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  1. Clearly they're too busy working on paid DLC. Tek bridges have been broken for over a year now where they can't be snapped to anything so no matter what they have a 12 hour timer. So whats the deal WildCard? Is there a fix.... "A little further out?" (for those not getting that reference, wildcard used to have a list of features in the patch notes that were coming and then another that were "a little further out". Most of them never happened like DirectX12, and some which came literally 4 years later like Extendable Length Bridges aka Tek Bridge.)
  2. Racial disparity? You mean like how for every black person murdered by whites, there are 8 whites murdered by blacks? Or how you are twice as likely to be shot by police while unarmed if you're white than if you're black? Last year 10 unarmed blacks were killed by police in the US, 20 unarmed whites. And most of those unarmed killings were completely justified because they involved the suspect attempting to disarm the officer to kill them. In one of the incidents three cops were shot, with one of them dying in the hospital afterward. But still it has been called "unarmed killed by police". What happened to George Floyd was despicable and was straight up murder. Those involved have been arrested, jailed, and will face justice. The nation was all in agreement with this, but of course groups seeing an opportunity couldn't help themselves and have tried to start a race war. The democrats set loose Antifa who destroyed black businesses and neighborhoods while inciting violence in those communities. Not one single democrat has come forth and denounced their actions. Their silence is clearly acceptance of these acts. We have equality in the United States. Equality of opportunity. Everyone has the ability to achieve greatness and wealth. Just look at Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas, countless actors and sports figures. All black and most came from poor backgrounds and made it to the top. Morgan Freeman was asked if Race has anything to do with income inequality and look at his response... What this country does not guarantee is equality of OUTCOME. And it shouldn't. If you want to make it big, you gotta work for it. It shouldn't be handed to you and it is deeply anti-American to punish people who did nothing wrong except being born white to give others an advantage. Taking cities hostage and making demands like whats going on in Seattle today is not going to change anything. Have you even seen their list of demands? This isn't a group wanting equality. They're even demanding white people sign over their property to blacks. Last time something like that happened it was the Nazis forcing the Jews to sign over their property. It's insanity.
  3. AndrewLB

    This game is BROKEN!

    Oh this is just the icing on the cake. I just logged in and checked the tribe log and my giga which vanished while standing next to me as i activated the mission has now died in a cryopod according to the tribe log. Thats impossible since i walked to that mission on my giga after freezing my magmasaur which i used to go through the volcano on. You can see here where i froze the magma after exiting the volcano and unpodded my giga.
  4. AndrewLB

    This game is BROKEN!

