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  1. I'm just here to pay tribute to Beach Party Mammoth on your official art. It's a genius idea. Love all the fan art as well!
  2. Re: Abortion ruling -- I'm not from the US, but thank you for taking a strong, humanist stance in this matter. I'm grateful and feel a lot of respect for you speaking up. I'll be linking this article to friends as well. While my own country is currently taking steps to further de-mystify and decriminalize reproductive issues, it's terrifying to see what's happening over there. So again, thank you. I can assure you that this sentiment is shared by a lot of people from my circle who are not active commenters. Re: Wiki -- I'd like to help, am just not tech savvy. Can one just become an editor and improve articles here and there casually, e.g. adding spawn links when missing? Great to see so much active effort going into the wiki. I'd like to fully switch to the official wiki but so far I've had to resort to the fandom one relaitvely often.
  3. Aberration: Had a very chaotic fight against Beta Rockwell. We completed Gamma 'the proper way' a few months back and it was a hot mess. The Beta seemed totally out of reach, but... I wound up needing some extra levels and people assured me the fight would be easy if we only went in with no tames, cactus broth and shotguns. Oh boy. I only had the resources for one attempt, so my partner and I hopped back on Non-Dedicated and prepared. Multiple fantastic pump guns, 900 - 1000 bullets each, multiple armor sets. My nerves were already raw when we teleported in, since the last time was such a near disaster. In the beginning, everything even seemed to work. There were very few of the dreaded plasma balls, and we did fine until the reapers spawned in... Once again, my partner aggroed one, got stunned by it and then eaten. He'd just get pulled back into the arena via the tether mechanic. But of course he respawned without the cactus broth buff, and this meant that Rockwell unleashed the full amount of plasma balls, and these will find you no matter if you have cactus broth on or not. I kept losing armor because even with multiple weapons, catching every single ball before having to reload is impossible. In the distance I saw my partner run around trailed by multiple reaper kings, dying again and again, and each time meant more plasma balls. I just tried to hold out until he got his inventory back, and the boss was finally on his last tentacle and last sliver of health, but I was under the impression that I had to keep stalling. At this point I was legit hysterically begging for my mate to hurry up, since when I, the host, died, everything would be over. And I could not survive like this any longer. I was almost out of armor and bullets. My mate on the other hand mistakenly thought that it was I who had to get my inventory somehow and did not understand the urgency related to him! Finally I had to make the call and finish the boss off. I was totally rattled. Hands shaking, feeling twitchy and as if I'd aged a few years. We cleared up our communication f*ckup, and I realized I'd fired upwards of 800 rounds. Oof. Even with Single Player settings on, even with all the additional experience, this fight was once again a reality check. My respect for all the more skilled players who make this look like a breeze!
  4. Happy Anniversary! All the art and screenshots you posted for this one are great, and the fan picks as well. Keep rocking!
  5. Mod maps share a folder and the survivor data with the default (Island) map. To my knowledge, this can't be changed. I'm sorry but your The Island character got deleted the moment you created a new survivor for Fjordur. Do you have a backup? If not, you'll have to use commands to give Kyrie's stuff to a different survivor. To prevent this from happening again, upload your survivor into an obelisk every time you want to change characters, and always before creating a new one. Or use the same character for The Island and all mod maps. Edit: Was unaware that a month had passed. For the commands you need, see here.
