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  1. Limit is obviously due performance reasons. It can be limit by engine used, by method of using it, by incompetence of develeopers... but I guess the first reason is true. Do you want in real time game wait like bank workers do?
  2. New version is not working on my local .ark files. I can choose any map and I always get Content failed to load. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. While unfortunate I do not see Index out of bounds error and relation to the problem discussed in this topic...
  4. After 1.5 hour of gameplay it seems problem is gone! THX!
  5. The same problem here. SP + Genesis 2 + Index out of bounds. Going back to previous save (or older) helps but only temporarily.
  6. My single player result is 123.311 seconds.
  7. I think not only cryopoded creatures... I see all my tamed creatures together with wild ones. And Tamed Creatures tab is empty.
  8. As far as I know TEk Giganotosaurus is not tameable it is mission only creature. TEk Trike should work.
  9. I met with the same problems. First I locked account because I tried to login using Steam credentials and then forum rejects login even in browser on PC and reset password not working (I made several attemps). :-( P.S. This post is possible only because I have checked "remember login" in browser.
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