    This game is BROKEN! I've been playing Ark since summer of 2015 and have had an incredible amount of patience with the bugs over the years whether it was your body falling through the ground, or the harvest bugs, or long standing bugs like the transfer system which deletes characters at will... which of course would get solved right away if they'd ban/regionlock a certain protected class of players who didn't even pay for the game (yes, its free-to-play in China). But none of that is why i'm writing this post. About an hour ago, i began to initiate the mission in the volcano biome called melee medley or some crap, and when it started.... my 100% imprinted giga just straight up vanished without a trace. I then get mobbed by dozens of dinos which killed me, and upon returning after respawning there was no body or bag which happened to contain my lvl 250 magmasaur, 298% shotgun, tek rifle with 500+ dur, full set of hazard with 700+ dur. Not to mention, the giga had a 124 saddle, 1300% dmg, 36.9k hp, 1150wt, and 100% imprint. I searched that whole quarter section of the volcano biome and then some, even went to 50-50 (well... tried to get there) and discovered the favorite place for lost dinos to show up is the damn master controller arena location. So far nothing showing up in the tribe log about the giga being killed or vaporized by the stupid anti meshing which does NOTHING for PVE servers but kill dinos who clip into the mesh due to bad programming, and not ill intentions.. So why add one more feature to make servers perform worse? Also, there were only two other players on the server at the time and i know neither were running around in the volcano area stealing bags. tl;dr Why is wildcard apparently incapable of fixing long standing problems like my best bred and imprinted Tusos going poof during transfer last week (no servers crashed, they just poofed) or my best giga (and ones belonging to two others) just magically going poof in the volcano biome? I've had a long standing theory based on what was said by "the right hand" a few years ago that most of these problems can't be fixed without an engine upgrade. And before anyone objects, i was told by a UE engine programmer that the engine is designed to be upgraded with all customizations back ported into the new version and the only thing stopping this game from being upgraded is money (they'd have to temporarily hire a UE engine coder) and the will to do it. I really wanted to see this game through till the very end but sh*t like this is making it VERY hard for me to. No other dino i have has poofed. Only two of the most obnoxiously time consuming dinos there is to raise. funny how that works.
  5. Kinda like the quetzal? Griffin? Reaper? With how badly they ruined Griffins, they should have least made the damn things breedable. Their excuse at the time was they didn't want "fantasy" creatures to be bred. Well.... lol. The magmasaur, mana, bloodsucker, ferox, and like a dozen more creatures kinda throw a wrench in that
  6. But can it grind up all the crap we won doing missions on genesis since wildcard decided it cant be ground up in the Inbd Grinder. There are already caps on mats obtained using the grinder, this latest 'not grindable' crap is stupid
  7. A wildcard employee didn't make the Tropeo. That was made by those modders who made Crystal Isles.
  8. Genesis Transfer Update.... problems. Whats wrong with this picture? Been like this for 10 minutes since the update.
  9. You guys apparently screwed something up. PVP? ShooterEntry?
  10. Its not just loss of confidence regarding bug ridden patches, its the transfer system in general. In the past three weeks i've had 3 tribemates lose characters while transferring because box tribes on two of our servers are intentionally crashing it in order to dupe stuff. I know this because i keep battlemetrics open in my web browser and there are 2-3 players on each of those two servers that ALWAYS login together then two of them leave just prior to crashing it. They even brag about doing it, not knowing some of us have installed a language pack to show the characters instead of boxes, and google translate for iphone uses the camera to view the screen, and it replaces the characters with English. So basically if you login just prior to them crashing the server, you lose your character.
  11. Good advice. especially because if lots of people are downloading dinos, a server may crash and poof... goodbye dinos that were just downloaded.
  12. The issue is if you're over deeper water where the platform is above the build height limit, it wont let you snap together dedicated storage, or electrical wires or pipes once they are connected to a generator. It says "too high above ground". Also, if you place a gate onto the celings, it wont let you place the door unless the gate is placed directly on the platform itself. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2067961995
  13. It's probably the cave in the canyon that is nowhere near any artifacts. I never understood why you cant build in there. The general area is 41-43.. its got water coming out of it and a litlte pond out front. and waterfall down into the canyon.
  14. So essentially what has happened is Chinese tribes have invaded NA and EU servers and use them for dino breeding farms and for server crashing/duping, completely ruining the game for everyone who plays on the servers, then they send their duped crap and bred dinos back to home servers since they can only transfer in one direction. Since this change, almost every NA server I play on has gone from decent performance and very rare crashes to constant crashing and horrible lag. At least 20 long-time players on my main server Ragnarok68 have lost characters due to the server crashes, including one two of my tribemates in just the past week. Wildcard switched the server to different hardware and while it was fine for 2 days or so, as soon as the box tribes log on and start bragging about duping in global chat (yes... some of us installed a language pack + use google translate camera on our phones) and BAM... down goes the server again. I mean come-on.... what's it going to take? Even if you caught these dupers and ban them, they just use a new e-mail for a new steam account and download the game since in China its "free-to-play" so any punishment costs them nothing. Which begs the question, why are people who get the game free even allowed to play on the same servers of those who pay over $100 for the game and dlc??? They use every exploit they can to steal eggs from bases, then laugh at you saying they wont be punished and if they do, they'll just use another of their dozen accounts. I've personally reported this activity to a GM along with screenshots and NOTHING was ever done about it. I was told i didn't have enough evidence even though the guy admitted it in the screenshots. *sigh* And i dont' even want to get into the topic of them selling stuff for real money, which is the wwhole reason why they're doing what they do...
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