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So what did you do in ARK today?

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Guest BubbaCrawfish

I ventured out today to tame a thylo, came back with 2 Sarcos, a Kapro, a Beelzebufo, and a Thylo, just to have a hungry Baryonyx chow down on the Kapro, Beelzebufo, and one of the Sarco.

Now I can hang the Thylo on the wall in my overcrowded stable.

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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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The weekend wasn't particularly eventful, i finished my base, placing nice metal glass  railings on all the walls, constructed an industrial forge (man the burning of metal took forever, so i'm very glad i finally got one), and bred/raised a pteranodon, it didn't get the wanted stats from the parents (lowest stamina sigh...) but it was a female so kept it for eggs and a spare search and rescue mount :)

Yesterday evening was a bit more eventful and frustrating due to my own noobishness :dod-xmas:, i ventured out to find me a baryonix. After scouting the whole central river (center map) without seeing any, i went looking at the swamp. At the edge of the swamp saw a spino, looked at his level, a 135!!! this is the highest spino i've ever seen on the center so decided to tame it. I kited this beast all the way from the swamp to my taming penn near skull island, which took about 40mins of chewing through every turtle it saw. (for some reason these are the only animals where the spino completely ignores you)

With the spino inside the taming pen i flew to my main base for kibble and extra narcotics and arrows. Flew back and started shooting the spino. Then my noobishness reached a new height. While shooting i saw the spino get bloody but instead of checking my x-bow i thought, it may have lost some health while fighting everything. Then the dreadful message: You killed a 135 spino!!! Then it hit me, i was shooting normal arrows which i had equipped the night before to protect me from an onyc attacking me on skull island... Needless to say that i was very pissed at myself for such a stupid mistake.

Nothing to be done about it, changed all arrows into narcotic arrows and ventured out again looking for a nice tame.

No baryonix worth levelling sadly but i did find a 140 carno which after the tame came out with a whopping 40 levels on health. This is a great starter to breed with :). Went out again and found a high level female scorpion with nice colors: all black with pink legs. Lastly i went looking for parasaurs for imprinting kibble (always searching for 130+ to keep me from hoarding) and found a male 140 and female 140 in about 10mins.

In the end i was pleased with the overall outcome but that spino mistake will hunt me for a while tho... :S   

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Last night was a nice Ark session.

So my tribe and I have finally grown discontent enough with our current server to seek out a new one. I found a likely candidate right here on the forums and decided to scout it out ahead of any potential tribe moves, so that's what I've been doing for 2-3 hours at night for the past couple of days.

Sunday I got to be a noob again, but I have to say experience really does make a huge difference in knowing what to avoid and how, and also how to quickly set up basic defenses. The unofficial does have a higher exp multi than I'm used to, so in just one session I went from fresh spawn to a tiny stone box with a fence, a forge and a smithy. Also I accidentally tamed a pego lol. They're kind of ugly up close, no? But Peggy makes a nice backpack, it's nice to not be completely alone even if it is something that looks like a rabid roadkilled porcupine.

Last night my plan started coming together. I had 2 small crop plots and 2 compost bins down to get the basics done. Started one narco and one mejo plant, then got a large crop plot down in preparation for some rockarrot. I scraped together enough metal for a crossbow and a pike and started making arrows. It was kind of a pain but I also scraped together enough chitin/keratin and hide to make a ptera saddle. Made it to level 50 still in cloth armor lol, scrub style. Hide was too valuable to waste on armor, and I don't have easy access to chitin or metal. I also tamed 4 dodos to get eggs going, and set up a preserving bin after a kibble surprise in a white beacon, apparently this server has modified loot drop tables. Taming a theri is now an option...

Anyway, my plan is basically to tame a good ptera and use it to scout for a territory, so I'm not building up past what I already have, and all of my tames so far are small enough to be carried by it. I anticipate not finding a good ptera very quickly--frustratingly there was a lv 174 (max is 180) hanging around outside my little stone shack, but I wasn't ready to tame it yet. Patience and preparation, this is now a waiting game. I need fertilizer and crops, I can get meat easily enough and I already started making narcotics with the narcos I get from gathering fiber.

