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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Part 5 - "Abby Who?"

Flont and I landed in Aberration and promptly set out to acquire flyers as usual so we could scout around a bit.  Wait, there are no flyers in Aberration?  What about just using the map?  Hah!  There are so many layers on top of one another (all underground) that the map is very difficult to use.  We fell back to the ancient method of using landmarks.  "Go that way and turn left at the place where the fungal tree used to be before we chopped it down for firewood..."

Ravagers are the bane and the savior of Aberration.  They are everywhere, running to pounce on you and eat you just like Raptors everywhere else.  Did I mention that Aberrant Raptors knock you from your mount and pin you down just like the "good old days"?  Anyway, if you can get just one Ravager by itself to tame (they usually come in packs and get pack bonuses and mate-boosting bonuses) and can tame it, they reduce weight on just about everything (even better than Argys!).  Don't stop with just one, get a whole pack and you will not need to fear anything.

Before we attempted anything with Ravagers, we tamed Iguanodons.  We needed something to carry stuff and to sacrifice to the carnivores while we ran away.  I figured that Iguanodons would last longer than Parasaurs plus maybe do a bit of damage back.  Top-level Iguanodons (hatching at over level 200) are not bad at all.  They can even take on a small pack of Ravagers.  I had thought Iguanodons mostly useless before, but they really shine here since you can catch them with just a bola (i.e., before you work up to building "big guns").

Our goal is Spinos.  Anywhere there is water, there are lots of Spinos and Crabs (Karkinos).  We are in the middle of breeding top-level Spinos to go hunting for Rock Drake eggs.  Rock Drakes are radiation resistant.  Even though we can craft Hazmat suits, we still need a mount that will survive in the radiation of the surface (and in the red zone).

We started and built in the green zone, which has lots of plants/fungi and such.  The blue zone has lots of rivers although the green zone also has some water.  We have not yet ventured into the red zone, but I expect it will be full of radiation.

...and watch out for Basilisks that shoot balls of poison.  They are about like Wyverns, except they do not fly.  At least they get distracted easily with other critters like a Rex.  We might be able to hunt these from Spinos, but we have not attempted it yet.

That brings up up to our current situation.  Have fun taming and dying out there!

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Crying in the darkest corner of my base...
After losing my own full breed line and several dinos i recently bought.
Due to starvation while all troughs and maewings were filled...
For the rest scrolling trough my multiple bug reports in the hope for fixes or solutions...
And for the rest wasting time farming resources to buy/trade more dinos so they can die to other bugs and glitches.
Ark: Glitches Evolved ❤️

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(Official, Valguero) Short day today. Bred dinos (arthros, yuties, gigas, rexes, wyverns and spinos), only kept arthro eggs.

Unpodded Xeno and wyverns. Hatched arthro egg from the last time, put the baby with the maewing.

Put more element into the generator.

Wandered with one of my magmas, killed things.

Returned home, repodded Xeno and the wyverns, filled the trough in the large carnivore corner because gigas are endless hungry voids even when just standing idle, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns. Moved now-grown arthros to the pit, lured some dinos in there for them to eat.

Unpodded my clean sino male and bred him to the new female - and got the right result on first try, male and with new stam inherited! Repodded the clean male and the mut female, since I got what I needed from them.

Filled the maewing, unpodded Xeno and also the ankylo and the yuty - decided to start raising them again.

Fed dinos.

Bred rexes, gigas, wyverns, spinos and yuties. No eggs are staying.

Went to the trench, got milk, and also ate all the eggs.

Returned home, fed and imprinted wyverns (Alduin is fully imprinted now!).

Podded argents and Cinderella (Alduin's mother), because I have no luck with argents and Alduin is big enough to believe that I won't need his mom out in case he dies and I have to redo him.

Imprinted Xeno (and he's fully imprinted now), podded yuty, ankylo, and all wyverns except for Icicle. Icicle and Xeno are staying out for the night.