  6. (Glacius) Final 'episode'. Had another go at the Cave of the Pack. There are no maps and the few youtubers who tried it all had to resort to admin mode and got confused themselves. All agree that the cave is extremely difficult. I brought five therizinos with prim saddles, a pair of bears with good saddles, three saddled steppe bison and my shoulder dimorph. The strategy was to whistle this group ahead of me to take care of the purlovia. I'd use my bison Thor to assist with the fighting as much as possible, and he turned out to be an excellent cave mount. He was never in any real danger, but the other bison took crazy damage. I have no idea why they performed so badly. One died and I had to cryo the other. Then I noticed the female bear never made it into the cave. Tribelog says I froze her, and that was the last I saw of her. Something must've happened to her cryopod, which I never found again. That was an unnecessary waste of time and a good saddle...! The other bear was without a mate that way and I had to constantly worry about him until I was finally forced to cryo him as well. The theris however proved to be extremely viable in the cave, even with primitive saddles. We fought our way through tunnels stuffed full with ravagers, allos, wolves, dimorphs and purlovia and the occasinal kapro mixed in. It just never ended. I was in there for hours and didn't find the terminal, and I also lost half my theries bit by bit from them getting stuck on icicles. Everything in the cave is designed to confuse and get you turned around. Finally I went back to the beginning and found all my theris again, then tried the whole thing once over. By this point my hands were cramped and I just wanted the damn cave to end. We finally reached the terminal. I still had Thor and all five theris, one of which was close to dying. I threw down my dimorph to aid in the upcoming fight, then summoned the Tek Ravager boss. We defeated it without problems but I was almost too tired to care, also the loot it gave was really bad. It barely replaced the dire bear saddle I'd lost with the female. I picked up two blue drops on the way out which also weren't overwhelming, but more importantly several stacks of plant species Omega. Back at base I planted the seeds, which grew into humongous thistles that actually look really beautiful and whose juices will help tremendously with surviving the planned super-cold zones. But until that update is ready to be distributed, I'll give the map a rest. I feel I've achieved the main goals that are currently available and it's been lots of fun. I'd recommend the map to anyone who's looking for an Aberration-style challenge and hope the creator doesn't lose his fun working on this project. It certainly left me with a lot of admiration for the ambiton and creativity that went into it!
  7. mantenga presionada la tecla ctrl mientras hace clic en su personaje (traducido con google, lo siento)
  8. (Glacius) Today began normal and then turned rather ridiculous. I have a cryofridge now and spawned myself a chibi basilisk to kinda motivate myself to face my fears, since the ice basiliks were rather scary. Also, the Harrowing Steppes are riddled with alpha rexes and I need the extra levels. Decided to kill yutys and make a good fur blueprint that I've been sitting on. I took Thor (bison) for killing and a theri for harvesting but nearly gave up when a bunch of allos and purlovias handed my ass to me before I had even arrived at my destination. After that, everything turned a bit funny. First off, the bison are too large to aggro purlovia, which is nice to know, because cave. Then, their secondary attack deals even more torpor and wherever we went, I knocked out low level animals which I then decided to keep and drag around with me. Soon our group had grown by two ice rexes, a small daeodon, a random wolf and an ice velonasaur. I felt f*ing unstoppable. The formerly terrifying steppes were our playground now. Mounted the argy to grab a drop real quick - turned around, and my whole pack was gone. Swallowed by the fog, and it took me 20 minutes to find them again. Note to self: the GPS doesn't just exist to make my inventory heavier. In the end, we killed enough yutys and several alphas, and only one of the rexes died. I got a dino leash from a drop, leashed the Loser Pack and built them a feeding trough, then went home and made the new fur piece. Maybe I'll soon make another attempt with the cave. But I have a bit mixed feelings. On one hand, I love the concept of the map. The progression reminds me of Aberration more than anything, which is completely awesome. On the other hand, I've been playing really much because RL allowed for it, and things are still going very slowly. The mod maker also revealed that the next cave boss will be at the end of a revamp of the Elemental Vault, dismount the player and kill gigas within seconds. Right now I don't think I'll be up to the task. Guess if I saw a Youtuber do it first, I'd know it could be done.
