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  1. Ahh ok gotcha so it is broken. Haven’t tried but is there any way to make the old kibble?
  2. Just curious l, when a Dino on extinction asks for Care it is the augmented kibble still. Is this intentional or a bug?
  3. zepp95

    Alpha Rockwell

    huh stegos is a good idea idk why I didn't think of that. we just use rock drakes with 130+ saddles and don't think anyone lost more than 2k health. was a lot of fun though would love to run one again
  4. zepp95

    alpha reaper king

    thanks for the replies guys i finally found it! as soon as i killed it, my power went out lmao.
  5. zepp95

    Alpha Rockwell

    My tribe is going to host an alpha rock fight soon just wanted to hear the gear everyone uses during the fight? maybe something new i could learn before going in.
  6. zepp95

    alpha reaper king

    hey guys was wandering what the best way is to find the alpha reaper king is. I've been to all the surfaces and found nothing so far. its all I need for alpha Rockwell!
  7. So yesterday we had to lead a corrupt reaper out of the heart of the sanctuary which was a complete nightmare. was wandering if they spawn near sanctuary or if someone kited it to the town to mess with lower level people. also was wandering if anyone has killed a corrupted reaper and what they used.
  8. i would say anky. anky will make your life much easier
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