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  1. No news about this yet, I guess? And has anyone tried disabling the event just to be sure?
  2. This only seems to affect paid DLC maps. After we couldn't get Scorched to work, we tried Island and Ragnarok, no problems there.
  3. This update has caused non-dedicated sessions everwhere to fail that are hosted on paid DLC maps, also see the forums and a number of bug reports. The usual methods of restoring game files re-installing the DLCs don't work in this case. Just a heads up!
  4. When I started, I tried default settings and I nearly went crazy, it wasn't even funny. I only started making progress after someone suggested looking up "best single player settings" on youtube, and I think that's still a good starting point. Watch a couple of videos and if the vibe you get is "helpful but not too crazy" go with these and gradually lower them if you feel you're breezing through the game too much. The point is to have fun, after all. Also, on Single Player you'll encounter the bug that makes dinos and resources disappear little by little and leaves you on a ghost map. Lowering
  5. The recent update brought this exact error back for me. Inspecting the crash dump also finds the problems with Opus. I tried every suggestion, to no avail. Did anybody actually manage to fix this?
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