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  1. Already seeing an increase in box tribes claiming racism and saying they're filing tickets. Hopefully Wildcard will take the time to ensure they wipe/ban those who are actually guilty and not victims of people weaponizing the ticket system like what happened to me once. Would also be nice if WC opened servers in Asia. Ive gone out of my way to install language packs and to use real time google translation to communicate but half the time it doesn't translate properly, causing more problems. I should re-submit my recent tickets that got marked "solved" where nothing was ever done.
  2. You're glad that you're not the only one? At least you're on an unofficial server where an Admin can replace them for you. Those of us on Official can kiss them goodbye. I bet if i submitted a ticket, it would get marked "solved" and nothing would have been done. like every other ticket this past year.
  3. This really is a bunch of crap. It took a long time (many hours) to get all the scarecrows for these emotes and now they're gone. I just used the last of my mats to make a new "scream" emote and after consuming it, nothing showed up in the wheel. Gone. I could have gotten so much more stuff done over this event had i not wasted so much time running around gathering these items. I'm very disappointed.
  4. The amount that they nerfed griffins was absolutely idiotic. But that is typical of how wildcard does their nerfs. A scalpel is never used, only a guillotine. Here is what they did for those who weren't around at the time: Have any of you tried using a griffin that was anything less than a lvl 135 tame? They are beyond pathetic. I remember a long time ago Wildcard explained that "Fantasy" creatures wont be able to breed. Hmm.... care to explain why managarmr, gachas, velonasaurs, etc can breed? Wildcard should have made griffins able to breed when they did that nerf to at least partially balance out how worthless they became.
  5. Translation: They're lazy and more than likely freeloader tribemates if the only way they can farm metal is by being carried around while using a macro to swing the tail.
  6. It's a real shame that Wildcard has zero intention of ever providing higher performance servers. The game runs horribly on every official PVE map that i play on and before anyone says thats just because PVE maps have too many times and structures then could someone explain why wildcard game testers play on servers that are exclusively on AWS Cloud Gaming servers, while we 'the peasantry' play on Nitrado. How else would they be able to record such smooth gameplay for those trailers?
  7. Killing all their valguero servers? how so? we had a raptor overspawn problem. wasnt a big problem for anyone on the official im on. I'm one of the last people to defend wildcard but what you say is nonsense.
  8. Plenty of skeletal dinos on the official valguero server i play on. ice wyverns too. only thing missing is dodorex.
  9. Oh i saw. But at least normal gigas spawn on extinction. I just find it very bizarre to have something spawn on a map where that creature isn't even native. It would be like finding a reaper queen rampaging down the beach on the island annihilating all the bob huts. Im thinking of taking the ice titan back there and gathering massive amounts of bones. lol
  10. Yeah. Its all right there to see! I'm glad i took screenshots because i already had a few people call BS on me. lol. Seeing that fire wyvern on extinction was about as out of place as running into a fire wyvern in the aberration mushroom forest area on valguero.
  11. Wild Fire Wyverns on Official Extinction? Umm..... Wildcard? Since when are there wild Fire Wyverns on Extinction? I'm not talking about corrupted, but normal scorched earth/Ragnarok standard wild fire wyverns. Yes, this is an official server. Extinction443
  12. Chinese tribes have been placing teleporters above peoples bases on cliff platforms so they can send through tons of lvl 500 corrupted from the wastelands, and they rain down into peoples bases. Wildcard can stop this sh*t tomorrow by blocking wild dinos from being teleported. Will they? Nope. They also apparently refuse to punish chinese tribes. I have allies who have clear videos recorded via shadowplay of them kiting corrupted gigas into their base and wildcard did nothing. said there wasn't enough evidence. One thing is for sure though.... the moment one of us takes matters into our own hands and retaliates.... the ban will be immediate. It's not like they even pay for the damn game anyway. It's FREE TO PLAY which is why they have 20 accounts each and dont care about the rules.
  13. They are nowhere near completely pillared. The only places that are heavily pillared on the 5 servers i have bases on are the spawn zones. And thats because 1,000+ other people had the same idea as you and got there first. My advice would be to take whatever you can find, no matter how crappy... and start looking away from spawn zones. You're not going to get hidden lake on island, or the canyon on ragnarok, or any of the really cool ruins on the Center on day 1.
  14. And the duping continues to happen. So how about you slow your roll and once wildcard manages to find a solution to duping/meshing... then come back and we'll discuss a wipe. Till then, it will be no different than it is now. Maybe wildcard should actually enforce the game rules and when given video/screenshots of rule breakers, drop the f'ing hammer on them. And how about banning all the Chinese dupers selling 124 armor giga blueprints (and many other things) for REAL money. better yet.... region lock or at the very least kick players with high pings. High ping players absolutely wreck server performance .
  15. Most of the PVE servers i play on have plenty of open land. The problem is people you login and after 5 minutes of not being able to place a fire in the spawn zone, start complaining on global about pillars. How hard it it to understand that 1,000 other poeple have had the same idea before you did? You have to get well away from the spawn areas in order to get some dirt. I remember a while back a noob logged into our island server and needed a ride, and was pretty rude about it. Of course we had to ask him where needed a ride to.... and he replied that he's going to be building his base at 22-69. He proceeded to blow a fuse when all the laughing subsided. so entitled. lol.
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