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  1. I accidentally tribed with my friend and now he cant access any of his buildings and half of his dinos. Please someone help me out.
  2. Daddiu

    All white reaper!

    I got it through the event colors from ARKeology.
  3. Daddiu

    All white reaper!

  4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/PRRobably2/screenshot/954083064331134943 205! 3x breeding is awesome!
  5. Daddiu

    Tribe Leader inactive

    Where do i go on this page though What section do I go to?
  6. Daddiu

    Tribe Leader inactive

    Oh, thank you!
  7. Daddiu

    Tribe Leader inactive

  8. Daddiu

    Tribe Leader inactive

    Hi, so. This is my Tribe Leader, Bregon. He hasn't played in about 3 months and I am tired of having him in my tribe. He was a creep on the server and talked down to people. I want to be able to change the name of the tribe and invite different people. Do you think you could help me?
  9. Daddiu

    Megatherium vs Broodmother Linksys

    You sure we talking about the same dino? Im talking bout Megatheriums, are you talking about Megalos?
  10. Daddiu

    Stat Points

    How do I find the the creatures basic multiplier.
  11. Daddiu

    Stat Points

    I’m new to trading and I see people say 48point Tuso. What doesn’t that mean?
  12. Daddiu

    need help making pen for utilty animals

    Yes, metal bars are great for taming, but are expensive. Most people use a metal pillar trap for Golem Taming.
  13. Daddiu

    mac Hosting server on Macbook for Xbox one

    My Mac has trouble even running ARK, it’s not made for games like ARK. I would suggest you stick to the XBOX dedicated server. Have fun Survivor!
  14. Yep, best I’ve gotten is a 180.7 JM Longneck BP
  15. I have an idea, but I am not online so I can’t sho you a picture. Basically, place down the teleporter, put the generator next to it , but the chamber facing the teleporter and next to the generator and then place the troughs in the.spave between the teleporter and the cloning chamber.