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  1. Yeah I lost a Quetz platform saddle with this bug. I was on the island took it off the Quetz before uploading and it was gone. It wasn't in my inventory, on the bird, or on the ground.
  2. Lol!
  3. I had this happen a few weeks ago. Try disabling wandering and then enable again. That fixed the issue for me.
  4. bug

    Lol! That's insane! I had that happen with my two Doeds that got trapped on my Quetz. They shot up like a couple of rockets, It took me over 30 minutes to find those darn things.
  5. Man this conversation is giving me horrible flashbacks to the OP turkeys that were causing mass chaos, destroying bases, and killing all tames lol! Careful what you wish for!
  6. I'm wondering that too. He also said "around" and not on Feb 12th. .
  7. I've had this happen to me a couple of times too. I ended up resetting my network connection and Xbox. It seemed to fix it for me anyway.
  8. Yeah, I was flying really close to the ground then...pop it got me lol! They're very annoying! It does give the game back a little of that danger element again though.
  9. No doubt, those pesky little things are absolutely ridiculous! I found out to never fly low on my Argy with those things hanging around really quick. I lost a lot of tranq darts on that run lol!
  10. Awesome! No problem at all, I'm just glad it worked for you too.
  11. No problem, I hope it works for you too!
  12. Kind of a work around for now but try crouching first then climb the ladder. It's worked for me since this issued started. I definitely can't wait until it gets fixed though!
  13. Very good ideas! I think what would help, so it wasn't so OP, would be to have some sort of advanced training tier to get them there. Basically make you work hard for getting those extra options.
  14. I totally agree. NPC tribes like this would be a great addition to the game.
  15. Now that's ARK, lol! Thanks for bumping the post too. Awesome stories everyone, keep em' coming!