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  1. What about the game process freezing problem? We are still not able to play, it freeze since character creation screen
  2. The bug "GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread after 120.00 secs" is not fixed. Game freezes from the character creation screen! If lucky we can log in sometimes => crash in less than 10s. All the time ! All drivers updated, rtx3060 here Are you aware about this problem?
  3. Hello Do you know how to solve this error? I saw on discord and steam forum that we are a lot having this problem. Game freezes on character creation, or spawn region menu, or at best on loading character (at best I managed to stay in the game for 5 seconds). I have: 16gb ram, good 5 years i5, rtx 3060. I tried: Low settings Install geforce experience and update the driver Game on unofficial / official / solo games Always the same result. I watched task manager (W10) when entering in the game: before the spwan ingame and until the freeze 5sec after the character's arrival : high cpu and less than 5% gpu. (it doen't use my gpu?) Thanks for help.
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