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  1. Chinese tribes have been placing teleporters above peoples bases on cliff platforms so they can send through tons of lvl 500 corrupted from the wastelands, and they rain down into peoples bases. Wildcard can stop this sh*t tomorrow by blocking wild dinos from being teleported. Will they? Nope. They also apparently refuse to punish chinese tribes. I have allies who have clear videos recorded via shadowplay of them kiting corrupted gigas into their base and wildcard did nothing. said there wasn't enough evidence. One thing is for sure though.... the moment one of us takes matters into our own hands and retaliates.... the ban will be immediate. It's not like they even pay for the damn game anyway. It's FREE TO PLAY which is why they have 20 accounts each and dont care about the rules.
  2. They are nowhere near completely pillared. The only places that are heavily pillared on the 5 servers i have bases on are the spawn zones. And thats because 1,000+ other people had the same idea as you and got there first. My advice would be to take whatever you can find, no matter how crappy... and start looking away from spawn zones. You're not going to get hidden lake on island, or the canyon on ragnarok, or any of the really cool ruins on the Center on day 1.
  3. And the duping continues to happen. So how about you slow your roll and once wildcard manages to find a solution to duping/meshing... then come back and we'll discuss a wipe. Till then, it will be no different than it is now. Maybe wildcard should actually enforce the game rules and when given video/screenshots of rule breakers, drop the f'ing hammer on them. And how about banning all the Chinese dupers selling 124 armor giga blueprints (and many other things) for REAL money. better yet.... region lock or at the very least kick players with high pings. High ping players absolutely wreck server performance .
  4. Most of the PVE servers i play on have plenty of open land. The problem is people you login and after 5 minutes of not being able to place a fire in the spawn zone, start complaining on global about pillars. How hard it it to understand that 1,000 other poeple have had the same idea before you did? You have to get well away from the spawn areas in order to get some dirt. I remember a while back a noob logged into our island server and needed a ride, and was pretty rude about it. Of course we had to ask him where needed a ride to.... and he replied that he's going to be building his base at 22-69. He proceeded to blow a fuse when all the laughing subsided. so entitled. lol.
  5. The player count is exactly where its been at this point between major releases in the past. https://steamcharts.com/app/346110#All The numbers would be much higher today had Valguero not been such a massive flop. All it needed was a reason to go there, especially in regards to the aberration area. I mean, whats the point of the radiation zone? A single artifact half way down? The loot is so horrible, it makes the crop plot bp/compass bp/etc loot on the island seem amazing. Im sure the PVP crowd thinks even less of the map because i can't see any reason stratigically to setup shop in the aberration area. Without a powerful tame spawning down there, its pretty much a tomb.
  6. Use a whip and hit all over the room where you had the reaper baby. once you find it, bring in a crab and grab the sucker.
  7. AndrewLB

    Exploits or?

    What i'm curious to know is how does someone having a transmitter on the surface near the barrier impact your game-play to such an extent that you feel it necessary to report them? The GM's are busy enough dealing with all the real problems out there like meshing, kiting, blocking charge nodes and artifact caves, and glitching into bases and somehow getting into locked containers. Its crap like this that explains why it takes 2-4 weeks for a ticket to get handled and then they do, the bad guy is long gone and your ticket gets marked "resolved" even though nothing was done. Like when this d-bag on my extinction server glitched in, stole 3 giga eggs, admitted to the crime, even changed his tribe name to "Three Giga Eggs" well before i had even found they were stolen, and screenshots were given and absolutely nothing from WC. Just a "resolved" status on my ticket. *sigh* FYI, there are plenty of spots on the surface where there is a rock overhang to protect a transmitter from direct sun.
  8. AndrewLB


    While you can't take monkeys, the rule that if they don't spawn there, you can't transfer them is not accurate. You can transfer gachas, manas, velonasaurs, (haven't tried fluffy raptors). Aside from those, the rule of thumb is that as long as there is an aberrant counterpart, then its ok to transfer. Sucks they didn't add aberrant mesopithecus. Glow in the dark monkeys throwing glowing poo would be awesome.
  9. Not so sure about that. A friend and I took our super megalos (800% base dmg) up to the small surface (northwest) and went to work killing kings. First 90% night was a bust even though we must have killed hundreds. Second night... winner winner dodo dinner! Too bad i wasn't there and my friend got killed jumping down the cliff on his megalo, and the alpha got him right as he dismounted. Megalo was fine though. Alpha despawned. The only way you're going to find one on a drake is if you are insanely lucky like most of the barbs i've gotten in the past. You wont be able to force an alpha to spawn using a drake, so there is a good chance you'll be looking for months before finding one. You gotta go commit reaper genocide in order to force the spawn.
  10. .... Still waiting. Trying to simply place two tek bridges next to each other and one places, the other shows greeen.... but when you place it, it has a mind of its own and either wont place or shifts and ends up the wrong direction.
  11. Best place to find them on the official server i play on is the big surface with the entrance near the ancient device. Found a total of 8 since aberration launched. only one of those was when we were actually looking for one.
  12. Personally i wouldn't build on a bridge or anywhere that i'd be blocking people, even if there is another way to access it. There are so many base locations that dont interfere with players travel.
  13. Charge light does nothing to dissuade ravagers. Ravs dont attack drakes, crabs, or reapers. they attack everything else though.
  14. Make fishing great again! Just to make things clear, i'm not advocating for fishing to be returned to how it was during the first 24 hours after it was added to the game.... or even how it was in the months after that. The mechanic got nerfed so bad that even with a 477% effectiveness ascendant rod, you might be lucky enough to get a garbage mastercrafted blueprint using honey and catching a 2.0x+ sized fish. 99% of the time even with a fish that size, the loot is almost always ramshackle and apprentice quality. Using a rod with under 400% effectiveness will get you primitive and ramshackle stuff. And a rod thats 300% or lower, you can't even get a blueprint. For me, it's not even really about the blueprints. I've already got an amazing collection. But back when people actually fished, it really brought people together on the PVE servers I was on. Tribes would all build fishing boats and everyone would hang out and actually be social with each other while fishing out on the central river. It was one of the only times since i started ark in 2015 that i really noticed a sense of community. During that time period I got to know a lot of people who later became tribemates when the game had its official release. When the last nerf came to fishing, it all came to an end and tribes all went back to doing their own thing. And its really a shame that something that brought people together so effectively was absolutely ruined, thanks to an overzealous nerf.
  15. Here is what i had to say during the debate of whether or not the Early Access servers should be wiped when the game had its official launch. This was when wildcard came up with the idiotic idea of creating legacy servers that would only be wiped if they were dead, which obviously was a lie as well. Just like today, all the new players back then were demanding a full wipe and didn't care about all the hard work people put into the game. It was clear they thought if they pushed for a full wipe that they'd then have the chance to be an alpha tribe and thus become the same "oppressors" they complained daily about at the time. I hate to brag, but i couldn't have been more right when i said that.
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