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  1. Had an unfortunate incident. Long story short, through a series of foul ups apparently related to 260, my center save had to be wiped, including my character. So now we begin anew. I'm now running the latest stable build of bush people, and have taken out several mods I really never use. So, spawned in jungles south, and did the punching a tree thing. Wasn't long I was building a 2x4x2 wooden house. Tamed a 140 ptera, made some forges and began preparing for the age of metal. Now, where I decided to build is just northwest of skull island, and right to the north is a rich metal spaw
  2. Been a while, not doing much gaming lately. First off, logged into the server to a respawn screen. Not unusual, what was unusual is my bed is gone. It was in the center of my second floor, way away from the reach of anything. Ok, respawn jungles mid. And I spawn at the west end, not the east. Oh well, I'm at 473, just run back. It's all gone. Ok, this is a pve server. Wondered for a bit if I broke some rule or something. Tried to swim over to tropical south, and got killed. Respawn, run around to where the big metal base was. All gone. Run over to where the other player had hi
  3. Picked out a reasonably central base location with a bay, and am still considering whether or not to spend any more time on a server. On nights my internet refuses to cooperate, it makes my life hell. Otherwise, just more tedium. Now I get to build a moving raft, oh what fun.
  4. Real short one this time. Went and claimed some more mats and built magic crop plots to get my own started. Yeah, real exiting night. Moved my ark install to my ssd this morning as well to shorten load times, which meant moving nearly every other game to one of my hdds. Oh fun.
  5. Not going to be a real long one this time, as it's kinda boring. Hopped on the new server, and finally figured out the difficulty, I think. It's between 16 and 17, probably 16.6ish. I'm seeing 16s and 33s, so that would be the only way the levels make sense. Farmed metal for about 900 more ingots, and decided since my internet is actually behaving I'm going to explore. Flew over to south tropical, and found a huge metal base. Demolish allowed! Hmm genny is running, not been that way long. I'll come back later. Flew up to north tropical, another base, stone. Doors have been de
  6. Well, discovered a metal deposit right above my base. Yay for me. I still need a bird. Anyway, set out to get a little hide. Chalcio roaming around outside my base, gonna cheese this one. Threw the windows open and started shooting. 80 arrows later I have my hide. Crafted my saddle, and set out on the raptor. Slow going, but go around and up onto the land bridge across to the metal deposit, get all the metal the raptor can carry, which is not much, and walk off the cliff. Dismount right before we hit the ground. 3 hours of that got me several hundred ingots refining. Alright, I need
  7. As most of you know, time consuming doesn't equal difficult. Official rates are tedious and time consuming, this server is frakking difficult. I love it. I just wish my internet would behave. So, I'm used to difficulty 5. That's child's play to me now. I'm still trying to work out the difficulty on this server, but it's at least 3x that. Two nights ago. I want to get off the beach. Log in, and I get hit, inside my house. I die. What the hell? You have been killed by Raptor (266). Oh my. Respawn and get off the bed. Three raptors are chewing on my stuff. This is setting
  8. Where to start. Last night was, interesting, to say the least. Well, all the mods are loaded, but that server is going down regularly. Owner is playing with the mods, so I decide to start a new character in SP on the center, just to see if I want to move my main one over. Selected jungles mid as my spawn point. Spawned in next to a river, some cliffs, and ruins. Took a quick look around, poop, pack of troodons, think I'll take a walk the other way. More troodons. Hmm, the woods look like a good option, poop, dilos. Grab some rocks, fiber and punch a tree that happens to be close,
  9. I wish I could find a 174 spino. Oh wait, my max level is 150, must be on a difficulty 6 server. Well, I was going to start a character on a center pve server, to test if my craptacular internet will even allow me to play multiplayer. ISP has a bum router, switch, or cable somewhere they can't find, 6 months of pings to google shooting from 30 -1500ms and 2% or so packet loss. Ugh. Anyway, decided on a mod author's test server that's open to the public. There's a few on there I want to check out, and I don't want to put them in my SP game until I know I want them. 2.5GB of mods. Wel
  10. Ugh, forum ate my long post analyzing stat specialization. Not redoing all that. So, went to raise my new guard dogs and the one breeding raptor. Friend invited me to ride back with him to his home system in Elite. Why not, haven't played elite in months. After taking the fighter out, buzzing the cockpit, boosting off the cockpit nearly making him spill his food, and other shenanigans, we made it to his home. Didn't get to blow anything up. So, continued the exploration trip I started 10 months ago. At this rate, I might get finished with this around 2025 or so.....
  11. Well, anywhere you can find lots of coel. I fish in the mouth of the river just west of stonehenge, by my current base. Life interferes with ARK, that is a fact. Weather has been nice, and work needs to be done. But, I decided I'd load up the game for an hour or two last night and get something done. First, had to update. It's 9 p,m, Update finishes. Load game. S+ has to update. Sigh. Read changelog for S+. It's 9:30. Finally get to load game, it loads in at about 9:45. Well, there goes nearly an hour. More startup lag than usual, and oh wonderful, the fix for s+ multi-l
  12. Currently waiting for my game to update. Crapola internet. Last session was a real exciting one. I went fishing. Gathered 1.2k sap, so why not. I now have several JM and MC bps that I didn't have before. Relaxing but boring, and what else ya gonna do when you've only got about an hour?
  13. For Raptors, run as fast as possible, preferably screaming like a little girl, back to your base that you left the door open on, then hatchet them to death when they get stuck in the door. Alternatively, shotgun to the face. And now for my oh so awesome session. Made sparkpowder and gunpowder. Multiple metric [insert expletive] tons of them. Oh, and took the theri out gathering wood for more charcoal, so I can make a few more metric [insert expletive] tons of gunpowder. Seriously, I think I made over 10k gp last night, from raw stone, flint and charcoal. If my base ever catches on f
  14. Finished my ini and dove back in. Ok, now I have my levels back. And I just noticed I haven't put anything back in fortitude after the mindwipe, so I crammed the six levels in there. It does help in certain situations. Then I went out on the argy looking for another achatina. Headed to the place I've found them reliably, and right around the corner, there's another 25. Snatch it, bear tries its best to get me, I laugh and head home. The argy is excruciatingly slow, but still my preferred taming/small animal hunting bird. Get it back, tame it. Finish the achatina pen, stock it with
  15. Let's see. Friday, did nothing because the patch was late as usual, and my internet is slow, so it was midnight before it downloaded. Saturday, looked at the version number. Decided not to load my game until things had settled in. Finally decided the dust had pretty much settled, so I loaded my game. It usually takes about 10 minutes. Half an hour later, I killed it and tried again. It successfully loaded this time, with much more startup lag than usual. Great. If this gets any worse I'm going to just quit playing. I have lots of other games that don't take so long to load up and
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