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  1. Equus breeding dream realized - Rag!

    I seriously laughed out loud at work at that!
  2. Boat Elevator

    That's a pretty cool idea. Yes, please post a pic I'm really curious about it too.
  3. Thank You for not Wiping My Home Jeremy

    Very good story! I wish you the best of luck on all your future adventures.
  4. higher leveled wild dinos ?

    No worries lol. I guess it really depends on which direction you're taking in the game (breeding, kibble farm, boss fights) and how many resources you currently have. I know back when I changed to the maximum difficulty setting, I pretty much started over with taming. I killed off a lot of my lower leveled tames and went after the big boys 140-150's. If you have a tribe mate, the Quetzal tame will be much easier. I'd definitely look into getting higher end resource gathering dinos. A high leveled 130-150 Anky and Doed will make your life a whole lot easier gathering metal and stone especially now that they have the weight buff. Personally I still like using the Beaver over the Mammoth for wood too. It's your call really but hunting down the big boys is pretty exciting at times....and yes there are a ton of low leveled ones to weed through on the Island.
  5. higher leveled wild dinos ?

    Gotcha lol, yeah it'll only let new people post a few times. I'd check the wolf spawns at the mountains (if you're close) since there are so many of them.
  6. Yes please, the fog is just way too much at times. I've seen some pics on another thread about Ragnarok's fog and that's really bad. I hope that's all fixed before it comes out on consoles.
  7. What is your favorite activity to do on Ark?

    Right now, sitting back and patiently waiting for Ragnarok to drop for consoles lol.
  8. higher leveled wild dinos ?

    What map are you on?
  9. higher leveled wild dinos ?

    Hmmm. Like I said it's been almost a month since I've played but the difficulty I had a 1 then the box checked (I think that's still the same). Did you by chance do a dino wipe to refresh the spawns?
  10. .....and I could see me wildly flailing about with it trying to burn those stupid pelicans too, lol!
  11. Perfect! I think I might just do that next time I'm on and one of those thieving things steal something from me. They deserve it, burn baby burn lol!
  12. higher leveled wild dinos ?

    I haven't played for about a month since a lot of the patches were dropping fast here of late.There was a "Maximum Difficulty" box that needs checked for 150 max dinos, on the Xbox anyway.
  13. What is your favorite activity to do on Ark?

    Sounds like something from the Saw movies lol! I bet that was pretty fun, cool idea!
  14. Diplocaulus a bit Rare?

    They're pretty hard to find lol. Like PuffyPony said, it seems like they are easier to find on the center map than the island though. That's where I eventually got mine....I'm pretty sure that I had an easier time finding the freaking Ovis than these darn things though lol!
  15. Mods on console

    Totally agree, Structures+ would be an amazing built-in mod for consoles. I've been wanting that ever since I seen it on some videos. Hopefully with a lot of people that have been suggesting it throughout the threads they'll seriously consider it!