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  1. at setting we can setting chat show steam name, then shift+tab > view player to see the steam. but if the guy didnt do chat its hard.. maybe make a bait, like giveaway something good. so they come to ur base or do chat.
  2. thomz

    Ragnarok Desert Cave - Left Passage Guide

    glider suit and climb pick. will much help Edit: my bad,, note read it clearly with basic equipmnt
  3. just breed some ice wyvern.. and just suprise the Hp how high u guys ever breed at Official ?? Or maybe other super stat HP Before Imprint 13,095 Hp after imprint 15,924
  4. i keep playing, because breed is fun
  5. my arena same like that, i place torch at some rex saddle.
  6. thomz

    Ice Wyverns

    i got 20 fortitude, and craft good insulation fur. not the good armor.. some bp is random about armor,insulation. u need kite them back to nest area.. i got 165 egg 3pcs with same stat.. so them born like triple but 3 egg.. also got 2 other 185 and 175 with same method... kite it back to nest, and leave it.. check after 45min or hours.
  7. thomz

    strategy for ragnarok bosses?

    i do with 30k hp 800++ melle 100 armor rex 19 rex, and 1 yuty decent im sorry,, i cant write it good.. LOL hope this help. official pve. we do 3 people= 2 rex, 1 yuty (dont do solo , crash will instant kill everything at arena) job : 1 guy kite golem ,, 1 guy yuty buff,, and 1 guy in rex for safety if someone crash( can skip this one) use riot/flak , dont fight dimorp solo , run to group rex better.. use stimulant to dino if torpor(manticore attck give torpor) too high kill dragon first. more fast more good,, make rex surrounding the dragon . if can rex with rider go behind dragon. bcuse attcking target rex will not go behind the boss.(hard to control) then manticore. golem spawn after 1/4 hp of manticore decrease (im not sure, cmiiw) when golem spawn 1 guy use rare flower. to kite golem away... other rex make passive and go different way . so 1 guy kite golem( just go to corner as far as can) ,, 1 guy yuty buff,, and 1 guy in rex ( can skip this one) attck manticore when land until die. kill manticore with rex to get elemnt , shoot it (last hit) not get element.. sometimes even with rex not get too(bug) NOTE: if manticore didnt want land try shoot it with shotgun, if not land shoot it till die (better than lost all rex and saddle) WIn result : no rex die, But 2-3 rex will finish with 9k hp left or less,, if get more burn from dragon ,can die. (in front of mouth of dragon) but the rest still got like 18-22k hp in my stat.. (didnt get burn or just 1times)
  8. thomz

    Manticore not always giving element

    i need up this one.. we just didnt get element for kill manticore even when manticore land. please fix .
  9. thomz

    Jellyfish are too op

    u need basilo or tuso.. jellyfish is slow.. before ell also stun mosa but got nerf already
  10. thomz

    Manticore Is Still Problematic

    yeah that bad.. last time we shoot it till die (at sky), and didnt get elemtn , even win
  11. official.pve i do with 19 rex 1 yuty rex 37k hp 700-800melle+ (old gen 13k 472) armor 90+ 1 yuty decent. i do alpha brood , alpha ape with 2 people. and no rex die. then alpha raganrok(note : need tactic) with rex 30k hp 850 melle. 3 people at first try lost 1 rex , next 2 times good... but we shoot the manticore bcuse not want landed. after low we wait manticore landed. for get element.
  12. thomz

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    ragnarok . job : farming , find milk, steal egg,breed. 1. Metal pick 2. Whip 3. Climbing pick 4. Crosbow tranq arrow 5. GPS 6. Sometimes parachute/magnifing/nothing 7. spyglass 8. Water Custom recipe 9. Food custom recipe 0. nothing. for imprint kibble/milk.
  13. i give dodo kibble to them inventory. or other kibble
  14. woah nice. the com crunch release fast than usual. hope we get next colour event.. i got poison purple .. cool one
  15. Im At official server. My friend Have a big base at ragnarok .. the problem is someone / one tribe like get lag and crash because his base.. (for sure i didnt get crash or lag bcuse his base when i visit his/my friend base) so That tribe ask for demolish/destroy the big base . even my friend base didnt seen from that tribe base.. he complain about lag,crash everyday (about 3 day) Is that wrong ?? what u guys opinion ???