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  1. Make fishing great again! Just to make things clear, i'm not advocating for fishing to be returned to how it was during the first 24 hours after it was added to the game.... or even how it was in the months after that. The mechanic got nerfed so bad that even with a 477% effectiveness ascendant rod, you might be lucky enough to get a garbage mastercrafted blueprint using honey and catching a 2.0x+ sized fish. 99% of the time even with a fish that size, the loot is almost always ramshackle and apprentice quality. Using a rod with under 400% effectiveness will get you primitive and ramshackle stuff. And a rod thats 300% or lower, you can't even get a blueprint. For me, it's not even really about the blueprints. I've already got an amazing collection. But back when people actually fished, it really brought people together on the PVE servers I was on. Tribes would all build fishing boats and everyone would hang out and actually be social with each other while fishing out on the central river. It was one of the only times since i started ark in 2015 that i really noticed a sense of community. During that time period I got to know a lot of people who later became tribemates when the game had its official release. When the last nerf came to fishing, it all came to an end and tribes all went back to doing their own thing. And its really a shame that something that brought people together so effectively was absolutely ruined, thanks to an overzealous nerf.
  2. Here is what i had to say during the debate of whether or not the Early Access servers should be wiped when the game had its official launch. This was when wildcard came up with the idiotic idea of creating legacy servers that would only be wiped if they were dead, which obviously was a lie as well. Just like today, all the new players back then were demanding a full wipe and didn't care about all the hard work people put into the game. It was clear they thought if they pushed for a full wipe that they'd then have the chance to be an alpha tribe and thus become the same "oppressors" they complained daily about at the time. I hate to brag, but i couldn't have been more right when i said that.
  3. AndrewLB

    Season Pass

    You guys actually thought they would add these two upcoming DLC's into season passes that were specifically for Scorched Earth and two additional future releases (aberration and extinction). How do you think they pay for all those hundreds if not thousands of lackluster, lag ridden, Nitrado servers? I mean, Cedric's good looks and massive biceps, as nice as they are, can only do so much.
  4. 1. Valguero was created by a modder. Wildcard had hardly nothing to do with it, and it shows. no red mushroom effects, radiation zone is absolutely pointless, and the attention to detail just isn't there. Guess that's why it was free. 2. If you had played through Extinction and saw the ending or read the explorer notes, you'd know that it wasn't the end. 3. Content creators for the most part are not involved with post-launch bug fixes. But i do agree with your sentiment that the bugfixing has been largely neglected by wildcard. The only way they'll be able to fix meshing is by updating the game engine to one of the much newer builds of Unreal Engine. They could do it since the engine is fully equipped to do so, and all the customized code can be easily backported into the updated build. A while back an Unreal Engine developer explained the process on their site. it was quite interesting if you're into that sort of thing. The reason this hasn't been done is the process of ensuring all the custom code still works in every way once updated, is a very labor intensive and expensive thing to do since its my understanding it can only be done by a game engine programmer or a graphics engine programmer who has the skillset to modify the game engine as opposed to content creators (the vast majority of devs) who build upon the engine as the foundation. Chances are wildcard doesn't even employ an Unreal Engine programmer even part time. 4. December will be approx 1 year since the last wildcard created release for the game. They have always released new DLC on an annual basis. I'm not sure what you're so surprised about. I want to make a point again since its so important.... FIX THE BUGS! There are countless bugs that have been around for years now. I'd also like to know whats up with DX12 and the RTX features wildcard eagerly jumped on the bandwagon in order to get free exposure. Its now time to deliver on that. Or lemme guess..... is it... "a little further out..." ?
  5. What happened to being auto-kicked for inactivity? I'm a bit confused here. Over the past year, I've had a few times where due to lack of sleep since raising things such as gigas is total cancer, nodded off while playing ark. Almost every time i wake up to the title screen music and it says i was kicked due to inactivity, and every time i login and find myself dead and my gear already decayed and all the babies i was raising.... dead. Not to mention recently having a cryopod on me with my favorite drake... *sigh* There was a time where i could have sworn the kick system would kick you simply for inactivity, specifically for not moving your mouse or hitting a key for X amount of time. I know this to be the case because i remember some people who did a lot of breeding and would be afk for extended periods would use a type of macro in order to stay on the server. I usually keep up with ark news fairly well but i cannot remember ever hearing about a change to the way the kick system worked. You may wonder why now am i asking this. Well earlier today i had something come up and left ark running while laying on the floor of my base and completely forgot i had the game running. I just walked in the door, 9 hours later (according to battlemetrics) and figured the game would have kicked me due to inactivity.... nope. Still laying there. Water at 38/100 and food almost full to my surprise. not sure how that happened but i was wearing full hazard and was laying by 25 air cons. So essentially, the game will kick you if you die and are inactive (making recovery of gear and/or dino difficult at best if you were traveling and nodded off), but if you're just laying there in your base taking up a slot on the server... you don't get kicked? IMO it would be nice if Wildcard would bring back the "if you don't touch your mouse or keyboard for 30 minutes, you get punted" system.
