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  1. PVE Ragnorak Devoted a little more time to searching the oceans and actually found my Basilo that has been lost for two weeks. Took it back to base and a 140 dolphin followed me into the water pen. I didn't have one of those so I grabbed a little kibble from the cabinet and tamed it quite easily. Notice I was low on kibble so I took out all the teams for the day and collected eggs. Kept busy by restocking the cabinets with materials, feeding hives, etc... normal boring stuff. PVE Crystal Isles Hooked up with tribe-mate and we flew around the map together for the f
  2. PVE official Took a second character to Crystal Isles for the first time. Built a house boat and puttered around the southwest rivers for awhile. Tamed a very pedestrian level 95 ptera for scouting... and found some artifacts that I heard were easy to find. And I was so happy to get them because the Labyrinth on Ragnarok is kicking my butt. Found a 135 blood wyvern egg while going after the artifact of the devious (? I think) and somehow managed to get away from three wyverns by flying through a ravine full of griffens. Got back to the boat and started heading toward the green ob
  3. PVE Official Rag, Put out a few groups of dinos again for eggs today, but got nothing from it. I don't know if anyone else if having trouble getting eggs lately but I sure am. Spent a little time looking for lost basilo again. No luck, but no death message either so I am still holding onto hope. I will likely breed another basilo this weekend and start raising it if we have improved rates. Fast travelled to an outpost base to refresh it. Did a quick metal run That was it today.
  4. PVE Official Ragnorak I have noticed very slow egg production the past couple weeks. Especially with the yuty team. I have only collected 2 yuty eggs in the last 2 weeks... and I play everyday. Is anyone else having trouble with eggs? Sorry if this has already been discussed recently.
  5. @Doomette, I have tried the XBox button, as it is the only button that registers any action, but have only succeeded at getting out to the home screen... haven't notice that work-around option you are describing. I will try to play with that a little more. Thanks.
  6. Ragnarok PVE Finally finished raising my megatheriums and ice wyvern. I celebrated by running the ice cave again and defeating the Ice Queen. On the way home I flew over the murder snow and say a low level ice wyvern attacking some mammoths. Only took a few minutes to find the nest and a beautiful 170 ice egg. Boo Yah! Shortly after, my partner logged on and we tried the Labyrinth. Um, that didn't go so well. Died twice. But we had fun. We turned our attention to the ocean and went after the Artifact of the Devourer. Killed lots of squids and collected more black pearls
  7. I currently have my main survivor on Ragnarok PVE. Sometimes I want to start another survivor on a different map but I am not able to do so. At the start up menu I pick the map and the game goes through the load up process... then it goes to the character selection screen where you can either download an existing survivor or click the button to start a new one. However, for the past couple months that screen never fully loads. It is impossible to navigate and highlight any options and the entire right side of screen is missing, so I can't even see the buttons in the lower right corner. I
  8. Sorry, mate. Similar situation happened to me. I play on XBOX ONE. I tried transferring from Ragnarok to Island for the purpose of refreshing a base I had there. However, my level 100 survivor became stuck in transition. It was (and still is) listed in the character selection screen, but I could not go forward to ANY server nor back to the one I came from. I submitted a ticket and went through the process. The Devs did contact me, I set up an appointment... and they were able to transfer ownership of all my structures and tames to a new character. They even granted my new character eno
  9. I will always recommend a yuty for any boss because the buff does so much for your team. Even if you only have a mid-tier yuty... just stand back and keep screeming. Move when you need to and stay alive. BUT, having said that, yes, I think your team could take the alpha spider without a yuty if you go that route. And yes, you might lose some if they get stuck up front and take the brunt of the damage. Just remember to hop off at the end to collect saddles from any baggies they leave behind on the ground.
  10. Official PVE Ragnarok Mind wiped yesterday and spent the day making stuff. Demolished my whole supply of materials in the process. Took rexes and therizinos out of pods and added all the passive levels they have been getting recently. Gave them all MC saddles, and deemed them ready for bosses. I just need to get two more artifacts from the laberynth and we will be on our way. Took ice wyvern out of pod and let it mature with 2x rates for awhile and it is now 90%. Once I mind-wiped back to normal I spent today collecting materials and re-stocking the shelves.
  11. I recommend giving it a try. I find official PVE better than single player. The pros is you will never feel alone. Even if you don't participate in the chat box it can be entertaining to read. I also like travelling around just to look at other people's buildings and get ideas for my own bases. And as long as people see you putting in the effort to work yourself through the many challenges... they will help. Just please don't be that noob that starts asking for free stuff on day 1. About the only con I can think of besides lag is the landscape is not as natural and not as pretty as single
  12. Hey gang. I am gearing up to do the Labyrinth for the first time on Ragnarok. I have seen many videos and from what I can tell there seemS to be restrictions on what dinos you can bring with you beyond the first room... and I don't remember seeing anyone un-podding any dinos once inside. So... I was thinking of bringing an archaeopteryx to hang onto for many of the jumping sections but would like to be able to put it away at times. Is it possible to pod and unpod dinos inside the Labyrinth? Are there restrictions? Thanks.
  13. I have a good thyla with 30k health and 1200% damage. It will take the queen down without issue. I imagine you could do it with a 20k / 850% thyla as long as it is imprinted.
  14. Anyone else getting the message above when trying to load into game? I played earlier this morning and logged out when game got glitchy. Tried to log back in an hour later and this is all I get now. After picking my server and staring at the dark smokey screen for a moment as the game loads... I get booted back to the server selection screen with the above message. This has been going on for last 4-5 hours. I play on XBOX and it doesn't seem to matter what server I choose. Anyone have suggestions?
  15. Official PVE Ragnarok It was a pretty good weekend. Did the Carnivorous Cavern for the first time. Got lost several times. Got within 100 points of dying because I was lost and didn't make it out before dark... when all those walking lizard things wake up lol. But in the end I did walk out with both artifacts. Finally found some otters (been looking for two weeks, every day). Tamed a M 145 and a F 20. I think so many of the spawn points have been built upon that they are now very rare on that server. I don't really care about the level, I just want one with me when I start doing
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