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  1. AndrewLB

    Update Regarding Recent Lost Characters

    Hmm... anyone remember the two day rollback during early access where they nerfed all the blueprints as well as fishing and said it was done because of duping and that fishing was too OP? I don't recall there being any issues with character loss when that happened. What i'm saying is how could one network wide rollback not have this problem but this one would? Seems to me that some safeguards or redundant data protection is no longer being used for whatever reason. edit\ Oh wait... weren't the official servers back then hosted and managed on Amazon AWS gaming servers? And now its largely nitrado? So this is all the result of cheap servers... *sigh*
  2. A recent nVidia driver update fixed an identical crashing problem RTX owners were having when playing Apex LEgends. Wildcard needs to get on nVidia to address support tickets in the order they are received. https://issues.unrealengine.com/issue/UE-51650
  3. AndrewLB

    s+ Is this the last of S+?

    Funny how a single guy made this incredible mod yet an allegedly professional group of developers are having such a hard time adding just the smallest bits to Official. How about making ceilings sit flush when snapped to a foundation? Or snapping pillars to the underside of ceilings without the top bit sticking out. These are some of the most fundamental parts of S+'s building improvements and somehow they got completely omitted. Here are a bunch more that should be added and aren't all cheaty. - All items can be picked up - No building height limit - Foundations are stackable - Ceilings snap flush with foundations - Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings - Sloped walls can snap to the bottom of walls & ceilings - Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge) - Gateways snap in line with fence foundations - Storage boxes snap to each other - Wires & pipes can be hidden & verticals are only 1 wall high - Pillars (3 sizes: 1, 3 & 5 walls high, do not protrude through ceilings) - Ramps (1 wall high by 1 foundation long, railings can be snapped to the edges, stair model variant) - Railings (when snapped to ramp uses a sloped model) - Staircases (1 wall high with a 90 degree twist, can flip direction) - Standing & Wall Torch (doesn't use fuel, flame can be dyed, automatically turns on/off, adjustable intensity) - Elevators (tracks resized to 1 wall tall, platforms to 1x1, 3x2 & 5x3, can set stops, better snapping to foundations) - Electrical Outlet (can be hidden, sparks disabled & connecting wires hidden) - Industrial Grinder (turn on/off in inventory, can grind/craft all at once, can make map specific resources)
  4. Sooo..... when are we to expect an update that makes it so players with RTX graphics cards don't constantly crash? And what's up with DLSS being added? Or are they "a little further out?" You guys did go through the trouble of having nVidia add Ark to all their RTX promotional stuff... Or was that just a marketing ploy to bump sales? I'm asking because from what i've read on the Unreal Engine's forum that both DLSS and Raytracing require not only Direct X 12, but also an updated engine which supports the technologies.
  5. I wonder what the chances are that they changed it so when you place a ceiling onto the edge of a foundation that they are even like in S+. Or will we still need to sink a foundation to snap them even?
  6. For years i've been saying "when you ride a raptor, you have to behave like a raptor". which of course means attacking and eating just about everything, especially monkeys, dodos, lystros, jerboas, etc.
  7. AndrewLB


    Oh this is definitely going to be deleted. Just like my first support ticket. And my replacement one marked "solved" which was regarding another player using an exploit to gain access to my hatchery and steal very expensive giga eggs that were incubating. I guess the screenshots of the guy admitting it AND how he changed his tribe name to "Three giga eggs" even before i knew they were missing wasn't enough to punish the thief. Or the box tribe caught on video kiting gigas into my allies base on Extinction and how they're still happily playing, stealing, and doing nefarious stuff on the server over 2 months later. I honestly don't know what it takes for Wildcard to step in and start banning these people. Perhaps they should take the time to explain? Do I need a full video confession along with mugshots, fingerprints, DNA, and IP address? I'm not joking either. I honestly don't have any clue how high you guys set this bar, but i definitely can't see it.
  8. AndrewLB

