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  1. Yes he did lol!
  2. Yeah I usually take my Argy and drop them in my taming pen but I was out trying to level up that goofy Sabre, lol. Good luck on finding that male though!
  3. So I'm not for sure if this will help but try and do what BobbleHead said above by having it follow another dino on the other side of your base. Then go out of render distance and come back a few times to see if that gets it out.
  4. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone has ran into an issue with repairing certain items. I was repairing my journeyman pike last night and it got hung up on the repair function. It did repair it but it kept repairing it which was using the resources as well. I believe I killed it by stopping the repair que. This is the only item I've had an issue with and I haven't got to repair it again since to see if the bugs attached to just certain items or it's just a general random one. I'm on singleplayer, The Island, and Xbox One. Thanks!
  5. Lol! Yeah when I get home tonight I'm going to b-slap my Sabre, been looking for a female Ovis for awhile!
  6. Lol, yeah they must be pretty tasty then! Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that's ran into this. From now on if I'm Ovis hunting it's only going to be by Argy, lol!
  7. Sorry about the loss, glad you didn't get in that much trouble, lol! I haven't found a Wyvern that high yet, still looking though. Thanks, yeah I got lucky I haven't seen anything over 100 in a long time. I forgot to add that I ended up finding a 150 Sabre and got it perfect tamed too last night for caving, hell of a night for me! I hope you end up finding that 1 in front of the 45-50 next time!
  8. I hope you're not on the weeks worth of couch time with her for that one, lol!
  9. Hi All, Last night I perfect tamed a 150 sabre for cave runs since I had a high tier saddle. I was out leveling him up and I ran into a female Ovis, which I've been looking for so I can start breeding them since I already have two males. I jumped off the Sabre to tame it and my Sabre attacked the Ovis, killed, then ate it. It was kind of funny and frustrating at the same time, especially me calling my Sabre an idiot and do you know how hard it is to find those, lol. Anyway the Sabre had food in it's inventory, was on neutral, wasn't being attacked, and nothing aggressive was around. Am I just being stupid and missing something somewhere? No big deal I'll start putting tames on passive but I was just wondering. Thanks!
  10. I did have this happen last night too. Also, I don't know if it's been reported yet but when trying to repair an item ( ex: journeyman pike) it repairs but keeps going like it's still repairing and using resources. I think I had to kill it in the repair que to make it finally stop. It doesn't do it all the time and I haven't tried repairing that item again so I'm not for sure if it's a bug attached only to certain items or not.
  11. I actually had a pretty good day. I've been wanting to start breeding Giga's and on my way to my metal farm I accidentally ran into a 140 beast! So, not much metal farming I ended up getting gear ready for an epic tame and built my Giga trap. I almost got my utility Argy killed trying to kite the darn thing to my trap but it ended well for a change lol. After a grueling kibble taming session I ended up with a perfect tamed Giga.
  12. I can see your points with the newer players, cutting back a little on the spawns, and possible spawn areas. As a high level player I really like these new dinos and they shouldn't be nerfed. It brings back a little of that first day rush again for me when I run into something like the Theri, Troodon, etc.
  13. I was playing last night and was really curious to go out in the ocean and check the new things out but from everyone's horror stories on here I decided not to just yet lol.
  14. I don't have a Twitter account either I just have their accounts saved on Google so I can see what's going one. Like I said it's been a lot better than in the past so I'm just giving props to WC for trying. Hopefully it will get better going forward though!
  15. I agree but from the updates in the past they are doing a lot better. WC is a small team and they're in the process of hiring more help so it will most likely improve.