  9. (Glacius) Otters, bison and seals I had a very lucky moment when my parasaurus indicated an enemy in the water and I felt like checking. It was an X-otter! I dropped everything I was doing and tamed it. Otters are extremely rare on Glacius by design. Actually, this one is so precious I'll probably never take it out from fear of losing it. I bred my bison and got a couple of good calves. I named one Thor and crafted a saddle for him, which is hella expensive. I've also imprinted a female to get a little battle herd going. Then I procrastinated by clearing a nearby plateau and walling it in, still no idea what to put up there. To get myself going again, I decided to ride Thor the bison towards the penguin colonies, level him, see what he was capable of and probably tame an acrophoca this time. Bisons are gigantic, feels like riding a tank. I squashed so many poor jerboas who were hidden in the grass walking over them. The bison's attack is ridiculous in how much torpor it deals. To experiment, I began headbutting carbonemys and trikes. Unleveled, Thor knocked out a lv 65 trike with 1500+ torpor in one hit! He probably dealt even more but then I ran into predators and began leveling. It was amazing and hilarious to see 6 ice allos scramble like mad and get stuck on each other trying to get away from the bison, like the scene in The Lion King where Mufasa runs off the three hyenas. I made it into the outskirts of the Harrowing Steppes and didn't find any good seals but realized I wasn't cold. The bison insulates like a basilo or ferox does, how handy. I did see a 130 quetzal and had to tear myself away. Maybe another day. We checked the icebergs again, and there I finally found acrophoca with a decent level, meaning, they took two instead of one bison headbutt to knock out. They can be ridden without a saddle, so back at base I made some scuba and went out with the female seal to gather some fish for her and her mate. Damage wasn't overwhelming but she could hold her own, and she heals crazy fast from eating fish. They also have the insulation buff. On the same trip, I accidently aggroed the manta swarm around a lv 90 X-basilo so I seized the opportunity. Unfortunately a smack of cnidaria caught up with us. I got dismounted, but the seal did not get stunned and killed all jellies that attacked her. Not bad! Ended the day by breeding a seal pup with the good stats on the first try. Next I'll probably make a cryofridge at last, if I don't get distracted again.
  10. (Glacius) I needed to get a new jerboa, it seemed foolish not to have a weather radar in the freezing zone. So I went all the way back and got one, and good thing I did. Next, I wanted to see what I'm up against with the bison. I put down sleeping bags, put on a full suit of ghillie and took cactus broth, then approached a herd to see if I could get close enough to feed one. Nope, it oneshot me immediately. I then farmed up the materials for a trap in the freezing hellscape of rexes, basilisks and yuties and collected more drops with my argent. I reached the southern coast and set up my trap near a herd of bison with two lv 110+. On the way there I had to kill not one, but two alpha rexes, good xp for the argy, though. Temperatures were at -37°C during daytime, and even with over 60 fortitude and fria curry on, changing into ghillie made my health meter drop rapidly. I still got both bison, and it was a breeding pair, too! Felt super thrilled, heart pounding and all. On the flight back, I got the blueprint for unstable element (yay!) when my jerboa started growling. It was what I had dreaded. I would never make it back to the quetzal in time before the weather hit. So I immediately found a safe spot and put down a sleeping bag and my tent. Thankfully, that was enough to survive the -59°C, but by now it was night and the blue fog was so thick you couldn't see a thing. When I sat in the tent, suddenly I heard the footsteps. Then the roar. Rex. I rushed out of the tent, and out of the icy mist emerged a tek rex, eyes and lights blazing white. I killed it with my argent, but that's going to be one of my favourite Ark memories ever. Thank the Ark gods I had the jerboa or the supercold would've hit while I was in mid-air, and that the rex didn't arrive while I was AFK. When the extreme cold wore off, I continued on towards my flying base and arrived in swirling snow with the worst visibility yet. I waited out the night and put as much of my loot on the argent as I could, then left the quetzal there and flew back to my starter base. Next up is bison breeding and getting the saddle.
  11. (Glacius sponsored mod map) I cooked all the bison-compatible kibble I had, all recipes that could help me against the cold and the wild animals and stocked up Airbase Alpha. Last I tamed a jerboa for extra weight saving and to have a little co-pilot that could warn me of adverse weather, which is a thing on Glacius. I gave her my heaviest resources and ammo to hold and off we went. The flight towards the mountains was beautiful, but visibility went down to almost zero as soon as the "Harrowing Steppes" came in sight. I parked the quetzal up high and did several short drop hunts with my argy and shoulder dimorph. I got a better bear saddle and okay backup furs, also some 'freezing arrows', otherwise nothing spectacular. Then I noticed the jerboa was missing. She had jumped out of a closed building, passive and encumbered with my gear. I tried to find her again but couldn't, even though I searched until nightfall. Currently hovering dejectedly over the Harrowing Steppes, probably trying to get a bison tomorrow.