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Got a private server going with my partner - we've just started venturing through Aberration a few days ago. He's setting up to take down a Karkinos while I've been doing a lot of messing about with materials and building up the goon squad (my pack of raptors and ravagers for protection). Poor guy spent hours trying to find a single shinhorn and get it back home while I was napping the day we moved to Aberration, only for me to venture towards the blue zone for the first time and have two just straight up waltz around the corner as soon as I'd finished setting up the outpost. Checked out the bioluminescent zone for the first time, got lost, then made my way back towards home with my new little buddy!

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Hopped on a bit after work last night - went on Ragnarok and went to hunt down the unicorn I thought I saw the other day while I had no taming food on me. Ended up finding him and bringing him back home! 

Then moved on to the aberration character, after transferring a chainsaw for her. Loaded up on oil, element dust and scrap metal from some tek babies and wild tek creatures now that I could. Tried to make my way back to the blue zone and failed to remember what way I went originally - needed to come back to work today so there wasn't time to figure it out. Gonna download a picture of the map and mark paths to/from the various outposts we got to make this easier xD

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(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Checked the wyverns, fed trike.

(Official, Lost Island) Fed the wyvern.

For now that's all. And yes, I did this because I scrolled up, didn't notice my actual last sidebase check, though my second-to-last was the last, and panicked, thinking I have to check on everything RIGHT NOW because that one was a long time ago

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PVE official

Island: Moschops have been spawning on my beach at a high rate, and since I noticed recently that I am low on superior kibble I said what the heck... and now have a small army of moschops in pods.  I take them out every other day and get a new set of eggs for kibble. easy peasy.  

Took new tribemate to fight beta dragon last night.  Always fun.

Crystal Isles: I don't know if it normal for wyvern eggs to spawn this high or if it's just from the birthday event, but I found a 210 blood egg and a 215 ember egg this weekend.  Very happy with that.  Gave the 215 to my new tribemate.

Ragnarok: Raised wyverns.

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(Official, Valguero) Wanted to have a long day today: filled a maewing, unpodded wyverns, yuty and ankylo, hatched the sino egg from the last time, bred yuties, wyverns, gigas and rexes, fed everything...

But realized I'm too tired already for a long day, so only played for about half an hour before podding the babies back up (except for the sino, he'll be fine).

At least I got two good eggs today: ice wyvern (clean, female, stam and melee inherited) and spino (female, but melee mut and the color isn't all that bad).

And that's all for today.

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Ragnarok: Hopped on after work yesterday, got the industrial forge up and running and several metal runs later, built up an incubation chamber. Found a decent argy while I was out and about, tamed it - thinking of using him with my female for my first attempts at mutation breeding? First shot at breeding out babs was a dud, but there’s always another egg!

Hopped back on today, rearranged the main base. Collected a ridiculous amount of berries and thanks to the industrial cooker mass produced some dye. Painted our home, so it’s no longer plain metal but instead black and purple x) Also - I’m pretty dang new to this game, relative to a lot of people, and I made my first kibble x)

Aberration: Hadn’t hopped on for a few days so I loaded up after finishing my stuff on Ragnarok. We gots a pregnant shinehorn! Goats are one of my favourite creatures so I’m super excited about the baby, whether they turn out well-statted or not. Thinkin about using their charge capacity/charge regen stats for mutations at some point, mostly cause those seem like the best choices for a shinehorn and I really want to do some cool colors with then. The ‘rejects’ of the shinehorn breeding program shall get to live a nice long life in a pen on my single player “I like these things but can’t justify keeping them” file x)

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Aberration: Had a very chaotic fight against Beta Rockwell. We completed Gamma 'the proper way' a few months back and it was a hot mess. The Beta seemed totally out of reach, but... I wound up needing some extra levels and people assured me the fight would be easy if we only went in with no tames, cactus broth and shotguns. Oh boy. I only had the resources for one attempt, so my partner and I hopped back on Non-Dedicated and prepared. Multiple fantastic pump guns, 900 - 1000 bullets each, multiple armor sets. My nerves were already raw when we teleported in, since the last time was such a near disaster.