Honestly I don't remember the last time I spent this much time on foot, without an animal for defense. I have died a few times, most notably getting spawn camped by a 114 raptor. Killed it as soon as I could make a bow. I could have tamed it as a scout but I really would prefer a ptera so I can make short hops for metal to make and repair basic tools.

If you're wondering why I'm doing berry crops instead of say just taming a trike, the answer is simple. Time. I can only play for 2-3 hours a night while at work and at this early stage there is so much I need to do. Crops do the work while I'm at work, and as a nice bonus I don't have to try to run a trike halfway across the map later. It's easier when I am 100% sure I'm not staying where I am since it's much easier to demo and rebuild a few crops.

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34 minutes ago, Cymas said:

Also I accidentally tamed a pego lol. They're kind of ugly up close, no? But Peggy makes a nice backpack, it's nice to not be completely alone even if it is something that looks like a rabid roadkilled porcupine.

You nailed it there, roadkilled porcupine lol. Should you be interested in a new server to tryout, haunted-isle is still looking for players, it's 3x xp/gathering/ tame, breeding is on normal speed. there are some mods like glass metal and eco-trees but nothing game breaking :) it's pvpve and exists for over a year and is still going. (btw, it's not my server and i'm not even an admin on it :) )

hope you try it out

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Finished my ini and dove back in.

Ok, now I have my levels back.  And I just noticed I haven't put anything back in fortitude after the mindwipe, so I crammed the six levels in there.  It does help in certain situations.  Then I went out on the argy looking for another achatina.  Headed to the place I've found them reliably, and right around the corner, there's another 25.  Snatch it, bear tries its best to get me, I laugh and head home.  The argy is excruciatingly slow, but still my preferred taming/small animal hunting bird.  Get it back, tame it.  Finish the achatina pen, stock it with veggie cakes until I can get a trough set up and throw it in the pen with the other one.

Now what to do?  Went to my bookshelf and sorted through some bps.  Hey, I forgot I had picked up that apprentice anky saddle bp.  Craft up 2 for my ankys, and threw the primitive one in the grinder.  That's what I'm gonna do for a bit, run beacons.  Not taking anything but bps unless it's something I don't have.  Think I'll take the speed ptera for this run.  After hitting every purple, yellow, and red drop I could find, I had a whole 2 new bps, and an apprentice fab pistol.  Really?  One yellow double I couldn't access on whitesky, as I couldn't harvest the rock it was in.  Loot drops need some serious work.

In one instance, there was a purple drop in the swamp.  Now, I mostly avoid these because of ambushes.  Well, this one had one of the bps in it.  Landed, immediately got swarmed by a group of leeches, 2 kapros, and a sarco.  Great fun!  Whup out the shotty, and several minutes of round and round, everything is dead.  My ptera is almost dead.  It was on passive, and the sarco had chewed on it pretty badly.  Good thing I kited it away in the middle of all that.  Don't know how many stims I gulped down in that mess.  I love the pump shotty now.  Ammo is expensive though.  Grabbed the drop, and off we go.

Got home, and decided my crafting area in the barn is too cramped, so I moved the upgrade station over to the ramp going to the flyer level.  I didn't realize I had so much stuff stored in there, and I just happened to move it just far enough that I couldn't transfer from the bag to the station, so I lost some stuff do to despawning, but not much.  Added the blueprint and augment stations to it to have a complete setup.  Slapped the fab pistol I picked up in there and turned it into a blueprint.  Yep, I can see why a server owner might want to prohibit the blueprint station add-on.  It's a nice option though.  Don't know if I'll make bps out of my upgraded stuff, or just stick to turning drop items into bps.  I'll make that decision later.

Put that up, checked on the troughs, and loaded all the charcoal out of the ind forge into the chemistry bench.  Yep, made a metric crap ton of gunpowder.  Went over to my smithy, loaded the gp in, pulled every ingot out of the ind forge, and set up to make simple bullets 600x.  Yep. making a metric crap ton of simple bullets, you probably already know why.  Went back to the chemistry bench and pulled all the stimberries I had, made up some more stims.  Added 50 gas from storage as it's getting a little low.  Hopped on the Tap and took a trip to herbi island.  Titan is still there, and had decimated the trees.  Looks strange now.  No good ankys, or anything else for that matter.  Still lots of pelas.  I'm afraid that it's time to wipe them, as I think they're going to interfere with other spawns.  Head back, stopping at a yellow and purple drop.  Nothing of note.  Figures.  Get home, my bullets are done.  Make 200x shotgun shells.  This is gonna take a while.