  12. Achieving goals on Glacius! I have a glowing Ice Ankylosaurus now. The freezing zone is the only place where ankys spawn, so I took my argy over there, grabbed the highest level I could find and dropped it down to tame - next to an ice golem. So with the last bit of stam I snatched it back up again, and a short time later it was mine. Named it Ötzi. Getting resources feels so comparatively easy now, I could cry. I had all the metal I needed for the industrial cooker now. I also found out that the ice you can mine from glaciers not only stacks to 100 but also works like preserving salt. I was missing the polymer needed to finish the cooker, but on my way to the penguin colonies I came across the quetz again, a dusty looking lv. 70 above a safe area. Got really excited at that and aborted the polymer run to prepare best as I could to solo tame the quetzal. I wanted a mobile base so badly! Parachuted above it and netted it, but the first time it got out of my dino gates. So I made more, ready to spam them all over the bird, and the next time I found it, I couldn't believe it when it worked. I cannibalized my cooker materials for a platform saddle, named the whole thing Airbase Alpha because I was so damn glad and built a snow hut on it. Snow tier buildings give great insulation but are super fragile. Seems predestined to be on a flying platform to me. ARK's building system tried its best to screw with me, but in the end, I had it. Some more mining and soon I was back where I started and on my way to the penguin colonies again. Decided to check out the icebergs, but only one of them has spawns at this point. Polar bears, kairuku and acrophoca, which are the map-exclusive giant seals. I knocked out a low level, but they seem to be piscivore and I didn't have fish meat. So I harvested it and its buddies for their blubber (can be made into marine oil), farmed up the penguins and finally crafted the cooker. I have now no real reason to procrastinate visiting the scary areas anymore. Still feel super uncomfortable with the thought. Then again, I'm curious about the bison. I said goodnight to my 'realistic' brown featherlight and logged off.
  13. The plot thickens on Glacius. Specifically, the large crop plot I looted shows 'irrigated' even though it's not. Fine by me, but it snows enough to keep my plants growing anyway. Wind is always strong enough to keep my turbine powered, and I've started raising tek paras for oil and metal. My backyard is full of therizinosauruses that give me a feeling of safety. To progress further, I'm going to have to do a whole lot of cooking, and since S+ is unavailable and all I have are vanilla cooking pots, I'll grind towards an industrial cooker, even if it takes ages. Maewings make the map more bearable. I didn't want to rely on flyers but it's such a relief. They can clear out rocks with their crazy take-off explosion (often taking the valuable nodes with them but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take...). Beaver dams on the bottom of lakes only? Done. Drops in the snow zone? Done. The latter feel a lot like the surface drops on Aberration. And then I got cocky and three snow allos cornered my maewing Chungus against a cliff face. I threw out my bear grenade, then died from fall damage. I wasn't worried about my tames, they were pretty strong and they had my shoulder dimorph to help them. But when I returned on my snow argy, I only saw the bear taking down the last allo. The rest were nowhere to be found. I then saw my maewing on the top of a tree. It wouldn't follow and disappeared when I chopped down the tree - okay, so I had to assume my other two creatures were glitched. I tried all conventional Ark wisdom to find where they might have glitched to, and after a long time looking finally resorted to unkosher methods to get them back. The map is hard enough without that kind of bugs. I got a second maewing saddle out of the ordeal, a better stego saddle too and better fur blueprints. Wondered if a stego could help to survive the purlovias in the artifact cave. I really want those omega plants. Finally, I tried to dive for one of the oceanic sulfur deposits, which are the only way to get that resource. I cooked up a lazarus chowder, got on Chungus the maewing and just risked it. I didn't expect the water to get boiling hot, but it makes sense around the volcanic vents that produce the sulfur. I could harvest some in peace and even got a bit of condensed gas. I'll hang on to that, since one of the tributes for the boss is a charge battery.
