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  1. Psych0P3nguin

    Other Saddle Engrams on Extinction?

    This is a good question. Why have a dino on map that tameable of you cant ride it without transferring
  2. On official servers? Just in case i get into one and not liking that server, can i take em to another extinction server?
  3. Psych0P3nguin

    Small tribe servers.

    Are the tames and stuff gping to be able to be transferred out to other servers? And will stuff be transferred in? Or will it be like a 2 month arkocalypse ?
  4. Psych0P3nguin

    Aberrant and non aberrant

    Are they able to breed get? If not, anyone know of this is something to be implemented at any point?
  5. Psych0P3nguin

    Unicorns, current rule.

    Lol ive tamed plenty of Equus. Just havinan issue with it. But for some reason when i started taming it, it died.
  6. Psych0P3nguin

    Unicorns, current rule.

    Welp logged out and back in and it let me mount it after 30 min. I fed it a rockarrot to start tame and it spassed and died. Awesome.
  7. Psych0P3nguin

    Unicorns, current rule.

    I dont even get the option to tame. Might there be a reason?
  8. Psych0P3nguin

    Unicorns, current rule.

    Me and tribe are discussing thrm as we just found it. Is it one wild per server, so if i tame it will another spawn soon? Or is it only one per server period? And ive read you can breed them.
  9. Psych0P3nguin

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Mostly just back again to read Cymas stories. But today, i raided some people. Loaded up some dinos in ark in case of worst scenario. Was a slow day, weird time in my server.
  10. Psych0P3nguin

    A few questions, hopefully a better understanding

    Cymas, i miss reading ypur what you did in ark today stories lol.
  11. Psych0P3nguin

    question on new Arkpocalypse servers

    30 days is what ibelieve i read.
  12. Psych0P3nguin

    Valentine's event... Anyone haveing any luck?

    I got awesome blue body pink winged twin tapejaras.
  13. Psych0P3nguin

    Valentine Dino

    I mostly meant in the wild. Was hoping for an extra day to tame since i have 9 eggs ready to hatch.
  14. Psych0P3nguin

    Valentine Dino

    Will the Valentine colors stay through the weekend? Or will they disappear with the mature event?
  15. Psych0P3nguin

    Pictures frim Adventures.

    We had an underwatwr adventure last night and it ended up giving us this picture, Underwater Story Time. Please share your pictures with me.