Oh, just noticed my lights are finally fixed.  Went out to the barn, closed the door and shut off the lights in there.  Fired up the fabricator and made a flashlight for my shotty, grabbed the stims, and took inventory of ingots.  36k in storage boxes alone.  Now if I just had my paste  reserves up, I could start making pieces for my outer wall at the new base location.  The green obi is not that dangerous.  I could get away with stone, but I want my fence in metal, with a two foundation buffer between the inner and outer walls.  Why build a psuedo pvp fence in sp?  Titans.  I know there's a spawn not far from here.  They are my only concern, and the reason for a metal fence, with s+ xl walls which are 12 high, I shouldn't have an issue with them aggroing my dinos.  I'm also going to turret my house to help take care of any wilds spawning inside the perimeter.  Well, shotty shells are done, I'm tired, so grab 50 more, head to the living quarters and quit for the night.  Nice productive session, now just waiting for the game to take a massive dump on me.

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Project terror bird is going forward, I've now gotten three mating pairs with the desired colours and stats, still some to go though. It feels good to finally being able to remove some of the excess birds and not having so many around.

I've also tamed a very pretty frog, but not had much luck finding a hubby for her. She was a 145-frog and I found a 140, a 145 and a 150 male frog when I found her, but none of them where worth keeping. While she didn't have any breedable stats, she definitely has breedable colours. :)

We've also been down into the easy Tek-cave and checked it out. We died several times to the critters down there (we were four people on bred megas), but got teleported back in. We didn't beat it legit in other words, but it was interesting and it looked good. The sad part is that as the cave is now (missing the final boss), the best way to beat it on any difficulty, would probably be to use parachutes and grappling hooks. You can bring 50 animals, but I can't see how you would 1) get them all inside within the time limit unless most of them are small, 2) make sure that the majority don't jump down into the lava. When the final boss gets implemented, I would guess you bring your super rexes (nothing larger can get inside without cheating) and canon-fodder that you use to kite the enemies down into the lava to avoid fighting them as much as possible. I don't think that the cave as it is now, is particularly good, but as it's not done yet, I'll hold off on the criticism for now. It was very pretty though, I'll give it that. :)

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On 5/8/2017 at 5:23 PM, spacejam said:

I will have to breed a thyla myself for that reason now,  it makes perfect sense to take one of them in there

I guarantee you won't be disappointed! The only issue I ran into was the over spawning issue after about my fourth run. One pack of wolves knocked me back in the water with around 20 or so high leveled piranha. Took me down to a 1/4 health before I finally got out....I was really worried about that one lol. Good luck to you though!  

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Just doing my noob thing on the new server.

M is less upset about the idea than he was last night, so I think he's pretty much on board with it now. P is psyched at the idea of potentially getting his original base location back, as we've decided to be way more flexible about things this time around. This is a cluster server with two maps available so plenty of space for everyone. Even with the size of the city we've been getting bottlenecked in certain high traffic areas (like the hatchery), so that's one of the reasons we're not necessarily going to be building together again. Another reason is M and I (and A to an extent) are builders with our own visual style and flair, and building one mega base really limits what we can do with our personal designs.

On Tuesday I tamed an ok but not great ptera. Scouted out the area I had in mind for my next base and was pleased to see although there are two players somewhat nearby, I won't be disrupting them with my chosen build site.

Today I spent a lot of time picking rocks up off the beach and crafting stone foundations. The ptera can't carry that much so I would gather and craft several, carry them over, put them down, rinse and repeat. For eyeballing placement I did a pretty good job and the area was shockingly flat, got an 8x3 area filled in plus a little before being unable to place any more. Because my time is so limited during the week I don't plan to do a lot of substantial work yet, I just want to make sure I'm getting the bare structure down to improve area safety. This spot is basically what the old swamp was before the swamp existed, and since it is so close to the actual biome I have already had to deal with snakes and whatnot.

It's really not the most desirable of locations but I have plans, oh yes I do.

