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  1. I think @Medasin is talking about the bug where the pick axe engram disappears and there is no way to craft one. It happens to me sometimes when I visit a new server. If I remember right, I think all you have to do is move that survivor from one server to another (and back again) and is should come back for you.
  2. Just curious if anyone else is suddenly having trouble transferring themselves or items with a transmitter on PVE XBox official servers? Me and my tribe mate are both having trouble uploading and downloading items and our survivors. When we try it acts like it is thinking about it then it gives us a timed out message.
  3. Event rates ended, but I think we get colors for whole month.
  4. PVE official Island: Moschops have been spawning on my beach at a high rate, and since I noticed recently that I am low on superior kibble I said what the heck... and now have a small army of moschops in pods. I take them out every other day and get a new set of eggs for kibble. easy peasy. Took new tribemate to fight beta dragon last night. Always fun. Crystal Isles: I don't know if it normal for wyvern eggs to spawn this high or if it's just from the birthday event, but I found a 210 blood egg and a 215 ember egg this weekend. Very happy with that. Gave the 215 to my new tribemate. Ragnarok: Raised wyverns.
  5. This translates to... I have now downloaded Ark via the GamePass from the xBox app to the Pc and wanted to cheerfully play and craft. The problem is that I can't click the button, it's not evoked like the other buttons with the bluish background. Can someone help me so that I can gamble? Friends of mine have the same problem. Sorry, some words might not have translated perfectly and, I don't know the answer to this. Anyone able to help here?
  6. Thanks. I forgot you can run them on shards. I don't have a stryder so it will just take a little more time to gather. All good though.
  7. I like it for single player, but not for PVE. They'd all be taken by other players and you'd never get to see or enjoy them on a multiplayer game for what they are...ruins.
  8. PVE Official Crystal Isles Been working on new base. Finally got it move-in ready and now just need to do some finishing touches and start moving stuff over. In the process of placing things this weekend, like lights and fridges, I realized just how much I hate wires and it is a little bit of an art to keep things hidden. I have never really played with batteries before but decided to make a few and try them out. I was very happy with the wireless system until I discovered batteries didn't even last more than 8 hours in a fridge. Disappointed, I went back to generator power for now. I will likely switch to tek power once I beat the wyvern queen a couple times. Took a break from building and explored Eldritch Isle in the NE corner of Crystal Isles. I had done some fly overs before but never really spent any time there. I never realized there are Aberrant creatures there and now have plans to go back and do some taming. I did tame my first featherlight while I was there, which is pretty cool. On the way back to base I stopped in the floating island and grabbed the artifact of the pack. Found a pair of female 145 glowtails and couldn't pass them up. Later, I tamed a 145 ravager in the desert. Good weekend.
  9. Question 1. My guess it those are not the breeding stats for Giga Two and that's why you're not getting the health you want after 100 eggs. Was that giga levelled or imprinted? If so, then the breeding stats are less that what you see in many stat categories. Question 2. I don't see the issue. You bred spinos (One and Six) and got the better Melee and Health from One...and the best Stamina from Six. Whenever you breed you will have a chance of getting some stats from Female and some stats from Male with a slightly better chance of getting the higher stat. Looks pretty normal to me.
  10. Frank or Bob will work. Let me know if you need any more name ideas. I have lots.
  11. Yes, sorry for the confusion. I meant Season Pass. I appreciate the feedback. I think you answered my question.
  12. Penguin73


    I have been playing for a couple years on XBOX and finally decided to try Aberration. I originally purchased ARK by itself, not as a bundle. I purchased Scorched Earth last year by itself just fine. However, when I went to buy Aberration it said that it is NOT sold separately. The only option is to purchase the game pass which has a recurring fee if I understand it right. If I purchase the game pass then decide later to not continue the pass...will I lose Aberration? I tried calling around to see if there are any hard copies on the shelf but no luck there. Is this how everyone plays Ab? through the Game Pass? or is this a new thing?
  13. Maybe a Tek garage would be a nice idea... like a large dedicated tek storage that you drive into. But honestly, I once had a car that wouldn't work if you let is sit for more than 3 days so I think 8 is pretty good.
  14. PVE official Worked on new Crystal Isles base. I really enjoy that part of the game where you can just relax, build, and create.
  15. Sounds like fun! Us on console are left dreaming about mods, even the hard ones. lol. Enjoy...
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