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  1. I would think many to most PVE maps have community wyvern traps to use. That said, I tamed and used mid level argents instead of pteras... until I got my wyverns. Mid level argents, while not as fast as pteras, are just as easy to tame as pteras (to me, especially with 3x rates). And they have enough health to take a couple hits en route to the trap. Pump any levels you get into stamina and health. Never fly straight until you are on your final approach to the trap. Mostly bob and weave to avoid too much punishment. Good luck.
  2. PVE Rag official Rolled up the sleeves yesterday and did some grunt work... gathered mats and made a bunch of foundations, walls, pillars, etc for the new base build and have them in storage. My tribe-mate will be doing the building on the new base and I am just the supplier of goods and materials. So I have a ton of grinding ahead of me and am thankful for the 3x rates starting tomorrow with the summer bash event. This morning I didn't have much time before work so I flew up to the Rag ice cave for the first time and cleared the big cavern of loot drops. I am looking for a rex sa
  3. A few days ago my friend bred his ice wyverns and gave me a level 232 egg. I hatched it the next day and the baby popped as a level 192. I have never seen that happen before. Is that common to lose 38 levels? or any levels for that matter? I feel like a victim of false advertising.
  4. Spent a lot of time babysitting this weekend. Got all the rexes and a poison wyvern to adulthood. Therizino team is now at 50% mature. Yutys and basilo are in the 77-80% range. Immediately bred some of the rexes together to get some different color combinations and to work in the new high water mark for stamina and melee. started cooking the eggs but have not hatched them yet. Made a number of metal runs in preparation for an upcoming buiding project. Scouted out sites for a new base and I think we found one we like in the Rag Redwoods. I put down some pillars while we cons
  5. PVE Rag official, Put food in troughs. Collected eggs and tossed them in the fridge. I have enough of all sizes to make another batch of kibble and should get around to that in a couple days. Added some fertilizer to the garden. Took basilo, wyvern, rexes, and yuties out of pods for an hour to mature. Most of the rexes are now 85-90% done. It is a long haul in Ark from Day 1 to being boss ready. So many long nights watching babies and I can finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling good today. The Therizino team is a little farther behind in the
  6. I spent a couple days on the Island tearing down the old base. Well, tearing down is a stretch I suppose. I should say I moved out all the valuable stuff, gave away all that I could, tossed all the low-mid grade gear not claimed into the industrial grinder to reclaim metal, and unlocked cabinets on everthing else... then advertised free stuff and first come first serve. I did take down part of the buildings and demolished all the industrial equipment, so the base is a shell with a few cabinets inside. It is stone and will decay soon enough. I also constructed a small metal (2x3) shack
  7. Yup. Fireflies, very rare. Good find you lucky bugger. If you eat honey they will follow you into a trap. Make sure it is at least 3 walls high so they don't jump out. I would also use stone or better... just in case. The tricky part, however, is hitting them with tranq darts... you might need a scope. Once you got one knocked out you have to hand feed it 1 purple kibble followed by 3 rare flowers. Good luck. Oh... 1 more thing. They will only breed in a swarm so you will have to tame at least 20. Mutations are worth it though. Colors are nice and bright. Not very good for taki
  8. I played late last night and it was fixed for me. Playing on XBOX, PVE Rag official. Found a Journeyman platform plesi saddle BP and a Mastercraft Flak chest piece in a red drop.
  9. PVE Rag Raided beaver dams and gathered obsidian. Made poly. Did a metal run. Flew around for a bit to scout for a second (and more permanent) base location as we are starting to outgrow our current spot on the beach. It was a good place to start though. Found a lvl 150 alpha raptor and a lvl 50 alpha carno while on my scout trip and that was just enough to bump my chibi to level 3.
  10. PVE Rag Bred my argents again and got Male Twins with the best health, stamina, and melee. I will keep them. Let babies out of pods again to take advantage of rates before they disappear. Team of rexes are all now about 75% mature and 100% imprinted. One of my wyverns is 93% mature and the other is 75%. And my perfect female basilo is a little over 50% done... So progress is definitely being made. On a meat run today I noticed yet another new player is setting up a base just outside my walls and I am starting to discuss new location options with my tribe-mate. A move mi
  11. Since most beach space on the southern side of the island will either be built upon or pillared, a strategy that I like to use is to build a raft. Bob on the beach to earn a few levels and as soon as you can build one... do it. Don't worry too much about taming at first. Get yourself a little houseboat and maybe a ptera. You will find that mobility and safety aboard a boat is something to value early. Also, just the act of building a boat will get you many levels in the process. Consider putting points into fortitude so you can travel north. Quite often there are many good areas to bui
  12. Found a 150 yuty the other day and couldn't pass it up. It was a very long adventure to tame with lots of mishaps and danger but I got it done in the end. The health is ok, but not great. However it has far better stamina and slightly better melee than anything else I have so I look forward to getting it into the breeding mix as soon as my twin yuties are all grown. Spent much of the last couple days raising babies. Nothing too exciting there.
  13. PVE Ragnarok I wasn't in the mood to pull out the babies this morning under standard rates, so I took the day off from babysitting. Chat box was working so I chased down a couple OSDs to see it they were fixed yet... nope. On the flight home I saw five sharks outside my water pen drooling over the contents inside. Took the basilo out for some exercise. Sharks are gone. I bred my two best argents and the baby popped with good stamina but bad... everthing else. I walked it out the gates and wished it the best of luck. Collected more eggs from the farm side of the base
  14. IDK, lol, that is pretty bad. I just left an island server because of constant lag, disconnects, roll backs, and player induced duping crashes. I could not take it any longer and am almost done with my move. I am much happier in my new home. I wouldn't waste any more time there if it is as bad as you say it is.
  15. I play on PVE official and have stone dinosaur gates on my raft. I've never had an issue placing them on foundations sunk partially into the raft. A new bug perhaps?
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