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  1. No such thing as a fair fight. If I'm griefing, I just want to ruin your day. And i can have most success while your offline. I'm raiding, same thing, but this time i want you gone quickly as possible. But either way I'll hit you when its most convenient for me not you. As for meshing, yes its a bitch move and shouldnt be used. That being said WC has said you can have some meshed turrets as defense. its not enough, but better than nothing.
  2. My opinions on jerky. Superior should be cooked prime jerky, and focal chili and lazarus chowder should not have been the replacements.
  3. I'm not worried about being foundation wiped. I'm worried about the poison wyvern having a father range than my turrets and being able to just blast my tames until their death. I can't place turrets any farther out to get a better range. except mana cant sustain flight like a wyvern, so its not combatable high up, as poison has farther range if my testing was correct. no, a tape and thyla would get destroyed by my base. I'm only worried about wyverns seeing as Extinction can't get them. hard to know how protect against them on this map until youre wiped by one. My mana has 2k on hatch, usually 2.4k after imprint. A few levels and theyre up at 3k. I can run from Desert to Sunken in like 2 minutes. Wyvern wont make that trek much better/easier.
  4. With Server transfers coming to Extinction, I truly feel like there should be restriction on dinos that come in (mostly wyverns). Granted I know they messed up with transferring tames out, like titans going to anything not extinction. But Wyverns imho will completely ruin Extinction i feel. There are plenty of good places to build in Extinction because of the dinos on the map, that can't reach it easily and do damage at same time. Wyverns will change that, and destroy most those bases. Also having seen some gameplay on unofficials, I've seen how easy it is to tame a titan with a lightning wyvern. I think there should be some restrictions on what comes in, even before that though, they should fix the engrams for Extinction. (but thats a different topic)
  5. This is a good question. Why have a dino on map that tameable of you cant ride it without transferring
  6. Lol ive tamed plenty of Equus. Just havinan issue with it. But for some reason when i started taming it, it died.
  7. Welp logged out and back in and it let me mount it after 30 min. I fed it a rockarrot to start tame and it spassed and died. Awesome.
  8. I dont even get the option to tame. Might there be a reason?
  9. Me and tribe are discussing thrm as we just found it. Is it one wild per server, so if i tame it will another spawn soon? Or is it only one per server period? And ive read you can breed them.
  10. Mostly just back again to read Cymas stories. But today, i raided some people. Loaded up some dinos in ark in case of worst scenario. Was a slow day, weird time in my server.
  11. So, family went on vacation and I went on a HUGE ark spree last two weeks. Week one, dupers started 3 day rollbacks, day 4 we decided to start hitting the supers. In our first raid we my tribe made it out with tek gates, tek floors, and asc gear. Was a truly great find. Day 6 the dupers hit back, so instead of being wiped and losing all our treasure, three of us fought with the server to help the alphas, and the other three started transferring dinos and treasure out into arks on our secondary server. (Later confirmed by dupers as being the ones who killed them most) We took their attention off the alphas and they started pushing towards our base, we made a deal with them when we had 3 rock golems outside our walls and a kill box set up outside, to be able to safely transfer stuff out of server. We found a new server second week. put to use all our new found treasures, and built a massive 20 story high building in our new server. We also managed to kibble tame 3 145 wolves; 2 male, one female.I had the great idea of trying the volcano cave to see how things would go. 5 min were through the cave and I'm wanting more. I talked my tribe mates into another cave, somewhere near 61x58y in south zone 2. We reached a bottom area with water and talked them into exploring the cave under the water. after getting attacked by tons of piranhas and sarcos, my two mates lost hp and died minutes later, leaving me with little health, no food, and three wolves to lead back up. One mate logged off for dinner, and the other stayed back at base, assuming all three wolves were lost with my death. I got them right back to where a dossier was, under a room with big orange mushrooms, when out of nowhere I teleported back to the overworld. I freaked out not wanting to lose our wolves, my tribe mate started flying back to help out. He couldn't find the cave since I led them there, and I was on foot no idea where i was at. I managed to evade two alpha raptors, and find him and the cave. getting back down to our wolves where I died, and he was able to lead back to the top. I spawned back at base and flew our quetz across map to pick them up. All in all it was a scary hour or two in the second cave, but nothing lost. Its been a fun two weeks, and without my computer i haven't gotten to see all the amazing things the forums have done!
  12. Ya, unofficials seem better for small tribes. I have me and a friend and two randoms we met. Also 70% yolo is the only way to die. lol I read that last line as "cat instinct" so all I pictured was him jumping around crazy like. As for me, I play on a center server. So my weekend went like this. Lava Island pearl run (west side cave). We built a platform with a small hut on top for community parking and our hut as a small box and bed. I dropped the pearls off at box and teleported back to base (redwoods). then I grabbed my armor off bird and flew up to get my 1.4k pearls. I grab red drop if I fly by them. Went and turned those into electronics, and started making sparkpowder and charcoal in our industrial forge. (rinse and repeat ALL weekend). I made upwards of 70 turrets and almost 3k bullets. We calculated our current turrets on our box base, and we need 126k AR bullets to completely fill them all. And our base is only half way turreted up. Had a heart attack at the though of having to make almost a quarter million bullets. Watched the start of what to come was a 3 day war in server, always fun to read chats. Other than that, I didn't do much, no tames, no fun adventures. I am patiently awaiting the ps4 flyer nerf patch as it was supposed to drop today but hadn't when I went into work. The flyer nerf wont affect me too much as I have almost everything I need RIGHT outside my base doors, but I am super excited to see how this server war changes since flyers are getting nerfed mid war. I am excited for vault size to change, I can add more storage to my base. And any dinos that come out, IF they come to center. I really hope the Equus and unicorn are coming so I can search while the server fights.
  13. That sounds fun. Almost makes me wish i was on unofficial. Being on official, it can get rough going on adventures
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