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  1. Hello Survivors, today I have two little episodes to tell. I've done a lot of grinding and base work to get a solid foundation on the chaos-server (valguero), but I'll spare you the details. It takes some effort getting used to playing on a 24/7 server, though. Those food-troughs never last long enough. Also I had some health-issues at the end of last week and couldn't play, so feeding the dinos has been an issue. Luckily a fellow player helped me out. I would've been in some trouble otherwise (since I didn't have any cryos then and all the Dinos were sitting at my base). ====== Epis
  2. Oh well... my last session was a catastrophe. Though only a minor catastrophe... this game can be very unforgiving and when you get tired and keep playing it only gets worse. So here's an abstract. I was playing the chaos server/valguero again. When I logged on I noticed that most of my reserves had spoiled. The preservation-chambers had run out of powder. Bad planning. I'm not used to playing on a permanent server. Need to adjust the amount of powder. Set out to look for a Doedi Level 140 or 145 (max Level on this server is 150), that I had seen the other day and failed to tame. Actual
  3. I found out that if you train Iguas for speed, they can become pretty awesome mounts, since they don't require any stamina to keep it up. The berry gathering is a bit lackluster, but it works. At least the berry-conversion is really nice Have fun. I like those fellows. Eleusius.
  4. Well... just a quickie, since it's getting late and I need to catch some sleep. Visited Valguero today (the "chaos-server", named such by it's creators) and grinded stuff. Need to advance in levels to get access to several engrams. Bola'd a 95-Ptera and managed to tame it. went straight to level 140. Wow. On my own server I started so much slower and always had so much trouble picking up flyers (for the first I don't know how many sessions). Kept grinding. Couldn't ride the Ptera (too low level for the saddle), but had it gain a few levels. On the way back to base, we found a stuck phio
  5. As someone mentioned palaeontological data - I've heard they weren't placid (i.e. you wouldn't want to go near them as opposed to Ark) and there are findings of wounds on Trike-Horns, which are ascribed to TRexes. And many of those wounds have healed - meaning that for some reason the Trike survived the battle. Maybe they outnumbered the Rexes. They sure were a powerhouse. Oh well... let's play ark. It's still a fantastic (buggy) game, even though trikes aren't as good as they should be. Eleusius.
  6. Well... if you don't like single player you can always host your own server (if your computer has the resources to do so). No need to rent a server. It's what I do, since I found that after some progression in single player the game got a tendency to crash often. Now, when my client crashed I can log back in on the server without much ado AND it crashes way less frequent than with an "all-in-one" solution. HTH! Regards Eleusius.
  7. Hey all, I admit that ever since I tamed my first Trike I do have a knack for them. They're so good early game and besides packing a punch, being easy to maintain (with all the berries they harvest, you'll always have plenty of food no matter what) and after all just sweet. Now... for having a knack for Trikes... I'm having crazy ideas about them. Maybe even start breeding them. Maybe even start breeding them and taking them into a boss fight. Well, I haven't done anything like that, yet. Not even a boss-fight with "recommended" creatures. But... does anyone think they're good for at
  8. Oh well... I got my 200+ crossbow from a lowly alpha-raptor. Easy kill, nice pickings.
  9. Hey guys, as for character level progression, this game is very nice to the players - i.e. your level progression is really easy. It's the only thing easy, though (as far as I'm concerned). While soloing the Ark is certainly fun, I've recently been invited to join a cluster of freaks (just like me). For Epic-Players like myself they only have Valguero map, but that's fine. A nice shift from the island So I played my first evening on Valguero this time and let my own server sit in the corner for a while. A bit weird, after achieving a couple of long-time-goals recently starting fro
  10. Hey guys, it's been a while, but I've accomplished a few things. I took on a daily routine to check the swamp where I had last seen a Dimet, since I really need one to do any breeding. It's simply too hot in my area and temperature is sometimes a bit random (i.e. jumping up or down rather than changing). And electricity is still a far way to go. So it's got to be a Dimet. Those guys unfortunately don't live in the friendliest environments and they aren't the most frequent, either. First attempt failed, as I had told you the other day. Well... seeing that place regularly did help and event
  11. Oh, come on... you know we're all here for the stories, dontcha???
  12. Thanks guys. I guess that's the best I can do for now. In the videos I've watched on the topic, people often had tools to see the stat-mutations directly, but for all I know, those are mods and thus unavailable. I hope I can get started with this thing, since albeit tedious beind reckoning, it also seems like fun when you manage to get into the direction you want to. Also some cool colours are awesome (at least sometimes). Have fun! Eleusius.
  13. Hello all, if I start breeding I have understood the basic process. However I haven't been able to see mutation-levels on any dino, yet. I'm playing on my own server, but since I've the Epic-Version I cannot use any mods. So what do you use to "see" the mutations on your dinos? Also... some people suggest you start with the lowest level no mutation dinos and some suggest you start with "optimum stats" dinos, which can be searched in the wild by comparing the stats of an unconscious (ready-to-tame) dino with dododex. That's kind of a contradiction. Can anyone clear that up? Thank
  14. Just a short overview... went out to tame a Dimet or a Doedi, again. Came back with two Trikes - as if I had none. But these are high-level Trikes, which can be awesome (already have one). Set one of my low-level Trikes free outside my base, but it refused to move on. The quest for the other tames continues. Regards, Eleusius.
  15. Hey all, well - I was talking about fun and frustration being next door neighbours with this game. And as if the game had been spying on me, it was about to proof just that. I was having fun with my airforce, killing stuff around the swamp, hoping for a Dimet to show up. I could really use one. For the time being, I was just harvesting hide and meat and looking out for my real goal. Well... it didn't show up. Just around the time when I thought I'd call it a day I turned around counting my party. Not that I hadn't done that in a while - I'm almost continuously checking for a complete part
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