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  1. i think it Bug with the trike.. normal corrup trike, not the enraged. Trike charge so fast, and when trike hit the osd it so high damage. not sure what the problem, . play at 442 ext. lose purple at wave 3, no enraged yet. just bcuse the trike
  2. use gigan solo. just wait at center node. ( rotate the center node by walking) and let the small broken = to make gigan move easier. many small node just make it stuck. 50k can solo with giga. (official) got 200 at x1, 400 at x2. use mantis and max pick. the small one give some element too if u protect all , maybe got +20-40. but for solo 200 element is enough for reward. also the nodule.
  3. i like watch PVP if can online raid is best. if watching PVE seem bored. breed > farm > cave > boss > repeat.
  4. even u kill 400 dino, maybe u cant lower the capp why? - maybe someone pop out 500 dino (like 100 dino / tribe) use cryopod (u can throw even cap) move server is better. maybe find lower popularity like SE, abbe,, ragnarok is high capped bcuse wyvern, grifin, and easy high level wild. CMIIW
  5. mantis with damage gain more or not?? anyone try.?
  6. element at 50k vein (x2 EVENT official) we hit all small . use 400 melle char , asc pick 298. = 300-420 element use normal melle char , asc pick 298 = 190-240 element we use titan . and not really try 25k and 10k.
  7. u need 10 or 11 post.. it just show 8 post u have.
  8. maybe : (im not sure) tame 1 titan , use it 20 hour for vein or osd, and last 4 hour go for king titan. the element vein at arena make the king regen Hp, if use managar, u need fly away from arena when the titan charge his punch. (will do meteor rain at all) last time at my server, people do with 3 titan for gamma. all titan alive. maybe 1 is enough. (im just watch)
  9. first sorry about my english we kill 3 titan with managarmr 3k-4k stam, 400-450 melle.. (3 people) , if 2 people maybe just need more time. desert cave : use managar can jump (just dont crash in game) forest cave : rex and giga is good, if use managar Pulvoria is bad for u. (when at arena pokebal them) and pop out managar after teleport outside.. bcuse if u pop out before teleport managar sometimes jump ice cave : very good rex or decent giga (many wolf 300 level, yeti and polar bear, pulvoria too) or u can use tek jetpack to fly at cave ( we not try this, and not sure work) titan desert : just jump and use managar beam.. run away if get target by flock(can make u Unrider) *use glider suit... and if get target by lightning just keep run or jump. forest : just mana beam, and done. the ice one a bit hard, dont get freze by titan. jump if the titan want throw stone ice.(got animation)
  10. hi bro,, can u share location u place it ? bcuse titan will drag back to center if too far. also how the trap really work? the door open make it cant turn back (180')
  11. thomz

    Managarmr Crash

    the error code , ^ Also managar breath Cant Hit dino near the OSD/ elemnt node(center big ) ,, it like got shield, need basic attack to hit dino... make OSD hard to protect hope get fix soon . TY
  12. mostly part at spawn area at pve must be pillar because make other not stuck at someone base .. also for dino spawn also pillar at metal spawn, stone spawn, wood spawn near player base to make farming not to far away. and not make new player blocking metal so if u really new , just ask at pve for help or try tame bird or run far away from spawn are to find location
  13. thomz

    Fish not respawning

    we find fish at city near small pool. and also near center city pool. and it spawn fast. sometime so big XD the forest spawn seem bad for us. maybe at ur server someone build around it. so it cant spawn
  14. thomz

    Stuck inside OSD

    u guys got issue managar cant hit (by freze spray) the dino near the osd/ center vein ?? last time i stuck at claim osd too.. then i always place managar as near as can, to rider after claim (hope it help before get fix)
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