    Rumors of vaults being raided on PVE

    No. That isn't it at all. I know the tribe mentioned earlier who was in the discussion on Rag68 (the theft happened on Extinction443) and in fact i was the one who caught the thieft inside my incubation room. He had somehow glitched into the room and had an argy on follow that was outside the room. the same. The thieves were reported and nothing has happened to them. Just today they glitched into the same guys base, dragged him out of a Tek sleeping pod (you can do so by crawling apparently) and drowned him. Stealing his all black giga he had in a cryopod in his inventory. The giga is displayed proudly at the [][][][] base not far from his with a new name in Chinese. Next to it is a quetzal with a platform saddle with a 1x1x1 stone box with a bed inside. I'd wager that quetz is being used for these purposes. I confirmed myself that you can fast travel from a bed glitched through the floor of another tribes base. I made a video and will be sending it to a GM ive been in contact with. Along with videos of a few other exploits these thieves have been using.
  9. I just went to check on a support ticket I filed the other day regarding an egg thief, along with ample evidence proving he stole them (heck, he straight up admitted it), and my ticket is now gone. and nothing has happened to the thief. I know at least a half dozen other players on various servers who have also had eggs stolen, two of which also had their tickets deleted. What is going on here? @Jatheish
  10. AndrewLB

    Spino Saddle Blueprint

    I found a 99 armor Spino saddle BP while farming surface drops on aberration a while back as well as a 128 armor bp in a purple OSD on extinction.
  11. AndrewLB

    Hazard Suit in OSD loot tables

    Not just green ob. You can get kaprowned at any of the three obelisks.
  12. AndrewLB

    Need help game keep crashing

    Exactly. Last night while in the 4th wave of a Red OSD on extinction, after not a single crash all day.... BAM... Fatal Error. I logged back in to find my self dead. Tribe log said my lvl 288 bred mana with 650% dmg, 3.5k stam, 9k hp was still alive so I grabbed an owl and Wazz on his desert titan did his best to keep it alive, but the 5th wave started and i got there just in time to see it die. It's just a bit upsetting since wildcard has had the crash logs and plenty of time to figure out what is causing this mana breath related crash.... and nothing. No response, no update, and after seeing drawing of all the employees of wildcard dressed in pirate garb in the last community crunch, i can safely assume there wont be a fix anytime soon.
  13. I was surprised that the dev even responded to my question with such candor even in an e-mail, considering its bad form to directly criticize fellow developers and in this case a client using your engine. Lets just put it this way, he asked not to have his e-mail or identity used specifically because it could result in issues when seeking future employment as a developer. I aim to honor his request. I'll leave it at that.
  14. It was an emailed response that i no longer have. I would suggest going over to unrealengine.com and learning a bit about the engine Ark is built on and in no time you'd see how it is a fully modular engine design that is specifically made to be updated/upgraded even on projects late in development. Like with other engines, UE4 project code as any code naturally degrades due to changes in API and the engine developers have included a system which will detect and give deprecation warnings, allowing for the developer to make the appropriate changes and ensure a smooth transition to the newer version. It is not a difficult process but on fully fleshed out projects, depending on the quality of code it can be a bit time consuming. The only thing stopping wildcard from upgrading the UE4 engine is the time it would take to do the upgrade which should be done on a version to version basis which they should have done all throughout early access but they didn't, and the time and manpower (which = money) required to thoroughly test before releasing it to the public. Wildcard themselves created this problem by not updating the engine since 2015 except on two occasions. Now they're stuck with the choice of spending the time and money to do what they should have done or to say ,,I,, to everyone who paid money for a product that shouldn't have these game breaking problems and instead try and placate them with cosmetic updates until the user base is so small that any complaints can be safely ignored.
  15. It is in fact a teaser. I'm not referring to the top half of the drawing. I speak of the lower half. Maybe someone could correct me but I don't see a single "wildcard" employee who isn't dressed in pirate garb. Which makes no sense because I was under the impression that Atlus was being made by Grapeshot Games, a "sister" developer and NOT Wildcard, and that Wildcard will still be working on fixing and improving Ark. hmm.... This leads me to believe that wildcard and grapeshot are one in the same and grapeshot games llc was created for legal reasons in case atlus was a complete failure and consumers demanded their money back, grapeshot could simply go bankrupt and wildcards profitability would be protected since it's a different company. It's a shell game as the parent company's name, Snail games, implies.