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  1. woah nice. the com crunch release fast than usual. hope we get next colour event.. i got poison purple .. cool one
  2. i Think yes. that spamming.. so other cant tame. (bcuse u spam tame 10 jerboa = for keep server limit) but 10 too small < maybe need like 50-200 . so maybe u can breed something to kill after (not sure breed mass thing will be mean spam too) hehe, just my opinion.
  3. yeah,, platform not count at server limit... 1 dino +19 platform... we test it already .. at server capped we demolish bronto platform,, and still capped.. and we still can rebuild it even on capped server. and add our limit at tribe.
  4. im agree with this... some people dont know(cant use english/never chat) and will build close to Valuable thing... we protect resource
  5. im waiting from yesterday , finally comunity crunch hahahaa thanks for breeeddd
  6. i do cave farm artifact and bps.. 1. inside water cave easy.. place plesio with platform + bed and storage . every 2 hours travel and find 3 crate, and farm 2 artifact. 2. inside massive artifact place many sleepbag around artifact, then ran naked to outside. place 1 raft with storage for load the artifact.
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