  6. Everyone's server screen has that red text at the top. Try updating the game and verifying game files in steam.
  7. Reminds me of this a$$hat on my extinction server who was butt hurt over me getting one of those swimming pools up high on a building, so he got into my incubation room (likely using a Quetz) and stole three 425% base dmg giga eggs (this was valentines event) and then bragged about how pissed I'm gonna be. I logged in shortly after to find them missing, and luckily an ally screenshotted his comments and discovered the thief renamed his tribe "Three Giga Eggs". So i paid him a visit on his home server where i asked for my property back, and he said he didn't take my eggs. Strange that I never mentioned what was taken. So it was clearly him. Sent all the evidence to Wildcard in a support ticket. Guess what they did? Absolutely nothing. I was told i didn't have enough proof.... as if him announcing he did something, changing his tribe name, and knowing what was stolen wasn't enough evidence. It's as if they do everything they can to protect the bad guy.
  8. If you want VR, go get pixark. If wildcard made a VR version of Ark Survival Evolved, it would even beat out Atlus as the dumbest move they've made as a company. VR is a fad, hardly anyone has it, and it will go the way of 3dtv in due time. Currently less than 0.5% of steam users have a VR headset. Thats not a market worth dumping money into.
  9. There are plenty of people out there who simply refuse to use Twitter because as a whole, the site is somewhere between dog crap and Congress. Survivetheark.com is the official website for Ark and should be where any and all information that affects players should be located. I'm not saying they can't post on Twitter, it's just that site should be secondary, if that. There is nothing more frustrating than planning out part of your weekend based on information provided in the Community Crunch only to find out Friday afternoon that changes were made that completely ruined your plans, and you had to go to a third party website to have been informed of it.
  10. When are you console peasants going to realize that it is NOT a benefit that we PC users get these updates/maps/etc first. We get them first so Wildcard can sort out bugs and other issues since updating the console versions is much more time consuming and costly. You should be thanking us for putting up with the countless issues that are then fixed by the time you get the update. Personally, i'd love for Wildcard to launch a map or major update on Console first so you can see what we have to deal with. But if they did, you'd all raise hell over being used as guinea pigs to test broken features all so the PCMR can enjoy a smooth, bug-free launch.
  11. The command center that controlled all the Ark's while in orbit was the implant shaped building west of the city on Extinction.
  12. I don't think that is accurate. A box tribe had dumped a bunch of eggs all throughout the trench on the official server i'm on and it got to the point where no wyverns would spawn. Not until a bunch of people cleaned them up did the wyverns spawn again. Also, when people dump deino eggs, the nest they came from doesn't despawn, which prevents new eggs from spawning at that location. Other locations do still spawn but if enough eggs are dumped, there will be zero new eggs.
  13. To start off, i haven't played legacy since before the launch of the new official servers approximately two years ago. I gave up everything to friends and allies and haven't looked back even though I strongly objected to the dishonest and quite frankly, insulting way Wildcard delt with a group of people who essentially made Ark. No, they didn't physically make the game but they (we) spent nearly two years reporting bugs, experiencing horrible game-breaking updates on occasion, and as a group did the work that Wildcard could have possibly afforded to do in-house. Heck, we PAID to test your game for you. As a thank you, whether it was the right decision or not, Jeremy Steiglitz promised there would be no wipe when the game went retail, and this of course became a major issue for Wildcard and they needed to find a way to back out while retaining their player base. Legacy was conceived in order to please a very vocal PVP player base who spent two years being cannon fodder that wanted a full wipe, thinking they'd have a chance to be the oppressive alpha this time around. Promises of support and a months notice were made for those unfortunate enough to be on a literally dead server so they could relocate. Which then turned into Zero support and less than a weeks notice while at the same time adding a 30-40 minute timer to all cross server transfers (you really can't make this up). Almost two years later wildcard has wiped countless PVE servers, many of which were far from low population. Many of the new official servers have player counts lower in fact. I know there are probably tons of people playing on the non-legacy official servers who will be advocating for the wiping of whats left of legacy, largely for selfish, utilitarian reasons. In fact, i'd love to see new types of gameplay and server types added, but I do not want this if its players on Legacy servers who have already been burned enough by false promises and flat out lies, are the ones who will suffer. I know many will argue that legacy should be completely removed. Of course these people don't play on legacy and only have something to gain. But i bet if you wiped one or more of their new official servers that never has more than 2-3 players on it, they'll quickly change their tune. IN fact, i'd much rather see that type of server wiped before Wildcard wipes another legacy server with a consistently solid player count. I'm sure there will be plenty of disagreement with that ive said, but as a person who has played Ark since summer 2015 i've seen it all. Legacy players have been through enough, and wiping them would really be the final insult to your most loyal customers. They'll never buy another game you make. Newer players in stark contrast who dont care about legacy and want those servers repurposed for their own benefit, may get 8utt hurt over being told no, but contrary to their manufactured outrage, you wont lose them as customers.
  14. Most of the S+ QoL features are just way too cheaty. I mean, did anyone honestly expect them to add the S+ nanny? One thing I am highly disappointed about was the decision to not include many S+ strcuture snaps. LIke how in S+ a ceiling will snap even when added to the edge of a foundation. and how S+ pillars dong have the top sticking through the ceiling.
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