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      Upcoming Volcano Changes   04/27/17

      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. Would be good to know if you guys are getting it since the latest 4.2GB update.
  2. Hmm, interesting. Keep me posted regardless HeroicAge -- that R2 thing will be fixed soon.
  3. Over time it could lead to issues, and for now we would want to prevent that -- hosting and playing at the same time is pretty expensive (not financially, but in terms of hardware/performance). However, it seems that we have optimised the game quite a bit since the last time we increased the size of the barrier. I'll talk to the team to see if we can look into increasing the actual tether and show them this video, and see what they say.
  4. Yes the tether range not working is a bug and it will be fixed in an upcoming update.
  5. Not sure if you're able to help. I only joined to find out if I could get my data back. 2 weeks ago my single player island map server wiped. The entire map progress is gone: dino's, structures, supplies...All gone. I am however the same rank and did not loose my engrams. Then 2 days ago my center map did the same thing everything wiped out. I am not clicking anything different when I load up. Both times the Xbox froze when I tried hosting non-dedicated and invited a friend in. I then did a hard restart and it was wiped on non dedicated and single player...

    Looking for a solution. Is there anyway you can help me out?


    Xbox One: Interceptor455

    Ark: Homesteader or Homesteader455

  6. Hey Jat, 

    Thought I would mention a few things that you could potentially be aware or unaware of:

    1. Thylas - while climbing behemoths they have the potential to rocket up nearly to the ceiling of the map (and because they take very small amounts of fall damage consistently) fallong from that height  has taken the lives of a couple of mine. I have learned you can down the A button on Xbox to avoid going so high you die from the fall.

    2. Hard mode Dragon Boss - Boss area drops all items from all player and dino inventories causing players to come put empty handed after defeating boss. ( happened two times) 

    3. Wolves primarily - lose ability and option to ride dino. We tried unclaiming and reclaiming, whipping it, punching it, access inventory, follow commands, increase and decreasing tribe ranks.

  7. I've answered this question quite a few times, on the forums, on twitter, and on stream. Just gotta do a bit of digging sometimes The reason that levels were lost is because those were wild-levels which were randomly allocated into the 'speed' stat for a flier, which no longer exists. Why weren't they reimplemented? One reason is due to technical work which wouldn't have much benefit in the long term for the development team, better for them to focus on other things when time and manpower is limited. The second reason is that those points were randomly allocated, allowing you to freely allocate them would change your flier quite a bit. I know it sucks to see the levels go down, unfortunately, it's just part of the process when fliers were hit with this rebalance.
  8. Thanks for the info Zelveck! I'll be working with the guys to get this issue reproduced and taken care of ASAP. So the more information you guys are able to provide me, the better
  9. I'll be in touch sometime this weekend (hopefully) or early next week collecting the information for new winners, as for previous winners they can expect to be paid out shortly! We've done some hiring and now have actual managerial/administration staff internally, so we're a lot less like headless chickens and will be able to take care of prizes much quicker. I am very relieved and super sorry about the delay, it has been a very frustrating process and I truly appreciate how patient everyone has been.
  10. It seems like the common link is the Equus? This is a big priority so I will look into it now. If anyone has a reliable way to reproduce it, I would greatly appreciate all the information available.
  11. Is there anything we can do to make getting our lost characters recovered faster ?

    I just recently lost my character a few nights ago while finishing a trade with another tribe and while transfer back home the server crashed and rolled back and my character is gone.


    I put in a ticket and I am hoping the GMs can help me soon before my tames starve to death.

    1. grafvonvorne


      2,5 day ago  i lost my character too. they should stop the transfering option until they resolved their problems. 

      what is your status?


      greetings mark

  12. @F1nchyStryd3r Got an engineer looking at these
  13. Unfortunately, this is the case, we won't be able to do a service-wide rollback in this instance. Sorry, I had glanced over messages asking me about whether they'd be restored or not.
  14. Thanks for the info regarding the stacking, that likely slipped under the cracks, though our engram UI page hasn't been updated yet. We're got more UI stuff to come! And aye, that's accurate, we've got callouts to indicate that they're left + right. Also this is a really bad image, but it'll help (the PS4 actually has these changes now) please excuse the graphic Apologies, I thought I had replied. I'll have someone look into the server when they're available
  15. That's a fair suggestion. Ideally we'd want everything to be intuitive enough for players to work it out quickly, so we're going to be adding more call outs but I am letting everyone know in advance with the patch notes for this upcoming version (just released this moment on PS4) Server Side fix for the tickin' is now live on PS4, and it'll work for player dedicated! Cheers for the info about the splitting, we'll check it out! We're making some changes to the inventory hub which you'll see for this patch, we actually have ended up using the touchpad and the options button Hmm, I'll look into it too and see if the team can figure out what's up. Thank you for the information