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  1. Extinction is NOT an ARK, and thus does not have a true boundry, I like the idea, but yes, it does kill WAY too fast
  2. Warframe uses a basic system for management, ARK could very well do the same
  3. anything related to dino stats and taming, server rates, etc. ^I clearly see "rates" don't you?
  4. on topic: Why not official MOD servers? there's a good bit of things that could be shown off, and it's new experiences, the base game can only be stretched so far.. really now, I see you didn't even read the staff post, claiming it as a fact, when it is not..
  5. I'm sorry, but basic searching would tell you that Zenimax owns Bethesda. Zenimax is also founded by Bethesda's founders, so Zenimax and Bethesda? one in the same
  6. probably will after the xbox preview. PS4 has no early access model
  7. Let's make one little notice, WC is promoting it on their site, think about how that looks to the average person. also, they say "Pixark now available" and no mention of Snail Games till deep in the post. Same with the other ports we've had about ports/side projects. not everyone will read articles all the way though. Snail games isn't mentioned in any aggressive manner, it's hidden and buried in pictures edit: it's also not in the trailer, at all
  8. why the hell is this a server-side update with ONLY a beta branch?
  9. Xbox One X has to be using dx12, plus the hardware of consoles is fixed, so...
  10. so we have a win10 version. and Win10 uses DX12, are we getting DX12 on Steam anytime soon?
  11. so, just how many tickets, exactly @Jen ? When I was doing tickets and support I got through over 200 a night, on a bad night
  12. however.. they said "We will not wipe (ok, we might wipe 10%)" then they said "Legacy will receive FULL support" then they said "We will give ONE MONTH notice" then they said "Legacy will get no support, and we're killing 33% of the servers in 5 days"
  13. Well, we should be used to them lying to us. Flyer nerf rework (that never came) and now this is just the latest lie. 33% != 10% of the lowest population servers. did someone at wildcard fail math?
  14. club idk about. the sparkler was july 4th. and painting is not on xb1 either. I don't know why, but that is minor really
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