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  1. Pushed through 1x rates the last two days and finally finished raising a group of therizinos and a few yuties. Wow! They are painfully slow to raise.
  2. PVE Rag Official Was really hoping for EVO event this weekend to finish up raising this batch of baby therizinos and yuties. No luck there, but I did take them out for a few hours anyway. They are now all between 70-90 % done, so getting closer. My rex line is mostly done with babies popping at 40.2k health and 1225 melee. I have a couple with 1237 melee but other stats like food and oxygen are still a little too high... have to play with those a little more to get overall level below 370. Baby work is never done. lol Took a break from babies and did the beta boss fight. It was s
  3. Official PVE After spending almost my entire holiday event breeding and raising a second boss army on Rag I started a new character and went back to the Island. I never officially beat it in PVE when I was there before and I wanted to check it off my list before moving forward. My tribe partner has never beaten the bosses there either so she is on board with the plan. We are currently in the Search and Test phase of the plan. She went one direction while I went another. We are trying out different servers to see which ones perform well enough to call home... spending time at each
  4. If you uploaded podded dinos in DATA tab then go back to any obelisk or supply drop and just add something else to the DATA tab again. It doesn't matter what (axe, berry, helmet), anything will do. As soon as you upload another item then everything will show up again. That's what I have to do anyway.
  5. Were the parents high level? If the baby inherits all the highest stats and tries to hatch over level 450 it will do that. Happens to me often. I have also had babies hatch and glitch through an elevated floor before too. Found them on ground under the base (which sat on pillars a the time).
  6. I have seen several ovis the past few days in the SW islands on Rag.
  7. Hey Woody, Ice Worm Queen is a good way to get loot but I have to agree with previous posts that the best way on Rag is running the 5 desert loot crates over and over again. I have pulled decent Aprentice, Journeyman, and MasterCraft Saddles / BPs for Yuty from them. But if you do the Queen again, be sure to pod all dinos at the top of the waterfall. When you get out of the water walk forward (out to the point of the rock). The game will calculate challengers and as soon as it tells you the Queen is coming... turn and toss your pod. You will have just enough time to jump into the saddl
  8. Ahh. hmmm. That stinks. I personally never jump servers with anything in my inventory though. If that is what you are doing and you keep losing things then I would try something different. I know that is a lame response but I don't have any other answers. Good luck.
  9. Did you upload your podded dinos to the data tab? That is the only way I will transfer them. Then when you get to the other side and want to retrieve them, the data tab will, at first, be empty. But as soon as you upload something else to the data tab (like a stack of berries or a hatchet... anything will do) then everything you had uploaded before will appear again. I lost several dinos before figuring that out.
  10. Take a snapshot of your survivor stats / implant data / etc... that way when you transfer (and if the worst happens, i.e. permantly stuck in transition) you can contact the devs for a replacement survivor if they can see exactly what you lost. I had a survivor get stuck several months ago and lost 100+ levels. I created a new survivor and they were able to give me all my levels back, as well as re-connect me with all my tames.
  11. PVE Official Rag My partner and I fought beta / alpha bosses back to back. Very happy with team. No issues, and nobody lost more than half health. We are now talking about consolidating our two bases down to one, adding tech elements and deciding which map to visit next. Good times.
  12. PVE Official Rag Spent most of the weekend breeding and hatching yuty eggs... taking advantage of 3x rates while I can. Ended up with a pretty strong group of stats spread amongst 8 different dinos. Now trying to combine / consolidate / get mutations, etc... you all know the game. My partner and I finally had the chance to make a boss run. However, I have misplaced some of the artifacts and we were only able to do gamma. Took a team of 11 rexes, 8 therizinos, and 1 yuty. Crushed it. After the dragon landed the first time it never got airborne again. The manticore was almost as
  13. PVE official Ragnarok Tamed my first Mosa. I don't really need it since I have several fantastic basilos, but I decided it was time to check it off the list. Mosa
  14. I know element cannot be transferred, but can a person build tek structures on Rag, upload them into a terminal and collect them on another server (Crystal Isles perhaps) to build with? I am guessing the answer is yes, but just wanted to ask before I waste resources. Thanks.
  15. Official PVE Ragnarok Bred yuties and hatched 8 eggs. 5 babies god dad's high health and stamina. 3 of those were Female and will raise them and breed them with high melee male during event rates in a few days. One baby hatched with a really nice purple stripe but it was a junk food mutation and I will likely give it away or kill it. Official PVE Crystal Isles Made a paint sprayer for the first time. Never played with one before and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I found it to be addicting and color is so much better than the dull drab gray of stone and metal.
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