal Engine website and the fix requires wildcard to update the game engine. This is also what is required to add RTX features like Wildcard claimed to be doing which is how the game got its name on all of nVidia's promotional advertisements as supporting RTX. I think what really happened is someone at wildcard figured they could get a big boost in sales if they told nVidia they wanted to add RTX features since it was just prior to the extinction release, knowing they had no plans to do so.
  7. When you defeat the king titan, there is a "pedestal" (for lack of a better term) looking thing that appears where the circle you need to stand in to see the ending appears. Grab that loot. usually some good stuff.
  8. No. Tekgrams only apply to the character which earned them. you'd have to transfer that character to the other server to be able to use those tekgrams.
  9. Hmm... anyone remember the two day rollback during early access where they nerfed all the blueprints as well as fishing and said it was done because of duping and that fishing was too OP? I don't recall there being any issues with character loss when that happened. What i'm saying is how could one network wide rollback not have this problem but this one would? Seems to me that some safeguards or redundant data protection is no longer being used for whatever reason. edit\ Oh wait... weren't the official servers back then hosted and managed on Amazon AWS gaming servers? And now its largely nitrado? So this is all the result of cheap servers... *sigh*
  10. A recent nVidia driver update fixed an identical crashing problem RTX owners were having when playing Apex LEgends. Wildcard needs to get on nVidia to address support tickets in the order they are received. https://issues.unrealengine.com/issue/UE-51650
  11. Funny how a single guy made this incredible mod yet an allegedly professional group of developers are having such a hard time adding just the smallest bits to Official. How about making ceilings sit flush when snapped to a foundation? Or snapping pillars to the underside of ceilings without the top bit sticking out. These are some of the most fundamental parts of S+'s building improvements and somehow they got completely omitted. Here are a bunch more that should be added and aren't all cheaty. - All items can be picked up - No building height limit - Foundations are stackable - Ceilings snap flush with foundations - Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings - Sloped walls can snap to the bottom of walls & ceilings - Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge) - Gateways snap in line with fence foundations - Storage boxes snap to each other - Wires & pipes can be hidden & verticals are only 1 wall high - Pillars (3 sizes: 1, 3 & 5 walls high, do not protrude through ceilings) - Ramps (1 wall high by 1 foundation long, railings can be snapped to the edges, stair model variant) - Railings (when snapped to ramp uses a sloped model) - Staircases (1 wall high with a 90 degree twist, can flip direction) - Standing & Wall Torch (doesn't use fuel, flame can be dyed, automatically turns on/off, adjustable intensity) - Elevators (tracks resized to 1 wall tall, platforms to 1x1, 3x2 & 5x3, can set stops, better snapping to foundations) - Electrical Outlet (can be hidden, sparks disabled & connecting wires hidden) - Industrial Grinder (turn on/off in inventory, can grind/craft all at once, can make map specific resources)
  12. Sooo..... when are we to expect an update that makes it so players with RTX graphics cards don't constantly crash? And what's up with DLSS being added? Or are they "a little further out?" You guys did go through the trouble of having nVidia add Ark to all their RTX promotional stuff... Or was that just a marketing ploy to bump sales? I'm asking because from what i've read on the Unreal Engine's forum that both DLSS and Raytracing require not only Direct X 12, but also an updated engine which supports the technologies.
  13. Oh this is definitely going to be deleted. Just like my first support ticket. And my replacement one marked "solved" which was regarding another player using an exploit to gain access to my hatchery and steal very expensive giga eggs that were incubating. I guess the screenshots of the guy admitting it AND how he changed his tribe name to "Three giga eggs" even before i knew they were missing wasn't enough to punish the thief. Or the box tribe caught on video kiting gigas into my allies base on Extinction and how they're still happily playing, stealing, and doing nefarious stuff on the server over 2 months later. I honestly don't know what it takes for Wildcard to step in and start banning these people. Perhaps they should take the time to explain? Do I need a full video confession along with mugshots, fingerprints, DNA, and IP address? I'm not joking either. I honestly don't have any clue how high you guys set this bar, but i definitely can't see it.
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