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  1. As far as I know TEk Giganotosaurus is not tameable it is mission only creature. TEk Trike should work.
  2. If for regular Rex it is 66 tranquilizer darts then for X-Rex it should be 2.5 x 66 = 165 tranq darts. (For crossbow 92 x 2.5 = 230.) It is very expensive animal for taming...
  3. How did you guys get thousands of bloodpacks? Net time for getting 1000 bloodpacks is almost 1.5 hour ... and I neglect character healing...
  4. I tried to tranq X-Para L145 with bow - I used bola and after 21 headshots he was still standing. Then ran off without any problem... 9 headshots on standard Para should be OK so if for X-dino I has to calculatd with 2.5 more I was almost there (22 or 23 headshots needed).
  5. Like you, I know it is futile. I only pointed that statement was different... On Wyvern it ocasionally freezes my game (on Ragnarok). But candies on Extinction was valuable boost for my Argies and Managarmrs.
  6. Missing patch notes Please give us patch notes with complete list of what is new changed Last proper patch notes are from Love Evolved. Genesis release is missing and there is only description of small update v306.53 - 2/26/20.
  7. Graviphoton

    Genesis map

    I don't get it...
  8. No they explicitely said only "Valentines Chocolates and Valentines Candies will be removed following the Love Evolved event on 2/25".
  9. Did anybody test if grapling hooks works in Genesis? If it works you can used it for link to you flier and use commad moved there "."
  10. I quickly explored bioms and I understand why it is disabled. And I am perfectly ok with it. Use other instruments to get otherwise unreachable areas.
  11. Yes, Managarmr is now a good scout and light weight transporter. But it is not fighter anymore and as well as velonasaur lost its purpose as counter measure against corrupted on Extinction = its home map. What you can use against corrupted wyverns for example? What against Titans? I tamed Mana just before nerf so my joy was ruined very fast. I have level 260 with damage over 400 and after freezing enemy and doing dive attack it gives for the first hit ~1000 pre-nerfed (v304.2) = Yes, I can kill Corrupted Giga L25 but only after 25 minutes of hit and run fight which is pretty fair. ~1600-2400 after "nerf" with limited jumps but boosted damage (v304.22) = Corrupted Giga L50 in 9 minutes; lower levels of corrupted wyverns with 3-4 dive attacks. ~400 after patching dive attack miscalculation (v304.4) = I would say it was not so bad as I thought it would be. ~100 after silent nerf (v304.44?) = It is lower value than its primary attack. As you can see that during very short time Managarmr become 10 times weaker. I would not call it a good job.
  12. Yes I just have written comment on Steam forum about it: Lightning issues on Extinction A week or two ago I noticed weired game behavior on Extinction: a. Sudden burst of light even if I am standing still. Firstly I thought someting was in path of light (Ptera, Tape), but no there was not and it happened even in shadowed areas. b. Change of overall lightning when changing first person and third person when riding an animal. In third person picture is unpleasantly darker than in first person. Sample: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MR-EP3RHljBlf_OP5E6CZasalqEceKXl I did not changed game settings anyhow. I think I installed newer NVIDIA driver (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080) I definitely installled ARK updates. There is no problem on Ragnarok. 1. Does anybody noticed the same problem? 2. Does anybody know if there is a solution?
  13. After manually starting Winter Wonderland all Gacha Clauses despawn after singleplayer starts (directly before eyes, for a while I saw vectorized crystals and then it dissapeared). New Gacha Claus spawn lasts till another SP session starts. Event mechanism seems to be broken.
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