In the beginning, everything even seemed to work. There were very few of the dreaded plasma balls, and we did fine until the reapers spawned in... Once again, my partner aggroed one, got stunned by it and then eaten. He'd just get pulled back into the arena via the tether mechanic. But of course he respawned without the cactus broth buff, and this meant that Rockwell unleashed the full amount of plasma balls, and these will find you no matter if you have cactus broth on or not. I kept losing armor because even with multiple weapons, catching every single ball before having to reload is impossible. In the distance I saw my partner run around trailed by multiple reaper kings, dying again and again, and each time meant more plasma balls. I just tried to hold out until he got his inventory back, and the boss was finally on his last tentacle and last sliver of health, but I was under the impression that I had to keep stalling. At this point I was legit hysterically begging for my mate to hurry up, since when I, the host, died, everything would be over. And I could not survive like this any longer. I was almost out of armor and bullets. My mate on the other hand mistakenly thought that it was I who had to get my inventory somehow and did not understand the urgency related to him! Finally I had to make the call and finish the boss off. I was totally rattled. Hands shaking, feeling twitchy and as if I'd aged a few years. We cleared up our communication f*ckup, and I realized I'd fired upwards of 800 rounds. Oof. Even with Single Player settings on, even with all the additional experience, this fight was once again a reality check. My respect for all the more skilled players who make this look like a breeze!

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Day off, so I hopped on for a few hours this afternoon - might play again later, but for now I'm a bit worn out.


Ragnarok: Went crystal and poly collecting to make up some more cryopods then made those cryopods up. Noot and Noodles' second egg was laid before I went out, so I let it incubate while I was gone. I wasn't paying attention to base stats when I got Noot so I'm figuring out what they are through the babies XD Bab two was alright, but didn't have her dad's weight which is what I wanted to see transferred the most.

Aberration: Didn't get a whole lot done, but I stopped on by. Mostly was at the base crafting supplies for the next outing me and the partner end up going on. Little Bagby is growing up well, and Betsy is pregnant with his little sibling now!

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(Official, Valguero) Unpodded babies. Hatched yesterday's eggs and put the spino with the maewing and the wyvern with the rest of my growing wyverns.

Bred gigas, yuties and rexes. Yuty egg stays: melee, weight, health, gray-and-white, male - you know what that means? A perfect breeding pair, that's what! I don't normally bother with perfect pairs, but this one just HAPPENED.

Went to the trench, milked two wyverns, returned home, fed the wyverns.

Wanted to try MEK for taming a rock elemental (I already had the right module and some ammo), but didn't want t o bother with a low level and didn't have enough kibble for a high level. So I gathered some deinon eggs, made more kibble, in the process discovered that two of my crop plots are out of fertilizer and both hives are so out of flowers that they started to lose health, fixed that, ran out of honey, took bear and tried to look for wild hives, found none, returned home, put the kibble and remaining Lazarus chowder into the fridge, and put the MEK back into the cryofridge because didn't feel like doing that today anymore.

Took my fire egg run wyvern, went into the fire part of the trench, Got two 55 and a 180, barely escaped alive, had to eat one of the 55 to move faster. Checked eggs, cracked eggs. No good, the 180 that I had big hopes for had worse stats than my (so achievable that they're kinda low) best fire wyvern stats.

Repodded babies, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Filled the maewing, unpodded babies. Hatched the new yuty and put him with the maewing.

Moved newly-grown sino to the coop, bred him (no new muts). Now using previous breeder sino as my glider sino.

Fed dinos.

Bred gigas, rexes and spinos, nothing good. Had a new mut on rex, but not health or melee, so yeah. No good.

Decided I had enough fun with the arthro pit, so podded the arthros and destroyed the pit. Then put three of the arthros within the base on wander and aggressive, in a medium range leash, so that they'll keep doing their thing but in an useful way, taking care of anything that spawns in the base. Other four pit arthros are in the fridge.

Went to the trench, got milk. The wyvern I got it form looked good and was a decent level (160) so I checked if there was an egg of the same level, but there wasn't. A pity.

Fed the wyverns, imprinted ones that needed it.

