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  1. Are you bringing survival plus to Xbox one.

  2. Can you try this, once you launch the game (and assuming the server is online) sit in the main menu for a couple of minutes before attempting to join, if you get invalid again, just wait a little longer. I think the issue is that the game is still loading prior to you joining.
  3. Sacrificed some new players to the Almighty Alpha Wiper
  4. You may remember me from such news articles as "Patch 255: Electrophorus, Microraptor, Ammonite, Thylacoleo, & Tek Structures!", and "ARK's Valentine Celebration". While you're reading over my introduction thread, your base will be unfortunately subjected to repeated raids...
  5. I thought this one posted on Reddit was pretty cool: https://i.reddituploads.com/49b545fee2dd4a96adc14e1329db7c08?fit=max&h=1536&w=1536&s=a4e9607bff28213e1eb63146ffb2fa7a
  6. Over a million, but I used cheats. Does that count?
  7. Is this something you're noticing recently, as in a new change? Or just an observation over time. Could just be that there's a value fat-fingered. Don't think we intentionally made em poop more, but I might be wrong about that - been a while since the Doed was setup.
  8. I don't think we can take credit for that - just a random occurrence with them wandering around. Perhaps they were chased their by a predator? Fleed to that location? As far as I'm aware we haven't made any changes to spawns nor their AI in this manner.
  9. We've got a first pass of an overhaul to the inventory UI that we should be able to release for this upcoming major version on PC (and shortly thereafter on console), there's still more to come with the UI too but it'll be good to get these initial improvements out.
  10. Thanks for the report, we should be able to get it fixed in the next major version.
  11. From what I understand the invalid password issue seems to stem from the game loading, what I recommend is after launching the game, hang about in the main menu for a few minutes before attempting to connect to the password protected server, this is why the single-player workaround works because to load into Single Player, the game has to be fully loaded. Going to see if Engineers can get this resolved for the next major version. This sounds like a corrupted save file unfortunately, or another crash different to the controller one. Do you remember the last thing that happened when the server was last working and taken offline?
  12. Hello Jat,

    The issue at hand is my tribe has been kicked from the tribe. HA. No one is in the tribe with all my stuff and no one knows why and I need some help. Xbox 768, Gamertags: RTTC SIR HUGGIE , RTTC Virulent , BlueRoseFire . I need a forced merger of the tribe "THUNDERCATZ" with "Tribe of Raphael"

    1. SirHuggie


      I am waiting on support, I am about to lose a year of work...

  13. when will the server to server problem be fixed carnt get to my server 603 pve my time on my dino,s is going to run out

    1. AngryGuy


      Man they lost data on 5 servers last month. If they didn't give a poop about all of us, then I think your wasting your time.

  14. hey jat, all of our tribes structures were deleted without warning. We haven't done anything against the rules so we think its a bug. Im on 462 prim, ive had this base for well over a year and have been on the server since the start. can you please offer  some assistance as e have lost so much for no reason.

  15. Hey jat, im a server owner of some pvp ark servers, after some extensive testing, there is a very real and clearly being abused glitch with auto turret duping, I'd love to take the time to show you.