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  1. Did you ever try snapping it to a working water pipe? I was surprised how many people didn't know that on PC.
  2. What he was saying was people need to chill out, there is more to life than a damn video game. Everyone posting here is upset to a certain degree. But acting like an entitled jerk doesn't make things any better.
  3. People were being completely irrational about what was going on with the screw up. And FYI, being thankful for what one has, regardless of it being the principal behind Thanksgiving, is not exclusively western or Christian. I've read the New and Old Testament, the Quran, the Hindu Shurti, and the Buddhist Sutras and this concept is a part of every one of them. The only group where this is not would be modern Atheism. Nobody is forcing you to do anything btw. But the fact remains that you're playing a game made by western company in the United States which celebrates our Holidays that are recognized by our Federal Government. If you don't like it and it offends you as much as you claim, then take a hike. Clearly you hate everything that doesn't conform to your own societal norm. You sound like you were indoctrinated by an American University, which i find amusing that you'd even attend one with views such as yours. I on the other hand have spent my life learning and appreciating other cultures and religions because they all have aspects to embrace to make me a better person.
  4. When did i say anything about this patch working without any problems. I clearly stated it was NOT working, was not loading and its being worked on. I also stated i was surprised how a problem like this can get past their QA people. And there was no sarcasm. You clearly accused me of being bought and paid for by Wildcard for being objective and not a raving lunatic like you're behaving. One of these days you should try acting like you would in real life when dealing with others online, because if you actually did behave like this normally it wouldn't last long for obvious reasons.
  5. Nothing was wiped. It just wasn't loading in due to a problem with the patch. If you looked at my post history you'd see i'm one of wildcards biggest critics. I just know from experience when and what to complain about. And behaving like you would make me look like a complete idiot.
  6. I refuse to use twatter. Wish they'd use their official website for communication more.
  7. No. He was talking in 'wildcard time'. Which is distinctly different from reality. I'd wager 2x should be about the multiplier applied to any time frame they state.
  8. Again... game time is not progressing since the servers initially went offline. Even when they came back online and were buggered, none of that time matters. Its all going to roll back to when the servers went down initially. the only thing you gotta worry about is getting back on when they're fixed since time begins again when they do.
  9. *sigh* People not reading the thread before posting. Ill repeat..... Wildcard has a team of official game testers who do the Quality Assurance of updates. Some are in-house, others are volunteers. I believe all the mods on this forum are testers as well. (runs and hides from GP) But the fact of the matter is, not everything can be caught in testing and stuff slips through. This screw up though, is different. Kinda hard to miss a problem in this case.
  10. The autumn trees is not a new thing. They've done that in past years. The same goes for the upcoming christmas event where at least on the island, they've covered the whole map with snow. First time they did that was in 2015 and boy was that an initial screw up. The whole map was super cold for the first day and anyone who was new to the server would just die from freezing. lol.
  11. Thats what i'm saying. They typically dont do so many updates during events. Most of this event just cut and pasted from the event in previous years.
  12. You dont have to be American to appreciate the concept of taking time in your life to have a meal with friends and family and be thankful for what you have. Thats what the spirit of thanksgiving is. all the other crap is the commercialization of it.
  13. Most of the time when they screw something up, its fixed rather quickly. Thats why I said that. Easily over 90% of updates since i began playing have been within a 15 minute window. I've been surprised how long these updates during the past few days and the frequency of them has been. My guess is most of the devs are gone for the holidays, which begs the question.... WHY UPDATE THE GAME WHEN NOBODY IS THERE???
  14. Wildcard is an American company. Welcome to reality.
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