Took theri, went to the swamp for mushrooms. Accidentally aggroed two dimorphs, sino scream was on cooldown, died (theri couldn't reach them reliably enough to kill them)

Respawned, took wyvern, went to get back my inventory, theri and sino. Got killed by a sarco as I was approaching the theri.

Respawned, took Phobos (my giga), went to retrieve my inventory, theri, sino and wyvern.

Did that.

Had to gather mushrooms all over again though - turns out the first time, when I was trying to escape from the dimorphs, I accidentally dropped theri's whole inventory instead of just wood so all my previously gathered mushrooms already decayed.

Returned home, put some of the mushrooms into the gacha trough and the rest into the fridge.

Took giga again, went hunting for fun.

Killed an alpha raptor, saw that there's another AND an alpha carno, left giga and used my sino to go home for the chibi real quick. Returned to the giga, killed raptor and carno, hunted some more, returned home, repodded babies, and that's all for now (will check on sidebases later).


(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed trike.

(Official, Lost Island) Fed the wyvern, grabbed a few drops.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, checked the wasteland (part nearest to my base) for blue drops, found none.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Extinction) Went to check for blue drops. Rode all the way to the desert dome, but had no luck.

Then a meteor shower started, had to wait that out.

Went to check again. Nope! All I found was an element vein (easiest). Did that.

9 stacks of dust, 64 element, a bit over 2 stacks of shards.

Broke element into dust, uploaded all the dust.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust and made it into element.

Bred gigas and sinos, nothing good.

Podded and unpodded ankylos, Loyal (the carbo) and Death of Bugs (megatherium) - they once got into the arthro leash's range and now keep returning there. Hopefully getting podded-unpodded will stop them form doing that.

And that's all for today.

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Haven't played today yet (was downloading the update, then downloading the new map, and now using CompactGUI to squeeze ARK down to a size I'm more comfortable with because though I still have a bit over 200 GB left, I prefer to see a bit more space), but I took a look at the Fjordur spawns in the wiki, and I think I'll finally be abandoning my LI sidebase - Fjordur will make that one completely unnecessary!

The plan for today is to start an unmodded Fjordur SP save to see how it is, what's there, where's best spots to spawn - that sorta thing. And yes, I haven't tried Fjordur back when it was a mod, so I literally have no idea.

I already made a copy of my modded CI save in case the survivor replacement glitch happens (main reason I don't like to have more than one SP save at a time - each survivor is made for a specific map, a specific save, so having one replaced with another is not a good thing).


So! (Unmodded SP, Fjordur) The spawn zones aren't bad, I actually think that any "Easy" one will do when I decide to make an actual sidebase there.

So far out of Fjordur-specific critters I only found desmodus.

And I figured taming out of my own, without looking it up (predictably, a "give it bloodpacks or it'll drink form you" tame) Even tamed one (semi-honestly: used infinitestats).

The least pleasant part of taming them is that they seem to be spawning in pairs, so you end up being picked up, dropped, and instantly picked up by another. Maybe trap them and kill the extra? I'll figure that out later.

Takes a lot of bloodpacks, though. Like, A LOT. Like "is this thing supposed to be tameable by one player, or is the whole server meant to contribute to taming one desmodus?" kind of a lot. Second one would be much easier since they create bloodpacks by attacking when tamed, so no need to consider jumping into an industrial grinder to get enough blood all on your own.

The bat itself is cool. Okay speed, great looks, pleasantly animated flight. I definitely want one for my main base.

The map is rather beautiful, and runs really well. I like how the drops and obelisks match the map instead of being regular, tek-looking things.

So far that's all.


More of the same. Found hawks and andrewsarchs. Andrewsarchs are unpleasant to tame, and when I tried out a force-tamed one I wasn't too impressed, so that's not a thing I'll be getting for my main base. Hawks are pretty cool, though.

Definitely gonna get some x/r critters, owls looks pretty decent, maybe something else, too.


(Official, Lost Island) Uploaded the few valuables I had and my wyvern, to retrieve back on main base. Learned some engrams - I remember DLC engrams not being learnable on Fjordur for some reason, so I grabbed the few Abb and Ext ones I didn't have unlocked on that character yet. Uploaded survivor and went to one of the Fjordur servers. And that's the last you hear from me about LI (unless I start a modded SP save there).

