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  1. would you like to trade 13.8hp by my 484 dmg?

  2. Spoiler


    Good morning, Cassie. Can you tell me if you sell a fenix.  :D





    Good morning, Cassie. Can you tell me if you sell a fenix.  :D

  3. Cassie

    PVE servers with the wrong mode

    Old problems and now new problems. Classic wildcard. Sorry you're having trouble on the new servers.
  4. I swear they said that we wouldn't have this problem when they upgraded the servers. What a joke.
  5. Best option is to remove items/dinos you don't want to lose the next time it goes down for that long you can lose everything
  6. NA-PVE-Ragnarok13 Has been down for the last let's say 36 hours and counting. I've now installed all of the current updates in hope that I would be able to connect to my server. Much to my surprise almost every other NA Ragnarok server is up and running yet the elusive 13 is always the last to become stable and up and running can we get an update on why 13 is the red headed step child of the Ragnarok Servers? Seeing how it's based in NA along with Server 14 and 15. Shouldn't it be up and running with them. Instead most people with main characters on the server 13 are unable to participate in the X2 Event. All we must do is create new characters and go to another server in hopes to continue playing ARK or Flat out not play Ark at all till Server 13 decides to peek it's pretty little head back into the servers currently online. ~ Cassie - Tribe Leader of Hakuna Matata
  7. Since server 602 crashed and most of us have eggs on ac and babies. If they die and eggs disappear will you reimburse us for the eggs we lsot and the mutations they have or will their be a server roll back about 10 mins?
  8. I'd like to lodge a complaint against the foo for being a newb. That is all 


    ~ Sincerly Cass of Server 602 

  9. Hi, can i ask where u found the Thyla Saddle?

    1. Cassie


      Didn't find one looking for one :)

  10. Hi, check your steam friend, i want to trade

  11. Cassie

    Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    Since we're getting so many new dinos are the dino caps going to be raised on each server. It seems most are being hit quite frequently on many servers
  12. So unicorn only spawns once on a map. If someone tames it will another eventually spawn or do we have to wait till the first one dies to hopefully get at another unicorn.
  13. Cassie

    Black Pteras

    Please tell me these exist on PVE for PC ;D