  14. Making some progress on Glacius. Have a total of three cryopods now. Got a maewing saddle from a drop, just one, and the engram is locked. Today I took my beefiest Maewing out to hunt drops, anything to help me survive in the cold zone. I tried to air drop a bear into the waiting enemies around a blue beacon, but everything turned chaotic. Was ready to give up when I found more crystal, then went over the mountains again and into the freezing zone. This time, it went really well. I still took damage, but looted better furs as I went along. And a large crop plot. Took it out of spite, will plant potatoes in it. I also caught a first glance of the steppe bisons that live on the map, need to get some of these. They get pack bonus, give insulation and deal massive torpor. Stared wistfully at a quetzal. When I arrived back at base, I saw that I also got a BP for net projectiles, which are unlearnable by default as well. Lastly, I wanted to see if I could take a peek into the artifact cave and go deep enough to get the new plant species, but had to retreat. All mobs in there do bleed damage, plus purlovias, plus aggressive ice dimorphs. It's the worst.
  15. I'm loving the new platform so far. I mostly use the wiki on a PC monitor, so going back to a layout that makes use of all the available space was a very welcome surprise. I was also happy to see that all pages and maps for mod pages made it over intact. Currently I'm only experiencing lag and freezing when opening a link from one wiki page to another, sometimes the page has to be refreshed to finish loading, and images are still a bit slow. Other than that, it feels nearly perfect. Thank you!
  16. I've been playing the Sponsored mod map Glacius for four RL days now. It's the most brutal map I've played so far, think Scorched Earth but with cold, and the deadly beginning phase is stretched out deliberately by making resources very hard to get. I've tamed and bred direbears, which are the ideal mount for the 'temperate' zone and gallopped around the beginner area in search of customized loot drops that could help me progress. But since zero crystal nodes exist in that zone, I couldn't even make a fabricator, spyglass or gps to see where the nodes are. Because the resources don't simply exist visibly and wait to be harvested, they are hidden under tons of stone nodes that need to be removed first. Yesterday I finally found like 100 crystal and went to crafting. I went to the penguin colonies for some polymer when I saw a purple drop on the other side of a mountain range, in the seriously cold zone. How bad could it be? I rode my bear over there and immediately started to freeze in dark and super heavy fog, while hordes of predators and some sort of ice basilisk started attacking my bear. I get it, it's the hard zone. We ran away and reached the purple drop - which had a good chalicotherium saddle. Confused, we hightailed it out of the icy mists. What can I do with a chalicotherium? I tried to pick the mod maker's brain but he gave no hints. I filed that away for later and just expanded my base a bit before logging off.
  17. Nah, I'm boring lawful good. I guess I just had in my mind the list of things I wish that got fixed and made the update into "the final big patch to solve all this", heh.
  18. I'm dying to know what has been changed in detail! Anywhere I can look it up?
  19. I've read this so often now from various people. The Aberration boss fight seems inaccessible currently. Scorched Earth gets no loot drops, glider suit broken on all maps, and it all seems to have started with the Lost Island release. I'd really like to know if WC know of these things and it's just fixing them that's difficult or if the respective bug reports got swamped. There's no way to see which are currently acknowledged or being worked on, is there?
  20. Try verifying game files via Steam. Maybe that already fixes it. If not, does the crash occur while loading in the map? In that case go to your Valguero_PSavedArksLocal folder, back up your current Valguero_P.ark file and try to pick one of the other files ending in .ark or .bak that's been created recently before the crash began occuring. Rename that file to Valguero_P.ark. Sometimes, world files become corrupted for no apparent reason and this restores the save to an earlier point. If that doesn't work either, copy your original file back in and let us know here!
  21. Yes, setting it to zero or close to it brings back lost nodes. I remember one time where I harvested a single cactus on Valguero, then sat around (at a respectful distance) for 20 minutes waiting for it to respawn before eventually giving up. It must have come back invisible but convinced me that cacti are a limited and precious resource. Lost the only obsidian nodes within a 5 minute flying radius around my base too. Playing with fast respawn feels cheaty but still beats anguishing over singular cacti and rocks.
  22. Here's my submission - a christmas Argy I found on rag while that has a natural Santa hat!
  23. The title says it... they've all disappeared from Valguero and the Lost Island for me after the big update yesterday. I'm on singleplayer, just wondering if I'm the only one.
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