I don't usually have a specific build in mind, but definitely an aesthetic style or theme.

It's not much to look at now, but here is the humble beginnings of my upcoming spino ranch:


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For Raptors, run as fast as possible, preferably screaming like a little girl, back to your base that you left the door open on, then hatchet them to death when they get stuck in the door.  Alternatively, shotgun to the face.

And now for my oh so awesome session.  Made sparkpowder and gunpowder.  Multiple metric [insert expletive] tons of them.  Oh, and took the theri out gathering wood for more charcoal, so I can make a few more metric [insert expletive] tons of gunpowder. :D Seriously, I think I made over 10k gp last night, from raw stone, flint and charcoal.  If my base ever catches on fire, the explosion will raze everything south of the volcano.

Tonight, I shall plan the acquisition of a water mount for deep sea drop running.  (I'm probably going to get myself killed, in other words.)

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I feel like I'm finally getting out of the 'early' game. I tamed 2 rexes and managed to kill a pack of allosaurs. There was a time I thought I would never be able to handle them, now I really felt invincible for a moment ?

Too bad my game still crashes in the redwood forest. I would have loved building a new base there. Will try building close to the volcano sometime soon.

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gettin really frustrated with the lack of faster transportation, tried speed thylas, terrorbirds, nothing seems to be viable, beds suck cause i have to repaint myself everytime, so i end up not traveling at all, and im not alone, everybody just sitting at home breeding/feeding, i miss the times when we would just visit  each other all the time, 

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My Ark day was not surprisingly more construction:


I know, I build in a weird order. If I have an idea of what I want to do I generally just go ahead and do it. I'm not a particularly visual builder--I don't look at something and immediately see what I want to do with it. I usually just start with a concept or theme and let the design flow as I build. This is definitely not my first time doing ramps like this, and you can see I'm mixing my materials as part of the aesthetics of this base. Don't worry, it will be well defended by the time I'm done.

Now, this is absolutely not finished. It's a little sloppy and I hate having the supporting pillars visible, so I'll need to figure out something to do with that. I do want to keep things as open as possible, so we'll see what happens. This is the part where I wish I had a mammoth, but considering I'm doing all of this by hand with primitive metal tools, I don't think I'm doing too badly.

Ended out my night by repairing my tools and gathering some fiber in preparation for tomorrow.

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So, family went on vacation and I went on a HUGE ark spree last two weeks. Week one, dupers started 3 day rollbacks, day 4 we decided to start hitting the supers. In our first raid we my tribe made it out with tek gates, tek floors, and asc gear. Was a truly great find. Day 6 the dupers hit back, so instead of being wiped and losing all our treasure, three of us fought with the server to help the alphas, and the other three started transferring dinos and treasure out into arks on our secondary server. (Later confirmed by dupers as being the ones who killed them most) We took their attention off the alphas and they started pushing towards our base, we made a deal with them when we had 3 rock golems outside our walls and a kill box set up outside, to be able to safely transfer stuff out of server. We found a new server second week. put to use all our new found treasures, and built a massive 20 story high building in our new server.

We also managed to kibble tame 3 145 wolves; 2 male, one female.I had the great idea of trying the volcano cave to see how things would go. 5 min were through the cave and I'm wanting more. I talked my tribe mates into another cave, somewhere near 61x58y in south zone 2. We reached a bottom area with water and talked them into exploring the cave under the water. after getting attacked by tons of piranhas and sarcos, my two mates lost hp and died minutes later, leaving me with little health, no food, and three wolves to lead back up. One mate logged off for dinner, and the other stayed back at base, assuming all three wolves were lost with my death. I got them right back to where a dossier was, under a room with big orange mushrooms, when out of nowhere I teleported back to the overworld. I freaked out not wanting to lose our wolves, my tribe mate started flying back to help out. He couldn't find the cave since I led them there, and I was on foot no idea where i was at. I managed to evade two alpha raptors, and find him and the cave. getting back down to our wolves where I died, and he was able to lead back to the top. I spawned back at base and flew our quetz across map to pick them up. All in all it was a scary hour or two in the second cave, but nothing lost.

Its been a fun two weeks, and without my computer i haven't gotten to see all the amazing things the forums have done!

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