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  1. So a countdown for the worst event that Ark has ever had, ie: they killed a years worth of rex breeding , killed the tek tappy, added some skins that we already have? Now after the countdown they put up another countdown. Seriously whoever thought of this PR at Wildcard needs to be fired, you have YET AGAIN annoyed a majority of your playerbase. just...so....so out of touch with your players.
  2. Iimmy

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    Precisely what I said WC would do days ago. Funny how I predicted it. The community wipes tea on their main servers (initially the servers mysteriously rolling back and restoring TEA completely more than 2 times) Finally they get wiped with no rollbacks Wildcard swoops in with a cape on "we have now wiped them off 165!" So essentially you waited for a community alliance to wipe TEA, then proudly announce you have wiped them (wipe what exactly? the ruins of their wiped bases lol) So it's win/win, you can appear to "wipe" them, yet because it's already done Snail Games can keep their bribe money from TEA.
  3. Love it! I'll go watch some crops grow quicker! /s
  4. Iimmy

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    Inb4 Barry seals gets wiped before TEA Take my dev bribes wildcard!
  5. When is the Event where we pay devs to un-wipe servers like TEA does? Or the event where you extinguish the absolute riot on reddit about you being paid by TEA to spawn in tens of thousands of tek gates and items? Just waiting for the other event , the one where you are accused of corruption and your community manager makes no statement. Nvm, I go watch crops grow, DILO lol.
  6. Iimmy

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    Want to know what will happen now? Several large alliances have been wiping 165, it's done now and TEA is crippled on there. Wildcard will now make a statement that they will be wiping them from 165, essentially doing nothing as the community have already done this on 165, so they can keep their pocket dev status and cash from TEA and yet appear to be doing something about it. Win/Win for CorruptCard Studios. Do what I've been doing, sending the story to gaming sites.
  7. Iimmy

    Dinos STILL FALL through the map!!!

    Yeah I have the same issue on 905, I submitted a ticket over 8 days ago, the drake will starve verys soon. So not particularly helpful. However, They will jump instantly on a streamers stream who is selling dinos however and dev wipe them, seems they only really care about losing out on cash.
  8. Iimmy

    When is the Valentine event?

    905, no vday after update, this is just embarrassing
  9. Me, I'm going to work and spending it with my wife since..you know they decide to start it at like 1am (uk time) mid week. When really it should be like 5-7 days covering a weekend also. Oh and my server is getting maintenance today also so would miss out on a couple hours too. Brilliant. Stellar event planning as usual.
  10. Iimmy

    Never post anything here goto reddit.

    Look, it's very clear where your position is, and me saying where that position is would clearly get me banned or warned. However, we have the screenshot of his post. I don't think stuff like that matters to you though does it?
  11. Iimmy

    Never post anything here goto reddit.

    Explain? I don't know the OP and I wasn't involved in the original comments i'm referring to by a mod, so can you just explain what doesn't make sense to you here or why me saying independant is funny?. Again, no refute or retort, just snide comments with absolutely no basis in reality.
  12. Iimmy

    Never post anything here goto reddit.

    erm, yes. One of our tribe members joined and made one post stating they didn't agree with a ninja nerf that didn't appear in the patch notes. One post, with no profanity or insults, he logged on next day "PERMABANNED" So yes, im serious, this is not an isolated incident. Anytime you absolute stump the mods that's when the ban points start coming out, when they can't refute you or put together an answer for constructive criticism then *poof* the topics gone, your warned or perma banned. Listen I'm not the only one saying all this, I'm just the only one doing it now, the whole reddit community frequently mentions the questionable moderations on here by SOME mods.
  13. Iimmy

    Never post anything here goto reddit.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. No need to feel sorry for me bud, I find a debate entertaining and interesting. This, I feel, is the whole crux of the issue on here. So the stuff removed in the past and the questionable comments/ behaviours just needs to vanish huh? Is that the point your making, great! it's also the point i'm making too, though with opposite contexts. "stuff you have had removed" really? really GP? do you need reminding of the mod that claimed the criticism was like Unicorn? I mean, I didn't want to have to go there but jesus. This is the whole issue. I wasn't even involved in those comments, so yeah.... In fact I don't really have many posts here at all, I use it simply for trading and looking at updates/patch notes, I'm somewhat of an independent party that was chiming in on the reputation of this official forum and it's moderation. heyho...arguing on the internet and all that jazz etc etc. Cheers, I'm outta the thread with this one.
  14. Iimmy

    Never post anything here goto reddit.

    You can usually tell or make an educated guess on how people conduct themselves on their age to be honest. Although to me someone in their early 20's is very young. If someone was to type "I'm going to colour in with some crayons", could you not make an educated guess that they were younger? The same follows for silly comparisons, over zealous actions and ineptitude in some cases , for me that smacks of someone younger and naive. They could be late 40's for all I know, it's the actions that cause the assumption. Am I wrong? I would guess most of them are early 20's or younger. Let me know for arguments sake. Seriously though GP, I do love how the only part of my post you made a comment on is the only fact you could "disprove" me on, no comments about everything else. Anyway, lifes too short to be banging on here about power mad mods, cheers for the entertainment thread!
  15. Iimmy

    Never post anything here goto reddit.

    And with that you clearly didn't read my post. please at least read the post before reacting to the first line of a post.