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  1. Xbox One Mods

    They are working on implementing some version of S+ into the main game and I believe they said it would be sometime after the Aberration release.
  2. Ark Turkey Trial Event 2017

    Exactly! Even though I seen the point of the nerf, it was still kinda of fun when they were insane psychopaths lol!
  3. Ark Turkey Trial Event 2017

    Man, I remember before the nerf on the turkeys a couple spawned outside of my base, broke my walls, annihilated about half my tames, and killed me twice trying to help. I was yelling and cussing at the screen the entire time. After everything was done I just started laughing, it was a pretty fun and epic battle even after all I lost lol. I tell you what though....I did learn really quick how to build a turkey trap to kite the evil little things away from my base, heck of a good time!
  4. Ice Wvyern at 36/60 (Ice Lake)

    Yes, they are out now. I found a Ice Wyvern and nest with a 185 egg by a fallen tree in murder snow. I'm at work and don't have the exact coordinates but it was by one of the oil veins around 32.5 - 68.0.
  5. Fur Armor useless

    Exactly and like you said earlier crank up fortitude and use potions until you reach that point. Also, you find and tame an otter for a insulation buff to help out now too. After that mindwipe if you don't want your fortitude that high put all the extra points left over from that in different skills.
  6. Windows 10 play anywhere

    There was an update on this in the community crunch 105. I'm not for sure this still stands but that's the last update I heard or seen.
  7. Best spot for finding Ovis?

    I've found a bunch in the highlands. I've seen them anywhere from the mountain with the abandoned lighthouse to the area with the strange rock formation.
  8. Dino dying of Aging

    Totally agree with you on this one. I can see this upsetting a lot of players if it's implemented in the game.
  9. Mods

    Jeremy tweeted on Oct 3rd about "What's the next official MOD gonna be?". Sounds like a hint that something else is getting ready to roll out and I really hope it's the S+ mod for us console players.
  10. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Lol, not from Wisconsin but I'd be your southern neighbor and yes I hunt too. Well last night went pretty good overall. I ended up finding and taming the 145 Quetz from the night before and gathered up enough crystal to finish my greenhouse. I was going to take a look around for Otters after that but I decided to go back to murder snow to get oil from my pump and see if there was a nest around the area where I killed that Ice Wyvern. The hunt ended up great, at about 34-68 I found a nest by a big fallen tree and low and behold.....I now have a 185 Ice Wyvern egg to hatch this weekend which I'm pretty stoked about that one! I was going to do a dino wipe after that to see if I could get some Otter spawns too but I seen a 145 Griffin when I was out looking for the Quetz so I think I'm going to try and track it down and tame before I do the wipe.
  11. So what did you do in ARK today?

    No kidding! It didn't take that long to drop that little 15 last night off the back of the Griffin, I really like that mechanic being a solo player! Sounds like we're almost at the same stage on the new map lol! Last weekend I built my Wyvern trap for my 175 poison egg I found...didn't want a poison one but I couldn't pass up the high level. I trapped three in there that were chasing me so that was a heck of a deal trying to clean up that mess and gather milk. Also, I had a run in with a Ice Wyvern on murder snow where there's two oil fields (I believe the coordinates were around 31-68). I haven't checked online to see if there's a nest around there but it was a hell of an accidental find and fight!
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Congrats on the Quetz! I was having a hard time finding them too but I actually tamed a level 15 last night lol....yeah pretty sad but at least I can use it for my trap on the bigger ones. On my search for Otters with my Griffin (which I've yet to find)....I seen a 145 flying around but I was too tired to go back for the long tame so I'll probably try it tonight after work....and try to find an Otter again lol.
  13. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Thanks, just got on there. I've got to keep the speakers off since I'm at work though lol!
  14. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Yep, almost go time! Can't wait to see what this is all about! .
  15. Tacking The Island's Caves

    Exactly. The Thyla absolutely wrecks everything in there plus with a higher health pool and saddle I don't have to worry about it that much.