(Official, Fjordur) Harvested wood, thatch and stone, made tools. Killed some dodos and dilos, made clothes and canoe, but wanted to explore on land a bit before putting the canoe on water. Big mistake. The greatest downside to being a rex-breeding, giga-riding, wyvern-raising survivor temporarily playing as new (high-level, but since item and dino transfers aren't open yet I'm essentially a bob on this map) is that you kinda forget about things you feared back when you really were new.

Yep, troodons.

Died, chose a different spot to spawn, built two foundations, mortar&pestle, forge. Got a bit of metal, made a smithy, then metal hatchet, pick and a crossbow.

Tamed a tek para, got narcoberries, made narcotic.

Tried to find something keratin-giving nearby but no luck.

Demolished the foundations, put para on the canoe (yes, it fits) went to a different beach. Found a ptera, tranqed.

Got keratin from some trikes and carbos. Lost para to the trikes, but didn't need it anymore anyway.

Made ptera saddle, tamed the ptera, found a spot to build a base and built it. It's tiny and it's ugly, but it'll do. Currently it has a water reservoir, a bed, a forge, mortar&pestle, and a box to keep stuff in.

I got a bit of metal and left it in the forge to smelt.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the things I uploaded. Fed dinos. Checked if the idiots (ankies, megatherium and carbo) stopped running into the arthro leash (they did. Good).

And that's it. Didn't even breed anything today.

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Wow... it's actually amazing coming back here after 2 years of Ark, looking up all the misshaps that happened 2 years ago. Most of the things I wrote I still remember quite vividly. However Ark has become a very different story for me now. Most things I do these days are breeding and Boss fights or preparations thereof. Resources are no longer an issue, no matter which ones. Even Element is a plenty, which I barely knew back in the days, let alone how to use it. This game really takes you a mile and then another.
Now, Ark2 feels around the corner, but knowing the release strategy of wildcard, I don't expect it too soon. There'll likely be a delay or two. But from the reading many of the shortcomings of our beloved original will be addressed. So ... we may hope :)

Have a nice day everyone.


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(Official, Fjordur) Decided to increase the size of my base a bit, since in the future a rex will happen (by taming it on the map), and a wyvern probably too (by sending a breedject there once transfers are open). As I was doing that, saw a level 20 trike fall into a hole near the edge of the cliff I built on. Easy tame!

So I tranqed it, built a thatch foundation with a ceiling and three ladders to reach it safely, made a saddle, tamed the trike...

And couldn't get it out. Making a pod would be too hard (getting to the snow for a penguin, finding crystal, getting to a drop or an obelisk...)

Obvious Solution? Teleport to another realm with the trike, then back home.

So I went to Asgard, and back...

Except I couldn't remember where I live.

So I jumped around. Killed an andrewsarchus, because I spawned on top of it and it really didn't like it.

On another spawn lost my ptera to  different, higher level andrewsarchus. But at least I managed to kill it and loot my ptera for the saddle.

Third spawn - a 145 rex. I survived, trike didn't.

Fourth - freezing. Definitely nowhere near my home.

Fifth - same.

Sixth - near the third. Shot the rex to death with the help of another survivor, then found a level 60 ptera and tamed it.

And finally with my new ptera I found a way home (of course I couldn't teleport near it! Turns out it's not really near any spawns). Grabbed a few runes, too, to level the ptera so that it's more usable. Now it has 500 stam, and any points it gains from now on will go into weight. Also found my first good drop on this map - a 30-something ravager saddle.

For now that's all.


(Official, Valguero) Filled a maewing, unpodded babies (only spino and yuties, wasn't in the mood to harvest berries for the ankylo). Unpodded wyverns.

Bred gigas, spinos, rexes, sinos and dodos, nothing good.

Went to the trench (fire part of it), nearly got my wyvern killed when getting rid of the three ices near the entrance to the fire part of the trench, he was down to 600 health. Had to spend a while healing him with meat.

