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  1. Didn't get to play much the last couple of days. Life got in the way. Anyway, I played some this morning and now have 17 Therizinos imprinted and dressed with a 207 armor saddle. They are leveled to a minimum of 35k health and 2000 melee. Some are 50k+ health and 3000+ melee. I will hatch, saddle, and level one more (perhaps tonight) to make an army of 18. My efforts to find a high level Yuty has been disappointing. Today, I lowered my expectations and grabbed a wild 75. It tamed up to a 112. It is the highest one I have found in a couple weeks. She is my plan B if nothing else better comes along before I dance with the dragon. I really just need her to scream her heart out and keep those Therizinos moving forward. However, I will still pump those stats before the fight. The only Yuty saddle BP I have requires 4300 silica pearls on top of everything else. So I am heading to the beach next to start gathering. I also have a few beds in some small water caves where they spawn and will be visiting those too. I found a 145 female rex in the black sand, just outside my base and couldn't look away. When compared to my breeding Rex pair, She has same Health, with better Stamina and Weight... but the Melee is worse. I will toss her into the mix later. Industrial Grinder is also on my list of things to do. I am tired of tossing good gear because I no longer have sufficient storage. I might as well get something back for the 'yet another frog saddle that I will never use'. Seriously, three or four cabinets of SPARE saddles and five cabinets of SPARE armor is enough I think.
  2. Thanks gang. I have put the grinder on my short list of things to do.
  3. Thanks, Wizard. Very cool. I haven't read much about the Trope yet and haven't taken the time to look for them either. Perhaps I should. Good info.
  4. Thank you. I have cabinets full of saddles and other gear. Such a waste of space. And I am tired of building more and more closets just to store things I might never use. I have been just tossing gear lately... even ascendant stuff. I think you answered my question. Thanks.
  5. So, when you put in an item like a saddle and grind it up, does it give you back a percentage of those materials used to make the saddle?
  6. Industrial Grinder Grinders are fairly expensive in materials. I have never built one, but I am considering it. Is it worth the investment? Will it pay for itself in the long run?
  7. I totally agree. Thank you. This app makes all the little hurdles of the game sooooo much more manageable.
  8. Eleusius, I'm not sure exactly what is causing your dinos to run away. But one thing to check when you find them... make sure you don't accidentally have them set to "follow" one of your other tames. If so, they will seek out the other dino after you dismount.
  9. The game has a design for people who want to expand their land, and build multiple bases, and have freedom to explore. It is called solo. The whole world is YOUR backyard. Go have fun. And you will never have to pillar anything unless you want to build on top of it. Think of all the time and resources you can use for other things besides pillars. And the defense of "everyone does it" does not work with me either. Almost everyone speeds in their car too. But we still have to pay the ticket when the red lights flash behind us. I hope they catch and stop all the other pillar people too. I hope this thread actually does some good. Maybe it will encourage others to complain about it. So thanks.
  10. I don't know if this is a thing, but when my critters seem to slow down in egg drops or don't produce at all... I move them. If they are standing on sand, for instance, and not producing, I will move them to rocks or grass or forest or onto a foundation... anything different. Sometimes it works. I don't know why. Coincidence?
  11. Nice job, DodoRaptor! Congrats on the Rex. The only place I have found a Rex BP is the swamp cave in the Redwoods. If you have not done that one yet, be sure to go prepared with probably 3 sets of scuba or gask masks. I had to do the cave probably 15-20 times before getting the BP. Wouldn't hurt to watch some videos on that one too. Pretty tough especially if you go in blind. I have heard some people say the underwater caves have rex BP as well. But don't expect to find any in regular surface drops. Never happens as far as I know.
  12. Went searching for Yutis. No luck. Only found a few and all low level. Took the anky out of cryopod and grabbed metal before heading back to base. I've learned to keep the anky with me now when I go Yuti searching so I can get something from travelling so far north. I hate coming back empty handed. Spent some time near base gathering other resources for saddles. Made a couple theri saddles. Hatched a couple more eggs. Imprinted and started levelling new Therizinos. Now have 15. And I can see light at the end of the tunnel. My dragon army is almost there.... just need a dang Yuti. Went Yuti searching again. Only found two this time. Too small to keep again. Killed them both. Getting frustrated that Yutes are not respawning like they should. Found a red drop with a flak armor chestpiece with armor rating of 969. Good find. And just before I pulled out the anky I saw a 140 Megatherium. I dismissed the anky and metal and flew back to base for superior kibble. Returned to find her right where I left her. So I kited her to a taming pen I had previously built awhile ago (fairly close) and got the job done. She has average stats in health, stamina, and weight, but ranked very high in Damage according to Dododex calculator. I already beat the Brood Mother with rexes but still very happy to get a high level sloth. Something else to play with later in the swamp cave. Returned to base, re-organized the gear and went out for honey and sap. Started making veggie cakes for the dragon fight.
