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  1. Hito

    Are rafts inside cave allowed?

    Question is, is it allowed or is it usebug ? No admins if no ticket?
  2. Hito

    Are rafts inside cave allowed?

    I can confirm that the cave is EMPTY, ALWAYS, on main rooms, and almost all corridors. Entrance + right (until blue artefact room) + left empty, always middle, empty, even left and middle corridors, always main room, empty, except at the end of last closed corridor (+99999999 sleeping bags)
  3. Hello, on my server (pve island) someone put rafts inside each room of the swamp cave. As a result, there is no more creatures in the cave. And no renewal. I think it kills the interest of the caves and of the game. Is that normal? a bug? allowed?
  4. Hello! I'd like to understand how items quality works when we loot them from beacons, crates, or others. Let's take an example : If i get a saddle blueprint from a beacon with Quality range: 150% - 250%, and i'm lucky, i get the maximum 250% For a saddle blueprint, with base armor 25, what does that means, how much armor will I have with this 250% quality? if there is a multiplier specific to each item, is there a table listing these values? Thank you in advance if someone could help me
  5. Hello. I think 9999 just means there is a very very very huge latency :). Really, it's insane. Where is this famous list? ? That topic is from 25 september 2016. Same on steam https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/343787283759141344/ with 45 answers pages asking and asking again what is going on. Idem this weekend i heard a lot of people reporting with no feedback. I discover the problem, I played a few months ago on pvp and didn't see problem of this magnitude