Worth it, though: got three eggs, levels 85, 95 and 190. 85 and 95 cracked, 190 stays: female and with better weight than my best (39, my best weight on fire wyvern is 37).

Repodded babies and that's all for today.

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(Official, Fjordur) Tamed a new trike. Didn't get this one killed.

Gathered narcoberries, made narcotics, then - tranq arrows.

Got some chitin and keratin, made an owl saddle.

Went to get an owl. Finding one wasn't hard - what was hard was finding a trap that's unlocked (or at least open on one end) whose owner isn't online at the moment (I'm just not comfortable using a taming trap when there's a chance actual owner could need it while I'm still using it. Yes, I'm weird)

Found such a trap, tried to lure the owl (male, level 20) to it...

Forgot where's the trap.

Found the trap again, found the owl again, lured it inside, tranqed, starved for a bit, tamed.

Even though Owlmazing (that's what I named him - and out of my three tames on Fjordur he's the only on whose name isn't species name in reverse. Because lwO wonS-R would be just weird) is such low level he's still MUCH better than the ptera at literally everything, so ptera will be only kept as a spare.

Also, found a maewing BP. Only 30 armor primitive, but still. Uploaded it and yesterday's ravager saddle.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the saddle and BP. Fed dinos. Hatched the wyvern egg, podded the baby. Short day, yeah. It's because I'm potting most effort into the Fjordur sidebase right now. Once that's developed enough to be actually useful I'll play Valg properly again.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed trike, gave one of the wyverns more crystals.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. 

And that's all for today.

I'll be keeping and maintaining Ext and CI sidebases for now, but once item/dino transfers to Fjordur are open I'll upload the dinos and valuables and abandon them, keeping Fjordur one as my only sidebase, since there's literally everything, all I need is the means to actually get that everything.

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So , I started my epic Fjordur adventure (single player, slightly boosted stats). I had a great start, no aggressive creatures nearby except for a single carno in the distance. I got up to a shirt and leggings of cloth within 10 minutes, with two flint axes, two pickaxes, and a bunch of spears, (some for my tribemate when he logs in). I went out exploring for a little while. Found a lvl 90 parasaur, decided to tame it later for berry harvesting, hauling, and travelling. Found a few harvestable bee hive things on a sort of cliff. I also spotted one of those abandoned ships with a bunch of good loot. By this time, my tribemate had logged in and gotten up to level five with a full set of cloth for us both. I whacked the crates and got two metal hatchets, a pick, a crossbow, a bit of scrap metal, some wood, and some spoiled and cooked meat. All in all, a pretty good haul. I started the trek back to our base, as it was getting dark by then. It was pitch black and freezing, so I pulled out my torch and kept walking. All of a sudden, I hear loud footsteps. With the iconic sound of a giga. As soon as I realized, it was too late. A level 135 R-giga (I had no idea those could spawn. Pretty cool, actually. FYI, this is on the second south easy zone-XD) popped it's head out of the trees and one-shotted us both. I was in shock for a good 20 seconds before I spawned in one of the easy zone north places. Within 10 seconds, I had been attacked by titanomyrmas and meanwhile mauled to death by terror birds. My tribemate suffered the same fate. The sound of our bodies getting torn apart was so loud, my mum asked me to turn down the volume. I spawned again in a different zone, and then promptly almost froze to death and then decided to switch to creative and find that R-giga again. What can I say? I was curious. I then proceeded to do other random stuff, such as find a magmasaur, none of which is worth mentioning.

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Played the new map for a bit.

Saw I can't get engrams needed to use stuff on the map. I'm not downloading other maps because I just don't have the storage space for it (even though I have the DLC itself).

Taking a break until they patch that in (they will). I'm eager to get a rock drake (on this map to be clear). Going to get the egg on foot with a grappling hook though. Yes using a dino is easier, but that's exactly why I want to do it on foot. For the challenge. Should be ok if I use a ghillie suit. Maybe make a gliding suit too.

Hmm... Not sure if they're going to patch in the glider actually. Since it's not related to dinos on the map. I think you can make them on lost island. I might have to transfer between maps after all.

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