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  1. They literally blew all the money they were going to use to develop Ark 2 on an electric car company which just went bankrupt, so instead of Unreal Engine 5 being a free upgrade, they decided to nail everyone for $40 instead even though we've bought the original game and every DLC since.
  2. That's the thing, you CANNOT run your own server cluster with these rules for ASA.
  3. Then maybe they shouldn't be charging $40 for us to beta test for them. They had originally announced this was going to be a free upgrade as seen here where they backtracked:
  4. Early access is simply weasel words for "The game isn't ready yet, so don't complain about the bugs even though we sold it to you for $40". If the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade was Free to season pass holders like it was originally intended, or if the price for those people was reduced to say... $20, then perhaps i'd agree with you. But the fact is promises were made but not kept, and it's annoying as heck to pay $40 to be someone's beta tester.
  5. Racial disparity? You mean like how for every black person murdered by whites, there are 8 whites murdered by blacks? Or how you are twice as likely to be shot by police while unarmed if you're white than if you're black? Last year 10 unarmed blacks were killed by police in the US, 20 unarmed whites. And most of those unarmed killings were completely justified because they involved the suspect attempting to disarm the officer to kill them. In one of the incidents three cops were shot, with one of them dying in the hospital afterward. But still it has been called "unarmed killed by police". What happened to George Floyd was despicable and was straight up murder. Those involved have been arrested, jailed, and will face justice. The nation was all in agreement with this, but of course groups seeing an opportunity couldn't help themselves and have tried to start a race war. The democrats set loose Antifa who destroyed black businesses and neighborhoods while inciting violence in those communities. Not one single democrat has come forth and denounced their actions. Their silence is clearly acceptance of these acts. We have equality in the United States. Equality of opportunity. Everyone has the ability to achieve greatness and wealth. Just look at Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas, countless actors and sports figures. All black and most came from poor backgrounds and made it to the top. Morgan Freeman was asked if Race has anything to do with income inequality and look at his response... What this country does not guarantee is equality of OUTCOME. And it shouldn't. If you want to make it big, you gotta work for it. It shouldn't be handed to you and it is deeply anti-American to punish people who did nothing wrong except being born white to give others an advantage. Taking cities hostage and making demands like whats going on in Seattle today is not going to change anything. Have you even seen their list of demands? This isn't a group wanting equality. They're even demanding white people sign over their property to blacks. Last time something like that happened it was the Nazis forcing the Jews to sign over their property. It's insanity.
  6. Kinda like the quetzal? Griffin? Reaper? With how badly they ruined Griffins, they should have least made the damn things breedable. Their excuse at the time was they didn't want "fantasy" creatures to be bred. Well.... lol. The magmasaur, mana, bloodsucker, ferox, and like a dozen more creatures kinda throw a wrench in that
  7. But can it grind up all the crap we won doing missions on genesis since wildcard decided it cant be ground up in the Inbd Grinder. There are already caps on mats obtained using the grinder, this latest 'not grindable' crap is stupid
  8. A wildcard employee didn't make the Tropeo. That was made by those modders who made Crystal Isles.
  9. Enabling transfers did not ruin SE, aberration, ragnarok, extinction, or valguero. Nobody is forcing you to use them, you can play with your crappy dinos all you want.
  10. Agreed. Upload timers were added as a solution for duping, and all it did was make dupers more patient. It never actually solved anything. Getting rid of the timers is the right thing to do.
  11. Re: Server Crashes since 310.29 possibly caused by throwing out cryopod. Our Genesis server 594 has crashed about 8 times now since the update and the past two times it crashed at the exact moment i tossed out a cryopod. Maybe this info can help if wildcard actually reads their own forums (which history shows they don't). *sigh*.
  12. It's crashing when you throw out a cryopod. Last two were exactly on the moment when i tossed out my anky.
  13. Since the update PVE GEnesis 594 has crashed 4 or 5 times. Box tribes on my server are rapidly uploading as fast as they can.
  14. Did you ever try snapping it to a working water pipe? I was surprised how many people didn't know that on PC.
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