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  1. LAG on ALL servers

    Yup Ragnorok pve 35 is broken beyond belief with 255 ping. Crashing loops it's a joke. This is a 60 dollar game now. Ridiculous
  2. @lilpanda EU Rag 35 is YET AGAIN getting the 255 ping issue, constant all day and night. any chance you can restart it again like last week, that seemed to fix it also any chance you guys can actually fix this nonsense.
  3. I hope something is announced in the twitch stream today about a rework of tek.
  4. lag LAG on ALL servers

    Well No, it isn't quite the same thing as my friends internet being down is it. It's your servers on your game and your maps, a great chunk of which have had 255 ping problems for weeks, even with sub 10 players. Majority Ragnorok but still some island servers too. Your restart seemed to fix the problem temporarily so it's a good place to start an investigation on why a huge portion of servers are having the 255 ping then disconnect loop.
  5. lag LAG on ALL servers

    So how on earth can you explain a myriad of posts all basically reporting the same issue, 255 ping constantly then eventually resulting in a disconnect. There must be a common cause or a known bug for a high amount of servers having the EXACT same issue. ,
  6. lag LAG on ALL servers

    EU Rag PVE 35 constant 255 ping and disconnects. this is beyond a JOKE now, usually this happens on the weekends but its happening now, on a weekday past 11pm with 8 active players. Theres a tonne of threads and replies in the other threads why has WC not even acknowledged this absolute farce.
  7. aaaaand 35 went down randomly and hasnt come back up is there any point posting on here? it's a joke, useless and pathetic.
  8. yup same PVE EU 35 ragnarok, as soon as 2x hits its 255 ping and server crashes every 10 mins
  9. Im interested in joining the run, don't want any of the rewards, simply the engrams are enough.
  10. That's missing the point entirely, It's not easier, it's just scaled. Sending one person in has the same success/failure chance as sending 10 people in. There's no difference its scaled not made easier. all it has to be is do-able. Hell, make the element reward less if needs be, ie: everything scales, at least then TEK isn't locked behind a massive wall that a large majority of players won't get to see/use. Other games have scaled bosses accordingly, and those bosses don't present a wall to a % of content. Essentially they need to work on a difficulty rate that scales with dinos and players that enter, not just easy / med / hard it's a lazy way to scale things on just 3 arbitrary levels. Imagine they released experimental servers with no tribes or alliances. Think about how they would scale the bosses then, this would be a similar approach. At the minute the general consensus is "hey Ive done easy brood solo!" or "Ive bred dinos for weeks and done Ape medium solo" which if true is great! but it's not the point. Also, whistling attack my target with 20 rexes (or having 10 riders) and just standing there chomping away for 20 minutes is not exactly skill based. The bottom line is you should be able to enter the dragon boss solo on hardest difficulty and with enough Skill and a good dino it should be able to be defeated. Hell, nerf the element down to the ground if needed WC (we all know you love the grind and playtime stats) just make it do-able.
  11. would still be nice to hear from wildcard. Anyone? @Jatheish @Jen
  12. Both the last two replys; So one of you spends a weekend breeding 40 rexes. I'm glad you can write off a weekend like that. No judgement here but not particularly viable when you have a wife, job, kids, a house to run. You do brood medium solo? with what? let me guess 20 bred rexes or similar? same answer as above. If not then show me, I'm genuinely curious. May "not a soul" uses it is extreme but I would say less than 15% of the playerbase actively uses TEK.
  13. Totally agree, and I have looked into getting a team together, I think the whole point is you shouldnt have to really, Have the bosses scale (my second suggestion) keep the difficulty in line with how many people entered the arena.
  14. And to those who don't play SP? You know.... since its focused on MP. Sure I can play SP, but dino levels to 600 with instant taming and go kill a boss, that's not the issue here. It's MP.