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  1. Pulled thyla and rexes out of pods to mature. Bred, incubated, and hatched another small group of therizino eggs. Struck out again. Still waiting on female to emerge with the best stats. I thought the higher stat was supposed to be slightly more favorable in the dice roll for determining the outcome. It is incredible how many eggs hatch with the less desirable stats. Hmmm, I guess the only thing to do is keep trying and eventually it will work. Right? Made runs for wood, stone, fiber, and metal to start replenishing the shelves left bare from making saddles. Checked on ne
  2. Khruk, I love the wyvern color. Looks awesome.
  3. I watched some videos last night and I think I was able to answer my own question above (in previous post). I don't think I will transfer my Island survivor. Instead, I think I will just start a new survivor on SE and level it up. That way if anything happens to my island survivor I will have a good backup. Took out the baby thyla and rexes today for more maturing. While they were doing their thing I tamed a couple queen bees and now have two hives at the base. Bees are always a headache for me, and today was no exception. It never goes as easy as I want... but I will keep it short
  4. Flew to metal mountain with my two best weighted argies. Filled them up with metal and a little obsidian. Flew home and tossed metal in Ind. Forge. Took giga out to collect hide. Took beaver out to collect wood. Made one more Theri saddle, but the crafting gods were out to lunch and it was only a little above the BP mark of 85.1. I will make more later today after work. ---- Another survivor on my server said last week that she would be breeding her basilos and would give me one. I have been waiting for her to contact me but... nothing yet. I have let her know a f
  5. Two days ago I found a MC blueprint for a therizino saddle. I wanted to make a bunch of them so I did a mind wipe, re-allocated stats to boost crafting skill up to 800% (kept some stats in weight so I could carry a stack of metal), then made my saddles... 23 so far. The BP alone gave an armor rating of 85.1. But with the boost in crafting my saddles came out anywhere from 85.1 to 106. Almost all are in the 95-100 range. So yes, boosting the crafting skill helps, but sometimes it is best to wait to put points into it until you are ready to do a bunch of high level crafting. I would not was
  6. Gathered metal, hide, fiber, and wood. Made more Therizino saddles this morning. Now have 22 total. 16 of them have an armor rating of 95 or better. I was called into work today (which is where I am at now) so I didn't quite make all 25 like I wanted. But I havn't mindwiped yet either so I can always make more when I get home. I also mated my Thylas and have a very nice baby female with all of the males good stats. That will be my new breeding pair when she grows up. Thylas probably don't have the same market value as other things like theris or rexes, but maybe I can sell a few t
  7. I love taming yutys. And when possible I prefer to use a trap too. I understand the nerves, but that will go away after you tame a few of them. The key (like many animals in ark) is in the preparation. 1) Have a plan. And it sounds like you do. The trap is set up in a good location and I am guessing you have already picked out the best available path for kiting it there. 2) Use a good strong mount that can take some abuse. I prefer using argy. 3) Clear the area of hostile creatures. That area up north near your trap is crawling with wolves and carnos. Take them out f
  8. Yesterday, Island PVE official. Hatched 4 more therizino eggs. One was twins and I had 2 from before so that gives me 7 babies altogether. I let them all out of their pods for a few minutes, fed them berries and mulled over their stats. And frankly, I am a little disappointed. Only 2 out of the 7 got the better health, and only 1 got the better melee. I know I said before that I was not going to be picky... But... I changed my mind. I want the best stats. I know, I know! That is crazy, right. I'm sure I'm the only one on ark wanting the best stats for their boss fighters. LOL. And, w
  9. Therizinos are definitely the way to go. With that said, rexes are not impossible... but very difficult. If this helps, I tried once on single player with 1 yuty / 19 rexes that were all around 50-60k+ health and 1500+ melee. A few had stats closer to 70k H / 1800 M. However, my saddles sucked!...mostly primitive... and I lost. I'm not sure the Dragon even worked up much of a sweat. I think it still had roughly 30% of its' health remaining at the end. High level saddles would have made the contest much closer. I was also a noob at the time and it was my first attempt at the alpha dragon.
  10. Woke up today to a wind storm and flickering power at the house. Didn't want to take any risks. Logged in, fed dinos, set the therizinos to mate and collected a pair of eggs. Put eggs in fridge then I DC'ed when the power flickered again. That was my exciting day. lol.
  11. First, I went on a meat run to replenish the refrigerators. Then, I hatched two therizino eggs today from the surprise guest stud that was brought over yesterday from a friend. Got one M and one F. Colors were mixed and the babies got the lower stats of the mother in health and melee. I was a little bummed but that is okay. They will still have a place in the army. Right now I'm not too picky about having the PERFECT stats on every tame. I put them in pods and will raise them with the other soldiers later. The two males that are maturing were at 99% when I had to leave for work
  12. Thylacoleos are fantastic, however I would focus on argy first, honestly. They are a game changer. It will be much more useful to you at this stage of the game than a thylacoleo. And since you have a ptera, then you can use that to lure argies into trap. Lots of videos on argy traps on youtube as well. I would look for argies on either the volcano or on the bald mountain north of redwoods. Less dangerous than the redwoods imo.
  13. I got up early and matured the boy therizinos up to 95%. Small problem. I am about 90 minutes away from next imprint but there won't be enough time to get the final imprint after that since imprints are 8 hours apart. It will be fully mature in about 5 hours or so. Not the worst thing to happen but it is annoying since I have been on top of things and have never delayed any imprint/care. Almost no time wasted in the process but...... Oh well, there are bigger things to complain about. Did another metal run. Made more ammo. Made tranq darts. The morning was rather humbug until I
  14. 2x rates aren't for all aspects of game. Dates December 17th to January 7th Rates 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 2X Player XP 2X Harvesting
  15. The last few days have been pretty good. Much of my time has been dedicated to raising up the 4 therizinos I will use for breeding (2 M and 2 F). I have been pushing pretty hard and have had them out for about 10-15 hours per day for the last 3 days. I know many of you probably leave your babies out while you sleep and can shorten the overall process that way; however, I have always had bad luck with something dying when I do that... so I only pull them out while playing. Anyway, The 2 Females have always been a little ahead of the males and They finally finished last night. Woohoo! The ma
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