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  1. woah nice. the com crunch release fast than usual. hope we get next colour event.. i got poison purple .. cool one
  2. Im At official server. My friend Have a big base at ragnarok .. the problem is someone / one tribe like get lag and crash because his base.. (for sure i didnt get crash or lag bcuse his base when i visit his/my friend base) so That tribe ask for demolish/destroy the big base . even my friend base didnt seen from that tribe base.. he complain about lag,crash everyday (about 3 day) Is that wrong ?? what u guys opinion ???
  3. thomz

    Next tek dino?

    tek quetzal .. because got tek rex egg . or plesio tek
  4. thomz

    How about Small tribe PvE servers?

    it cant be 70/70 bcsue server capped. cant tame, cant breed..
  5. thomz

    Tribe Ragnarok Spam tame Jerboa

    hi.. just check the base of guy i report... the jerboa still there... hope we get action asap.. thanks..
  6. thomz

    How about Small tribe PvE servers?

    no need small tribe, bcuse actually a tribe at pve only 1-3 person .. even them have 10. imposible all of them active at same server. (raise 50 baby rex even solo can do it. why need 10 xD) no need alliance to store dino.. solo player can do it alone. about Storage dino :::> when u breed 50 dino mutation with colour and 90-100% imprint ?(example 5 wolf red, 5 blue, yellow and etc) so we not allowed to save it ?? i think we allowed to save it. ( if them storage jerboa lvl 1-5 , we Can report it *code of conduct*) also we need storage Kibble dino < kibble for tame , kibble for imprint. them just need add more many server... so all them split server. specialy at asia.... server ragnarok map at asia pve only 2-3 server(didnt check it now) and u know chinese people play game all time and do massive breed. and them have alot people on that country. 3 server isnt enough.
  7. thomz

    Ragnarok Drop changes?

    in official still have, maybe mod or somthing make it bug at dedicated..
  8. i Think yes. that spamming.. so other cant tame. (bcuse u spam tame 10 jerboa = for keep server limit) but 10 too small < maybe need like 50-200 . so maybe u can breed something to kill after (not sure breed mass thing will be mean spam too) hehe, just my opinion.
  9. yeah,, platform not count at server limit... 1 dino +19 platform... we test it already .. at server capped we demolish bronto platform,, and still capped.. and we still can rebuild it even on capped server. and add our limit at tribe.
  10. thomz

    Blocking Loot Drops

    is official can get kill list again ?? or just legacy
  11. thomz


    them will not add it because lag. server cant handle it.. like them nerf flyer, and dolpin also
  12. thomz

    Questions about the new tek rex.

    they must rename it bionic skin rex LOL
  13. thomz

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    thanks.. my adult rex is from 13.4 hp and 472 melle base .... them already adult like 30 of them. and have 44 point level to put. so want to use it first the 16,8 584 just get one female .. so need wait to gett lucky with my male hahahaha 50% chance.
  14. thomz

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    hi bro.. can we get recomended stat good for do it.. we just prepare it.. got adult rex base from 13.4 hp and 472 melle (91-100 imprint),, have 44 point to spend.. we still wondering what stat better A. 35k hp - 777 melle ( 22 point hp - 22 point melle) B. 37k hp - 748 melle ( 25 point hp - 19 point melle) C. 40k hp - 719 melle (28 point hp - 16 point melle) for 19 rex 1 yuty. we have 82-95 armor. or u can recomended ur stat . thanks for attention bro..
  15. thomz

    Transfer item button

    sorry, didnt know u at xbox u can press T to item u want transfer. but still cant control how much to transfer.if u have many slot of it