  13. Took a dinner break after the bronto last night. When I logged back in I thought about walking the Bronto to my main base. Jumped on and took a few steps and laughed. Not gonna happen. Wow, brontos are slow. Will come back later with cryopod I think. Anyway, I took the Therizinos back to my main base, took the long road to gain a few extra levels. Found a couple alpha carnos to help the process. Jumped on my argy with taming supplies and headed out to find a Yuty. Spent close to 3 hours flying and killing lesser, unwanted ones. Eventually, fell asleep at the controls. Woke up to my argy flying forward and dragging his beak through the grass and bushes. Went to bed. Woke up this morning to a game update. Waiting to log in.
  14. Yesterday I finished imprinting my two newest Therizinos. Now have 11, not counting the two I use for breeding. Time was short yesterday and didn't get to do much else other than clean up and reorganize the base a bit between imprints. Made a couple runs for wood / metal / etc. and that was it. Today, I took out the two Theriz for some exercise and levels. I decided to walk from my main base on the NE corner of the Redwoods to my old base on the west coast of the island. I have a nice two-story house with a couple of separated buildings. The base sits atop the lower waterfall on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the ocean. I really like the location but would probably design the base differently if I built there again. Anyway, when I arrived there I looked to my south, toward the large, elevated point that has the big cliffs and the single tree on top. I love that place and almost built my base up there but decided against it because I didn't want to ruin the aesthetics of that beautiful spot. And I saw a fantastic looking bronto dancing amongst the rocks near that single tree. It was a solid color, very dark, very black from head to tail, but not dull. In fact, the skin looked completely shiny like it was covered in oil. So, curiosity got the best of me and I pulled out the old spy glass. It looked even better through the glass with the sun bouncing off its' greasy coat. It was a lvl 100. Not the highest level, but very respectable in a modest way. I have never tamed a bronto. I had seen bigger ones many times in my travels. But, for some reason I needed that one. And as many of you can attest... plans often change quickly when something you want steps into view. So, I went and made a bunch of tranq darts. grabbed a stack of tranq arrows from the cabinet just in case the darts ran out. Then I checked dododex for taming info and realized I didn't have much of the right kibble. I talked to myself for a minute, as I often do, and decided to just use crops since this was not going to be a game changing tame. However, I left the crops in the garden for now since they spoil so fast and I didn't know how long it would take to get this thing down. So I grabbed a stack of mejoberries to curb his apatite for the two minutes I would need to get back to base and pick the veggies. The berries were probably not necessary but I took them anyway. I grabbed a journeyman long neck from the cabinet, and hopped on one of my early-game tames I had sitting around. It was a mid-level argy. I felt prepared like a good boy scout and headed for Lone Tree Point (not sure if there is an official name for it but that is what I call it). I saw some dilos and a raptor a little uphill from the bronto and cleared the area with the argy. Then, I decided it would be best (and easier on me later) to have this thing knocked out on the beach below and not on the bluff where anything could step out of the trees. I had seen rexes up there before and even spinos and baryonix in the river above the waterfall. I didn't want to take the chance of this thing running toward the forest and falling near potential dangers. So I shot a tranq dart in its' butt and lured it over the cliff and onto the beach. Then I flew back to the top of the cliff and commenced firing. When it fell... it fell near the water and its' head was in just into the shallows. Naturally my heart stopped and I raced down to the beach, fearing it would drown as I have heard they can. Fortunately, the neck was propped up on a slight rise and the head was elevated slightly above the surface. Crisis averted. I tossed my berries into his inventory, ran back to the garden for the veggies, went back to the bronto, loaded him up... and sat... and waited. When he woke up. I named him Benjamin (like the 100 dollar bill). Happy day.
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